Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 0

Unaired Pilot Episode

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon
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Sokka and his sister, Kya, must travel the world to find masters for Aang, who is the Avatar. However, they must evade a critical foe, Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, who wants to capture Aang.

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  • maybe he killed his bird there thats why he never made it to the series

    That part was seriously hilarious. Honestly, the commentry was really funny and whatever stuff like that instead of those annoying people talking and talking. anyway, this is an awesome way to start of avatar. Too bad it didnt show but of course i rather the pilot that was shown.

    the ending part was seriously funny when those guys were saying "Appa has a really small head" and Aangs falls off blacking out saying "I mean to do that"

    This was a really good episode. Kya is a pretty good name too. So, i love this pilot. Anyway, the hawk was alive. Woo! XDmoreless
  • Glad this wasn't the real Avatar.

    I am very glad that Mike Dante DiMartino and Brian Kinitzko decided to not have this as the first episode of Avatar. Many things wrong with it. For example: The graphics are not as good as they are with the current show Avatar. Katara's name is Kya in the Unaired Pilot Episode and I think Katara fits the current Katara better than Katara. Last, Aang's graphics on him are horrible. There was only one good thing about it: Zuko had a pet hawk or parrot. They should have kept that, that would really fit Zuko seeing his character now. Overall, I really don't like this and I give it a 7.6.moreless
  • Kind of hard to tell with commentary. Basically the gAang flys away from Zuko and rest on an island, Sokka gets captured and Aang fights Zuko.

    The first episode ever of avatar and the only to never make it to tv. Aangs voice is different and luckily changed. Katara's name is Kya. This episode has ideas that are seen all throughout the rest of the series. The serpent, the scaffolding, the big statue, the hawk, and katara's moms name. Any way it clearly shows how the some ideas about the show changed. Aang going into the avatar state was kinda unlike him. I think it's good that this episode wasn't the first aired pilot cause i like the boy in the iceberg much better. Even so it was cool to see.moreless
  • the original pilot

    the original pilot that started it all. there's a lot of things that changed, like kya's name which is now katara. zuko doesnt have a parrot no more and aang's outfit changed. also the fireball are just a couple of firebenders making a huge fireball. i never got to see this pilot without the creators talking the whole time. now i got 41 words left to say and all i got to say that the series is awesome. you rock bryke! (bryan and mike! of course you all know this) 10 more words left and i will be done. im done!moreless
  • I wish they made the pilot the first eppie of the show:( That was so cool! But I think Zach Tyler Eisen makes a better Aang than Mitchell Musso.

    In the pilot, they had so many different things. Like the fire nation wore different kinds of clothes. Zuko has a pet bird. Katara's name is Kya. And they were building a big statue of Ozai. I'd like it if they would make more eppis like that but season 1 is over and there are only a few more episodes left *sigh*. At least we have the movie on the way, that Puppetbenders thing on YouTube, the Abridged series on YouTube, the books, and all the stuffed characters (prays to Avatar creators to make a hug-me-Zuko doll). If only they could make 4 more seasons...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The statue of Ozai being built in the city will be referenced in Return to Omashu, with the massive structure of Ozai being constructed in the upper level of the city, and it is where Aang and Azula start off their fight.

    • When Aang first fights Zuko's flame daggers, his collar turns red.

    • In this episode, Sokka calls waterbending playing, and Kya tells him "for the last time, waterbending is not playing." This line may have inspired Sokka calling waterbending "magic" in The Boy In The Iceberg.

    • In this episode, Zuko has a pet dragon hawk. This seems to be the inspiration for Sokka getting a messenger hawk in the episode The Runaway.

    • The serpent will later be seen in "The Serpent's Pass" and "The Awakening".

    • The Fire Nation outfits in this pilot greatly differ from the ones in the official series.

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  • NOTES (14)

    • In this pilot episode, everyone refers to momo as 'peach', which is the japanese translation of momo.

    • In this episode, the standard Fire Nation uniforms are different than that commonly seen throughout the main series. The creators in the commentary revealed that the change in design for the Fire Nation uniforms was not so much that the design was bad, the spikes were too inconvenient for some bending moves.

    • In this pilot, Kya (Katara) and Aang do not seem to express quite the same type of relationship they do in the main series, Kya treats Aang more rationally and is considerably less trustful in her abilities than in the series as Katara.

    • The scene between Momo and Zuko's pet Hawk was CG-based. According to the creators, it was the last time they did anything like that in the show because all the fire had to be animated by hand by Bryan.

    • In this episode, Aang actually throws himself into danger in order to enter the Avatar state, a tactic he would never so impulsively execute in the series. Here, he utilizes it simply as a quick power up, whereas the concept of the Avatar state was altered to have much more complexity within the series.

    • A freeze-frame scene with Aang flying on his glider is used in this pilot. This is most likely what inspired the freeze-frame scene of the heroes sliding down the mail chute in The King of Omashu.

    • The intro for this episode is very different than any other episode. It has a completely different set of benders and clearly displays each of its characters demonstrating their native element sans the use of silhouettes.

    • Most, if not all, the scenes in the trailer for the series were from this episode, including the sea serpent, Aang and Zuko's scaffold fight scene, Aang saving Zuko from falling, Aang being surrounded by the Fire Nation soldiers, etc.

    • Mitchel Musso was originally casted as the voice of Aang, but the character was re-casted and the part was given to Zach Tyler Eisen for unknown reasons.

    • Several scenes of this pilot episode were animated by co-creator Bryan Konietzko himself.

    • Prince Zuko is seen with a Dragon hawk in his possession. The co-creators revealed that the fowl originally served as his pet, but for some reason did not make it into the series.

    • Uncle Iroh, who appears throughout the series, is the only main character from season 1 to not make an appearance. Even Momo, who in the series joined Aang and the others later in the third episode, is seen with the gang in this pilot episode.

    • In this episode Katara's name is Kya. This was her original name, but was changed prior to the making of the first TV episode to Katara.

    • This unaired pilot episode is available on the Avatar: The Last Airbender Complete Book 1 Collection DVD with commentary from co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. So far, it is the only place where the episode is available and is only available with the commentary, making the dialog of the characters difficult to be heard.


    • The original Fire Nation soldier uniform resembles Japanese samurai armor. This Japanese samurai armor is also similar to the ones in Heroes, in which Takezo Kensei dons.