Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 1 Episode 7

Winter Solstice (1): The Spirit World

Aired Friday 6:30 PM Apr 08, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • When the gang visits a town being harrassed by spirits Sokka and Aang end up being introduced to the Spirit World. Can Aang and Sokka get out of it though?

    Another good addition to the series right here. The gang travels to a town and find out a forest near it is burned to death by Fire Nation. For some reason i felt this episode was a bit lengthy for no reason. The only good thing is that Aang is finally learnining about his destiny but theres just not much to discuss which is why this episode is just.... there and leads to the next one. I really wish Part One was better. But on a very lighter note this episode is very entertaning and funny and a little bit dramatic with Katara and Aang. We see how Much Katara cares about Aang, and how the gang seems to want to solve every problem. Again, very good episode but for a episode that was supposed to be plot heavy it doesnt deliver for that purpose.
  • Story is starting to heat up.

    What is interesting about this episode is that unlike other cartoons, Avatar actually takes the time to develop some of its antagonists too, such as what we saw here with Zuko and his uncle getting captured. It was interesting how despite spending most of his time pursuing the Avatar, he decided to hunt down his captured uncle instead. Even by a little bit it developed Zuko's character somewhat. On the main parts of the episode, which concentrated on the forest spirit, it wasn't quite to par with what we have normally seen in past episodes, but it still sent a good message in the end, if a bit cliche. A well executed one though.
  • The Spirit World (Winter Solstice (1))

    The Spirit World (Winter Solstice (1)) was a superb episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of character development for Aang. I like the scenes where General Iro torments his nephew Prince Zuko. I thought this episode had tones of Princess Mononoke with the Forest Spirit Concept and I thought it was very interesting. It was cool to see more of the Earthbenders, and to see them square off with Iro and Zuko. Sokka is lost in the spirit world and the only hope is to speak with Avatar Roku, however this is easier said than done. I look forward to watching the next episode of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!
  • Aang must figure out a way to save a village before it is destroyed by a spirit...

    This episode was very cool. For the first time in the series, we see Aang enter the spirit world. When he and the gang arrive at a village, they are told by the people that a spirit comes and takes people away in the night; never to return again. They ask Aang for help, but Aang has no idea how to go about saving them. While meditating, he comes across a dragon spirit who takes him to the spirit world. There, he converses with spirits and Avatar Roku. Roku tells him what he must do: he must go to a temple located in the Fire Nation. Aang comes back to the real world and tells everyone what he must do. Meanwhile, Iroh is captured while bathing in a hot spring. Zuko turns down the chance of capturing the Avatar to save him from the earth bending soldiers.
  • Oh yes, this episode REALLY starts the awesomeness of this show, and provides us with what i think is our first truly amazing and exciting episode!

    Okay! We got Aang Traveling with his companions, this episode i believe starts off on them on top of Aang's flying Bison: Appa. Then they see a blackened are that is quite large, they go down to see it and they find out that it is land that was burned down. Now on to the main idea of this episode's story: First off, this episode was exciting and i loved it! It was an episode with great action and also had some epicness juice in it. We also got a double packed episode, which is an episode and story but was broken down to two episodes with two different parts to the story. The first one was the very two episodes that premiered for this show, now these two epsidoes make the second one. Now the third one i believe are the book's last two chapters. Well now for thsi episode, it was exciting to watch since we see Aang enter the spirit world, and he needs to find out some secrets about the Winter Solstice. Aang also discovers about hs previous Avatar life known as Avatar Roku. Roku has a pet dragon while for Aang its a flying Bison. All Avatars have a specific animal guide. Let the fun begin! What shall happen next in the second part to this? We'll find out! We see more of Iroh in the episode too, and he gets captured by Earth Benders!
  • The Spirit World

    ANother great episode when Aang learns a new ability
    The episode was great about an angry spirit that attack a village because his hime was destroyed
    I learn something here: Prince Zuko cares more family than chase the Avatar because when Iroh get caught by earthbenders i was almost sure that Prince Zuko did not care him about and when he saw Appa flying i honestly think that he will let his uncle be punished
    About the spirit great thing and the dragon spirit was ok the vision was about the Zosin comet right? Yeah that weird event excelent episode for a two-part story :):)
  • aang discovers a new ability, to enter the spirit world however he is shown a terrifying vision.

    After 3 filler episodes we have an episode which brings forward the story. After sokka gets captured by an angry spirit aang must rescue him. While in the spirit world aang is shown a vision of a comet. A lot happened in this episode which brings forward the story aang has a new ability, zuko returns and his character has developed a bit he gets a choice of going after the avatar but instead pursues his captured uncle. This leads to good fight where iroh and zuko fight off 4 earthbenders.

    The vision of the comet is going to set up the next episode nicely with a potential meeting with roku and a lot questions will be answrered. This certainly was a very intriguing episode. There was really only one bad point about the episode and that was with the hayby spirit in the end it seemed a little rushed but this was only because of aangs meeting with the dragon and the zuko storyline.
  • Aangs first trip to the spirit world.

    The gaang arrives at a burnt down forest and aang is upset that he wasn't there to stop the fire nation from burning it down. Aang wasn't the only person angry about it. There is a spirt that started to terrify a nearby town because the forest was burned down. Aang must calm the spirt but while doing so he accidentally enters the spirit world. Meanwhile, Iroh gets captured by a group of earth benders and Zuko has to track him down to save him. I gave this episode a ten because it was very well written and suspenseful for all aged audiences.
  • Aang accepts his duties as a bridge between the spirit world and the natural world, and he becomes aware of an event of grave importance.

    I feel as if this episode is overshadowed by its subsequent episode, Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku. However, this is still a good episode of Avatar, albeit a forgotten one. There is seemingly nothing in this episode that is important to the overall plot of Avatar, but to believe that would be a mistake. In this episode we are introduced to one of the most important events in the plot, and that is Sozin's Comet. Whilst there is no exposition as to what the comet is, there is a feeling that it is something of grave importance. Aside from the introduction to Sozin's Comet, we also get to see Aang make his initial trip into the spirit world. Whilst this episode may not be considered a classic, it is a good episode that is worth watching.
  • aang befriends a spirit animal named Hei-Bai.

    the gaang sees a a part a the forest thats been completely burned down. then a old man sees the gaang and asks for the avatar's help. they arrive at a destroyed town. they people tell the avatar that a spirit monster has been destroying the village every night. aang waits for the spirit to come. he later sees it and it destroys most of the town. then it kidnaps sokka and then it leaves. aang tries to go after it but ends up in the spirit world and sees a spirit dragon. the dragon shows a statue of avatar roku and has to talk to him on the day of the winter solstice
  • A greta episode with alot of importance

    Aang, Katara, and Sokka meet a bunch of villagers whose town is being terrorized by a monster. Aang tries to help the village, but his method proved to be a failure. When Sokka joins in to help Aang, the monster takes Sokka away. Aang decides to follow the monster, with Katara hoping Aang will return with Sokka, and ends up in the Spirit World where he cannot Airbend. We meet Avatar Roku's dragon in this episode, and we learn a little bit about what Aang's next move will be. The Spirit World is an exciting episode with some surprising moments, yet also some sad moments such as Aang doubting himself, or him not being able to save Sokka. At least it ended somewhat happily. Sokka returns and it turned out the monster wasn't so bad after all. We learn that in order to speak to Avatar Roku, Aang must enter the Fire Nation.
  • aang and the gaang want to help a village from a monster that has learned to fire his lazer! :P

    When Aang is assigned to help defend a town from a monster that has been plaguing the town, his lack of ability and knowledge becomes obvious, as he doesn't know what to do. However, when Sokka tries to rush to Aang's rescue during the fight, he himself becomes captured and is taken away by the monster, which turns out to be from the spirit world. Aang promises Katara that he'll find Sokka and bring him back, but with Aang even doubting himself, will he be capable of finding where the monster went? this was a cool episode to start off the winter solstice but they could have added more
  • A man from a nearby village asks Aang for help against Habi, but when Sokka gets kidnapped, and Aang is trapped in the spirit world how will he escape? Meanwhile Iroh gets captured and Zuko must choose between going after the avatar or his uncle.

    A man from a nearby village asks Aang for help against Habi, but when Sokka gets kidnapped, and Aang is trapped in the spirit world how will he escape? Meanwhile Iroh gets captured and Zuko must choose between going after the avatar or his uncle. Habi is awesome and I love the part where he just destroys the village so easily. Also Aang didn't even notice him sneak up behind that made me laugh. Roku's dragon brings Aang to a temple where he will be able to talk to Roku on the solstice. Iroh gets captured and leaves clues for Zuko. Zuko's henchman are so stupid "Maybe he thought you left without him or it looks like theres been a landslide sir" Yeah so Aangs got only a day to fly to an island in the fire nation to talk to Roku.
  • Aang learns about the Spirit World.

    As a first parter this episode does okay, but overall it's definetly worth watching. For the first time you get a glimpse of the Spirit World that is talked about in the Avatar universe. You see siege done by the Fire Nation and see some also done by the spirits themselves. The episode seems to touch a lot on the nature aspect and there is good reason why. As far as first parters go though, I didn't really feel it was like that. You only start to see something about Avatar Roku about halfway into the episode. If they just named it Spirit World, I would have had no arguements.
  • Aang enters the Spirit World, faces a giant beast, and learns about what he must do next.

    Aang, Katara, and Sokka meet a bunch of villagers whose town is being terrorized by a monster. Aang tries to help the village, but his method proved to be a failure. When Sokka joins in to help Aang, the monster takes Sokka away. Aang decides to follow the monster, with Katara hoping Aang will return with Sokka, and ends up in the Spirit World where he cannot Airbend. We meet Avatar Roku's dragon in this episode, and we learn a little bit about what Aang's next move will be. The Spirit World is an exciting episode with some surprising moments, yet also some sad moments such as Aang doubting himself, or him not being able to save Sokka. At least it ended somewhat happily. Sokka returns and it turned out the monster wasn't so bad after all. We learn that in order to speak to Avatar Roku, Aang must enter the Fire Nation. o_o

    Good episode. One that should be remembered.
  • The gang travels to a town which has been under attack by some sort of entity from the spirit world. Aang tries to embrace his duty as the Avatar, but seems unable to protect the world or the people who need him.

    The world needs the Avatar, yet Aang struggles with his inherited burden. This episode is a tone darker than its predecessors and . The world itself is being hurt by the war, and Aang feels the need to protect it. However, despite being the Avatar, he is unsure of what to do and needs guidance. This is another example of the inadequate, "flawed" characters the show features. Being young and uncertain is a very relateable situation, and it is interesting to see Aang realise he doesn't know what to do. This episode introduces a more spiritual aspect to the show, which will play a greater part in later episodes. Overall, this is a very interesting and satisfying installment.
  • Insight into Uncle Iroh's character that makes him a favorite.

    This episode is cleverly plotted and runs smoothly. When Uncle Iroh was captured, it seemed unjust, even though he was the great Dragon of the West. His cleverness though, was too much for the earth kingdom soldiers. Dropping his sandal to give Zuko a trail and a little bit of clever firebending was all it took to escape. I like how he was playing the "old man" card when you can clearly see that he was still quite in shape. I also liked seeing him kick many butts without firebending. I imagine his firebending is way too cool to use yet. And when Zuko feels he must keep searching for his uncle after spotting the Avatar communicates something that can't be described with words.
  • I thought this episode was exciting and even kind of nerve-wracking at times.

    This episode was exciting. I really liked it because it was our first experience of a two-part episode, and I think this first half of the Winter Solstice was a good setup for the second. Plus it was kind of nerve-wracking to have Sokka stolen away by the monster that terrorized the town. But what makes you worry more is that Aang really shows that he doesn't know what he's doing when he tries to get to the spirit world or try to reason with the spirit himself. When that factor of inexperience on his part somes into play, it really makes the episode a lot more troubling. Although there wasn't much action and there wasn't a lot of important information involved, it was still very good as a setup for the second half.
  • A village is attacked by a mysterious spiritual monster, why did spirit attack people for no reason?

    Aang came to a village to solve a problem about missing villagers. The gang waits for the night to arrive. Finally, when the sun decended, the monster appeared. When Aang tried to talk to the monster about stopping destroying the town, Sokka stand in front of the monter and ask it to leave Aang alone. The monster took Sokka away in great anger. It was the first time Aang enter a state where he can stay outside of his body and he was hinted to see Avatar Roku at the fire temple. Aang finally discovered that the monster was actually a forest spirit that was angry because firenation destroyed his home.
    This episode has a great resemblance with Spirit Away.
  • "The Spirit World" Is one of my favorite episodes ever made. It was the first made by the head writer of the show, Aaron Ehasz.

    This was the best episode of season one yet. It tells the story about Aang talking to Roku. Definately not filler, terribly written, or any of that stuff. It was one of my favorite episodes of the series. Why? Becuase Aang must face a spirit monster, save his friend from being stuck in the other world, and realize how to talk to Roku. This episode was great like most others in this series. If you have never seen this episode of Avatr: The Last Airbender then get excited. This episode might seem short, but it was one of the best avatar episodes ever made in my opinion. Watch it till it hurts!
  • This was okay for this show. It could've been better though.

    This is still an above average episode for Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's just okay for this show. Zuko and Iroh's part was good. It's was Aang's side of the story. He had no action in his part whatsoever. I really don't agree with that. Yes, he was in the Spirit World, but he didn't do anything! No action! However, on Zuko's part, the fight with Iroh and Zuko fighting back-to-back was cool. There were outnumbered, but the Earthbenders were outmatched. I loved how Zuko said "Can you please put on some clothes?" I loved that. He was naked (except for the robe thing) for the whole episode! Overall, hated Aang's part, loved Zuko's and Iroh's, and it's an 8.2.
  • Revealing Episode..

    The party arrives at an Earth Kingdom forest, and sees what looks like a huge black scar in the middle of the woods. They land only to find out that it was burned down by Fire Nation soldiers. Aang feels bad that he let that happen, but Katara assures him that the forest will grow back, because of all the acorns around. The party is startled when an old man comes asking the Avatar (Aang) for his help. The group arrives at a village in ruins and learns that it was being terrorized by a spirit, Hei Bai. They ask Aang to help them, and he doesn't know how, but he agrees. At sunset, he went out to confront the spirit. Aang was trying to talk to the spirit, but it seemed it wasn't listening. Sokka runs out to help Aang, but is captured and taken away by the spirit instead. Aang, while chasing after Sokka and the spirit, mysteriously enters the spirit world. Later, Aang is confronted by a dragon, which turns out to be Avatar Roku's dragon. The dragon takes Aang to a temple on a crescent shaped island to see Avatar Roku's statue. Aang finds out that Avatar Roku wants to speak to him about a comet, and the only time they can talk is during the Winter Solstice. The dragon takes Aang back to his body and there, Aang learns why the spirit is terrorizing the village. The spirit was upset and angry that his home was being burned down. At sunset, Aang shows the spirit that the forest will grow back by giving him an acorn. The satisfied spirit (which turned into a panda bear) leaves the village, and in its trail, it left a few bamboo stalks that the captured villagers (including Sokka) come out of. The show ends with Aang telling Katara and Sokka that he needed to go to the temple (which is in the Fire Nation) to speak with Avatar Roku by sunset on the Solstice (which was the next day).

    In this episode Iroh and Zuko are seen tracking Aang and his friends. Iroh is relaxing in a self heated pool of water that he has turned into his own personal jacuzzi. Zuko is becoming very impatient and demands that his uncle get ready to leave right away. Iroh agrees, but when he stands up it is revealed that he is naked. Zuko is very embarrassed by this, and covers his eyes telling his uncle to take a few more minutes to get ready. He then gives a warning that if Iroh is not ready within a half hour Zuko will leave without him. Iroh slumps back into the pool and falls asleep. He is awoken by a sound and prepares for a possible ambush at once. After he overcomes his disorientation he notices a tiny field mouse and relaxes again at once. He gently takes the field mouse into his hands and begins talking to it. Iroh realizes he missed Zuko's time limit but does not seem to care, saying that he had "a very sweet nap." Iroh is then ambushed for real by Earth Kingdom soldiers who capture him to bring him back to Ba Sing Se, the place where he sieged for 600 days before leaving. Zuko comes later with two soldiers and determined who his capturers were. Iroh then feigns to fall asleep, leaving his stinky sandal for Zuko to find. While Iroh is with his captors he notices the spirit of Avatar Roku's animal guide, which is a magnificent Dragon. Iroh is shocked but quickly covers it up when the soldiers ask him what is wrong. Iroh then tricks his captors by asking them to tighten his chains. The Captain then has one of the soldiers tighten the chains, while Iroh stealthfully snorts onto the cuffs heating them up. When the soldier touches the cuffs he burns his hand and screams in agony. Iroh then makes a bold but ultimately failed attempt for freedom. After he is caught the soldiers debate with themselves about what they should do. They quickly decide to crush Iroh's hands by dropping a huge rock on them. Just as the punishment is about to be inflicted, Zuko appears and kicks the rock that was about to be dropped on Iroh's hands aside. He then lifts his leg and with one swift movement breaks the chains that are binding Iroh in half, to which Iroh praisingly states "Excellent form Prince Zuko." Zuko smiles and replies "You taught me well." Iroh and Zuko then defeat the soldiers without much difficulty. After the fight Zuko exclaims "Now would you please put on some clothes?!"
  • Book 1 Chapter 7 The Spirit World (Winter Solstice Part 1) Aang finds out about his avatar state and the spirit world.Not much else happens

    I think this was an average episode. I expected a movie episode to be a lot better, though. There isn't much action in it at all. All that happens is a spirit stacking a town. Big deal. There should be more action in it. Instead, it's all about trees growing back. All Aang had to do was give the spirit an acorn. There was also no threat from the Fire Nation. Instead of going to the North Pole the gaang stays at a town and tries to stop a spirit they don't know about.

    There is no plot development aside from the fact that Aang has to go to the Fire Temple. That made no sense either, since Avatar Roku can come to Aang himself and tell Aang about the comet. It only takes 10 seconds to tell Aang about the comet. Aang wouldn't have had to travel all the day to Roku's Island. Besides Roku didn't have much time with Aang anyway during winter solstice. Roku could have told Aang all about it in the spirit world itself and saved a lot of time.

    The part about Avatar Roku being able to talk to Aang and when and where this was possible wasn't well thought out at all.
  • This review will consist of a General part, in which I will talk about the experiences I had while watching the episode. For those who don't like to read much, all Negatives and Positives will be put together in short after the General part.


    So.. here we are.. The the worst episode so far and maybe even the worst episode of all.. Ah well, let's get this over with..
    We see the gAang flying above a big forest.. But there's a huge black mark on the landscape.. The gAang decides to investigate and when they land they discover that the black 'scar' on the landscape used to be part of the forest, before it was burnt down by the Fire Nation..
    Aang is really hurt to see what happened during his 100 year abscence, and he blames himself for what happened to the forest.. Being the Avatar, he should have protected nature.. Aang explains how he has no idea of how to be the Avatar, and that he has no one to teach him.. Katara tries to cheer him up by showing him an acorn.. -_-'
    ..Well, the acorn symbolises that the forest will grow back and everything will be okay.. Then.. an old man shows up and asks Aang to help his village. We discover that the village is being terrorized by Hei Bai, a spirit who shows up every night and destroys the village and takes people with him as he leaves.. The villagers are even more frightened because the Winter Solstice is drawing near.. We discover that a Solstice is a time in which the line that seperates the natural world from the spirit world is blurred completely. This is important imformation! Aang, being the Avatar (the bridge between the spirit world and the natural world), is asked to put a stop Hei Bai's terror.. And, even though he has no idea how to, he agrees.. Some encouraging words from Katara and some sarcastic humor of Sokka did the trick.. xD
    Meanwhile.. Iroh is wasting time somewhere and taken captive by a few Earth Kingdom Soldiers..
    So.. the sun sets and Aang tries to call out for Hei Bai... Then he suddenly shows up and starts destroying random buildings in the village, while Aang tries in vain to reason with him.
    Sokka can't stand it anymore to do nothing and decides to go and help Aang, but is captured by Hei Bai after which the enormous spirit monster runs off. In the mean time.. We see Zuko discovering that his uncle has been captured by earthbenders.. Aang still chases Hei Bai and is able to grasp Sokka's hand.. However, just when he does so, Hei Bai returns to the Spirit World with Sokka by walking into a statue of a bear, and Aang falls on the ground unconscious, in front of the statue... When he wakes up.. He's all blue-ish..
    Meanwhile.. We learn that Iroh is taken to Ba Sing Se.. The Earth kingdom capital where he, when he was still a general, laid siege to for 600 days, before leaving in defeat.
    When Aang returns to the village, we discover that he is all blue-ish because he's in the Spirit World somehow.. Must have had something to do with holding Sokka's hand as Hei Bai entered the Spirit World.. As Aang cries for help from Avatar Roku, he is approached by a flying dragon... Aang tries to fly away but discovers that airbending is not possible in the spirit world.. As the dragon lands in front of him, he shows Aang an image of him and Roku, revealing that he is Avatar Roku's animal guide, like Appa is to Aang. Then, Aang asks the dragon to take him to Roku..
    When Aang flies above the earthbenders and Iroh.. Iroh notices them, while no one else does.. This is very important! Iroh can appearantly see spirits.. Interesting... Roku's dragon takes Aang to a statue of Roku within a temple. Then he shows Aang two images.. The first image shows a falling comet, which Roku appearantly wants to talk about with Aang, When Aang asks when he'll be able to talk to Roku, he shows him the second image, showing how the sunlight will reach Roku's Statue's eyes through a hole in the wall and revealing that when it does reach his eyes, Aang will be able to talk to him.. That will happen on the day of the Solstice.. Ah well, Iroh attemps to escape but he is recaptured soon after.. The earthbenders decide to do something about Iroh now, as it is to dangerous to carry him to Ba Sing Se this way.. We also see Katara looking for Aang while flying on Appa, and Zuko noticing them. When he must chose whether to cahse the Avatar, or save his uncle.. Aang is taken back to the Natural world when Roku's dragon flies into the bear statue.. Aang looks upon the statue as if he just realized something... After that, Aang returns to the village..
    The earthbenders decide to crush Iroh's dangerous hands, so that they can safely get him to Ba SingSe.. And just when they attempt to do it.. Zuko arrives! Saving his uncle! =D
    This reveals that Zuko does love his uncle and that there are things more important to him than capturing the Avatar.. Perhaps this even shows that there might be some good in him.. Who knows..? =) Together they defeat the earthbenders in a pretty cool fighting scene..
    Back at the village.. Aang is waiting for Hei Bai to show up again.. And when he does.. Aang finds out that Hei Bai is actually the spirit of the forest.. A gentle panda spirit who's just been hurt by the fact that his beloved home was burnt down..(We know now that the 'bear' statue was actually a 'pande' statue... But we couldn't have recognized it as it was a brown statue)
    Aang shows Hei Bai the magical acorn and everything is okay again.. -_-' ugh... *no comment*
    Hei Bai picks up the acorn and leaves the village, returning to his gentle panda form.. Where he leaves the village, a few bamboo stalks appear.. And Sokka and the other missing villagers mysteriously return coming out of the bamboo stalks..(ugh.. Come on, what's next.. Flying boars..? -_-')
    Anyway, Aang tells the others that he'll need to go to Roku's temple on the day of the Solstice in order to be able to talk to him.. But the Solstice is tomorrow and the temple is in the Fire Nation..

    In short...


    BOOORINGG!! Nothing happens in this episode.. I mean, sure things happen, but no cool stuff happens at all!! Only one very short cool fight scene with Zuko and Iroh against the earthbenders..

    No humor! Compared to the other Avatar episodes, this episode had NO humor!

    Ridiculous story.. Come on.. a ferocious spirit monster when angry, and a panda when happy? And bamboo stalks where missing people come out of..? This has got to be the most unrealistic episode untill now, maybe even the most unrealistic episode ever! I mean.. Sure it's hard to make a story with a Spirit World realistic.. but it could have been much and MUCH better! It's like the creators didn't even bother to do it the right way this time.. This is a VERY big negative!!


    We get a little hint about Zuko's good side..

    We learn more about the Spirit World. And about Iroh's connection with it.. We also learn about Aangs responsibility towards both the Spirit and the Natural World..

    We get to know Roku's dragon.. a little..

    Favourite quote(s) of this episode:

    [Aang:] "Maybe whatever I have to do will just.. come to me?" [Katara:] "I think you can do it Aang." [Sokka:] "Yeaahh.. We're all gonna get eaten by a spirit monster."

    [Chief of the Village:] "Thank you, Avatar. If only there were a way to repay you for what you've done.." [Sokka:] "You could give us some supplies.. and some money.."

    Favourite quote so far:

    [Fire Nation Soldier:] "That lemur.. He's earthbending!" [Sokka:] " No you idiot, it's the girl!"

    My grade for this episode:

    I think this might just be the worst episode of all.. I hate it that it's so unrealistic and that actually nothing happens here.. I mean.. the point of this episode is to get Aang to meet Roku, to find out about how to be the Avatar and perhaps more.. And we have to find some things out about the spirit world.. This could have been achieved in a much better way than this episode.. It could and it SHOULD have been done much better.. Don't misunderstand me.. I still think it's fun to watch.. compared to other shows that is.. But my task is to compare it to other Avatar episodes, and when I do that, I'm forced to realize that this episode was very boring.. It was needed, but boring..

    After some comparing, I think I will give this episode a 6,0

    (My apologies to all who love this episode, but it is my honest opinion..)

    Of you want to correct me on any errors I might have made or just tell me your opinion about this episode, or Avatar: The Last Airbender in general or if you want to tell me what you think of my opinion, all your responses to this are more than welcome and I'll be happy to read them. =)
  • I liked this episode.

    This episode begins when the gang arrives at a forest which was burned down by the fire nation, and Aang gets really upset about that. The gang walks into a town and the town people get excited when they hear that Aang is the avatar and that he would be glad to help them with there 'little problem'. It seams that some kind of spirit is kidnapping the people of that town and Aang soon founds out that he is not ready to help them. Sokka (the stupidly brave one) jumps in to give Aang a helping hand and gets kidnapped by the spirit. The avatar trays to help his friend and somehow ends up in the spirit world and the fun just begins...
  • great episode!

    Now THIS is more like it. In this episode, all of the Avatar aspects really shine through. More is learned about the story of Avatar, like Roku's guardian pet, and the spirit world. This is a great episode, combining action, a great plot, deep characters, impending doom, and spirituality.it basically concerned Aang defeating the Hai-Bei and rescuing Sokka. In this episode we learn about the spirit world, a platform of reality that is accessible by people of a higher spirituality. We also learn that there are many dangers in the spirit world.

    It is definitely a great episode, and will make more sense, as the series developes
  • An exciting and thrilling episode!

    This is the episode where Aang first meats the Spirit World. The episode begins when the gang noticed a burned forest. They emediately go there to check and meet an old man, from a village nearby, who tells Aang about a Spirit Monster, that attacks their village. So in this episode Aang meats a spirit from the spirit world the firdt time.
    When Aang had to confront the Spirit, it was really scary, because that spirit looked kinda dangerous. In fact, it was one of the scaryest animated monsters I've ever seen! The episode is really greate, I think everyone should see it:)
  • "The spirit of Aang"

    The gang is flying along when they spot a forest that was burned to the ground by the fire nation Aang is sadened because said he was suppose to protect nature but Katara cheers him uo by telling him the forest will grow back one day we also find prince Zuko in the woods looking for uncle Iroh who we find in a hot spring which he warmed fire bending Zuko tells him to hurry but changes his mind when Iroh gets up without a towel a stranger approaches Aang and tells him of his village being attacked by a spirit and Aang lends his hekp even though he doesnt know what he can do back at the hot spring where he fell asleep and is awoken by a tiny creature of the forest but then a even worse thing happens when he is captured by earth bender who plan to take him to Ba Sing Se to face justice back at the village Aang is waitng when the spirit shows hiself and is angry and Aang cant calm the spirit down when it attacks Aang Sokka jumps in but is instead taken by the spirit Aang follows the spirit but it enters the spirit world but Aang cant follow them and doesnt want to go back to the village and let the village and Katara know he failed Iroh fools the bender on a couple of times by leaving clues and trying to exscape Aang still in the forest sitting atop a sacride statue i guess becomes a spirit and cant be seen but a dragon spirit shows and takes Aang to avatar Roku and he can speak to him on solstice Zuko finally find Iroh and they defeat the earth benders together and when the spirit returns and can sense the spirit is of the forset and was angry Aang calms the sprit down and it turns into a giant panda bear and returns everyone it took and Sokka now Aang must go to the fire nation to talk to avatar Roku.
  • A start to a very important ep.

    This ep. begins to show more about what an avatar can do, and what exaclly an avatar is. It intodcues ths spirt world and show how the avatar it the link between the two different worlds. Also in this ep. Aang contiunes to grow up as he discovers more about what he can and should do. This ep also shows more about how the people of this world depend of the Avatar. There isn't too much action is this ep. but we are introduced to a new character Avatar Ruko, the avatar before Aang and we lear that he has something important to tell Aang.
  • A further glimpse into Avatar's spirituality....

    Another episode about the brilliance of Avatar's spirituality, Aang's task is to bridge the gap between the mortal and spirit realm to heal the scars left behind by the fire nation. This small task represents what Aang's larger mission will be in the future, to heal the world from a hundred years' worth of war waged by the fire nation. Aang learns how to contact his spirit guide, Avatar Roku, the avatar before Aang. He has a time limit and he has to travel inside the fire nation to do it, further endangering his mission and bringing the world closerto collapse.
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