Avatar: The Last Airbender

Season 2 Episode 7

Zuko Alone

Aired Friday 6:30 PM May 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Zuko Alone

    Zuko Alone was a perfect character driven episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. This episode focused solely on Prince Zuko with flashbacks to his past and his place in the present. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of depth, character development, background information, and was very interesting. I enjoyed learning more about Zuko and his past, his mother, and how event's came to pass in the Fire Nation. This episode was a very important part of Zuko's own hero quest. This episode is a great example of how this show uses complex characters and situations to convey messages of wisdom!!!!!!!
  • We go back to see zukos? past a little annoying as the show is about aang

    we dont see aang we only see zuko? travelling and also finding out a little from his past, i found this episode so annoying because the show is about aang and although zuko plays a big part in aangs life there could be some story with aang going on, some people may not agree with me but thats that, i would prefer to see how aang is doing rather than zuko, and i know its a little sad to care bout a silly programme but i started watching it and once i start watching it i cant stop half way !
  • It was well written, but yet it to me just didn't keep me wanting to come back.

    Now that Zuko is not with Iroh he travels alone. Where he meets a kid and starts to help there family. While he has flash backs about his childhood.Then he gives the kids his knife. Then ZZuko has to face aganist the earth benders who sort of proteced the land. Fairstr episode with out Aang Katara or appa and Sokka
  • After Zuko decides to travel alone he stumbles into a town overrun with rogue earth nations soldiers. After befriending a family of paupers and reflecting on his past, Zuko decides to defend the people he has come to love only to be banished again.

    I believe this episode was necessary so that we can all understand that no all antagonists are pure evil. They all have their reasons for doing what they do and being they way they are. It is also important to make Zuko human to the viewers who see him as the meany who picks on Aang every week. This episode could foreshadow that Zuko will never fit in wherever he goes and whoever he befirends or it might just be away to replace him with another bad guy, the fire naion lord.
  • Absolutely fantastic!

    Starting out as the antagonist, Zuko has quickly turned himself into a mighty fine anti hero. The misunderstood no nonsense hardasses have since become a cliche since the popularity of Vegeta from Dragonball Z, but what other anti heroes are missing is the great character development that is accompanying Zuko right now. The good deeds he is doing for people along with the sorrowful flashbacks, makes him as a not so as you'd expect type of person. Best of all his badass traits aren't over milked like they are with other anti heroes. To make the whole episode even more fitting, he still isn't accepted by not only the country that abandoned him, but the people that he helped. The outcast isn't such a bad character arch type as well.
  • Zuko journeys off by himself and reveals more of his past.

    This episode was all about Zuko. Zuko abandoned Iroh and is now traveling by himself. He arrives at an Earthbending town where a family with a little boy shows him kindness and allow him to stay for a few days. While bonding with them, Zuko remembers his past. He remembers the fun times he spent with his mother, fights with Azula, and the time his mother disappeared. Not wanting to make anymore mistakes, Zuko defends his new friends and the town by fighting off some robbers. In the process, he reveals his true identity, and the family and town outcast him.
  • Zuko seperates from Iroh and continues on his journey alone.

    This episode is widely known as one of the best episodes in the series, and the best episode for the character Zuko.

    This episode depicted a lot about Zuko's character. We learned how deep his determination runs for capturing the Avatar, how he still has a heart underneath all the bitterness, and how attached he is to his mother.

    Zuko's determination for capturing the Avatar was made crystal clear in this episode. The fact he was willing to abandon his uncle to continue his journey was harsh. Iroh has always been there for Zuko and Zuko took that for granted. Zuko just saw him as an obstacle he finally was going to plow through. To make such a sacrifice as abandoning his family (like his father did to him) goes to show his determination.

    Zuko still has quite a large heart underneath all his bitterness. He helped Lee and his family, for one thing, when it wasn't in his best interests to say the least. He also risked his life for them, for people he barely knew! That goes to show he's finally come to respect others. Earlier in the series he was ridiculed for not respecting his crew mates and now he's putting others lives in front of his own.

    Zuko's dedication to his mother also made itself present. He admitted that he was the Fire Nation prince even when he knew that the people surrounding him absolutely hated the Fire Nation. Although they kicked him out, he was one step closer to accepting himself.

    Overall, this episode was great and it was a pleasure to watch.
  • An only Zuko episode.

    Another great flashback episode! This one really has to make you think. For many reasons. What happened to Ursa? Why won't they show Ozai's face on screen? Also, how did Azulon die the same night Ursa was missing? The best part about this episode is when it was Zuko VS Gow and his men and he was down for the count! When another flashback came, it was one of Ursa hugging Zuko and telling him "Never forget who you are!" Then, she vanished, no one found her alive, or dead ever again. When Zuko did a fire whip like move on Gow, it was awesome! When Zuko was surrounded by all fire, it was an awesome picture of him doing that. Overall, I give this episode a 9.8.
  • We learn more about Zuko and his past.

    This episode manly focuses on Zuko and we end up learning more about his past, we learn that Azula was Ozai's favorite and Zuko's mother tended to like him more, Zuko also begins help others and not just think of himself, as shown when he was showing a boy how to dueling with his swords, what I didn't like and it had nothing to do with the episode was that after everything he did for them they turned there backs on him when they found out he was form the fire nation.

    I like how it was manly about Zuko and he really begins to feel what the fire nation is putting every one through first hand.
  • all about zuko and his past

    zuko's past is really appealing and interesting.
    he lost his mother, had a crazy sister and father and still survived ok!
    (except his will to capture the avatar and destroy the only hope of balance, hes fine.)
    zuko had been a great kid as a boy, until his mother disappeared. i think that had a critical effect on rest of zuko's life.
    it must have been hard losing his mother to his father.
    weird huh?
    we dont know what ozai did to zuko's mother but we know one thing, it effected zuko in a critical way.
    i bet if ursa was alive and with zuko, he wont be that evil/
  • this is about zuko traveling alone and having flashbacks.

    this was one of my favorite episodes.
    it really let the viewrs know zuko's painful past.
    about azula, ursa, ozai. azula has been always evil but ursa was caring and nice.
    zuko really missed ursa alot when "something" happened to her/
    this was a special episode for zuko's past.
    i appreaciate the episode.
    it was cool for the staff to make a special episode ONLY for zuko.
    they really did a nice job not confusing the viewers by not knowing if one is flash back or one is real.
    i appreaciate that./
    hope they make more flashback episodes for sokka, katara, and toph.
    they showed little bit of their past but not alot.
  • zuko's flashbacks as a child.

    9.6/ 10. cant say anymore than that. zuko's hair is so bad it better grow. i already know its gonna grow but its gonna take a couple of episode. like ten. at episode 17 it looks better and at episode 21 the first episode of the third season its awesome! well lets stop talking about zuko's hair and talk about the episode. uhh lets see. . . i got nothing to say so im just going to write useless and pointless crap. i dont have much more words to type, in fact i only have 5 more words now im done
  • one of my faves

    Following a fight with Uncle Iroh, Zuko travels by himself to an Earth Kingdom town were he meets a local boy. The two almost become friends. Meanwhile Zuko suffers from flashbacks of his past. Can Zuko save his friends and remember who he is? His flasbacks consist mainloy of his mother and how azula manipulated people and how she told lies. we found out so much and it was just a great episdoe to watch since we really needed this spectacular episode. it showed zuko's hardships and we learn more about his mother and now we wonder if she will return
  • A great episode starring Zuko

    As Zuko travels alone he encounters a boy who helps him out by giving him a place to stay and food to eat. Zuko remembers his past and how his mom was always supporting him. When the boy stands up to the town thugs they capture him and Zuko is the only one that will stand up to them. Zuko than revels that his is from the fire nation. This is an awesome episode because we learn a lot about Zuko and his past, why Uncle finaly decided to come home, and how Ozai becomes the Fire Lord. However we dont know what happens to Zuko's mom after she says goodbye to Zuko.
  • A truly great episode. We see Zuko's early life before his banishment.

    I never really cared to much for Zuko until the episode "The Storm" (were it was revealed how he got his scar) I felt sorry for him then, but I still didn't like him, the start of season 2, I started liking him. And, now, since this episode, he is a better character to me now. So, basically, this is a flash-back episode revealing Zuko's past. Flash Backs-

    1. We see a flash-back with him and his mother near a fountain in their palace. 2. We see a flash-back where Azula teases Mai because of Mai's obvious crush on Zuko

    3. We see a flash-back of Uncle Iroh when he was tearing down the wall through Ba Sing Se. He is writing a letter to the Azula and Zuko with little gifts with them. We see Azula's evilness in here to.

    4. We see a flash-back when Zuko's mother is reading a letter that says that Uncle Iroh's son, Lu Ten, died in a battle.

    5. We see a flash-back were we see the true favoritism of Zuko and Azula's father. Zuko's father obviously favorites his daughter more, she is a true prodigy firebender, while Zuko is obviously not as good as a firebender, possible not as smart as Azula either. Zuko's father required an audience with Fire Lord Azula (Zuko's grandfather) were Azula shows of her new firebending moves, and then Zuko does shows them off, but obviously his father does not approve of Zuko doing so because it seems he doesn't care much for his son. Later Ursa, (Zuko's mother), Azula, and Zuko leave, leaving his father and Azulan there in the throne room. Ozai (Zuko's father) says something bad that upsets Azulan and gets him really angry. While this is happening, Azula and Zuko are watching, but Zuko runs away, but Azula stays there watching this terrible event.

    6. We see a flash-back were Azula goes into Zuko's bedroom, saying "Dad's going to kill you...really, he is." She basically torments him in this flash-back, but Ursa came and put a stop to it, and Ursa and Azula had a "talk" which we didn't see, so they left the room. Leaving Zuko to say, "Azula always lies.
    Azula always lies."

    7. We see a flash-back were Zuko's mother wakes him up from sleep, and says something to him, then obviously she disappears, and Zuko never sees her again. What happened to her is often debated.

    8. We see a flash-back were Zuko realizes that his mother left, and trys to find her, Azula teases him again. We we also find out that Fire Lord Azulan passed away the same night Ursa disappeared. What happened To Azulan is also debatable.

    9. We see a flash-back were Ozai is being crowned as "Fire Lord Ozai". And also holds a funeral for the late Azulan.

    The whole story starts out as Zuko is "trying to find his own way" so he leaves Uncle Iroh and goes on some journey. He is obviously very hungry, and thirst. He sniffs something in the air, and looks at a couple preparing the meal, he takes out his sword and is ready to attack when he sees that the couple is pregnant and decides not to. So he starts off again. He eventually goes to a little town were there are a some earth kingdom soldiers (A.K.A thugs) as he trys to buy some food, a kid who is hiding throws an egg at the soldiers, the kid runs away. But the soldiers think it was Zuko who threw the eggs, and they give Zuko a hard time. After they leave, the kid (named Lee) was happy that Zuko didn't rat him out, so he says for Zuko to go to their house to eat. After that Zuko worked, in exchange for a few meals. (And here are when the flash-backs begin). Later on when Zuko is sleeping in the barn, Lee goes in the barn and takes Zuko's broad swords, Zuko, is awake, so he notices the kid take them, but doesn't do anything about it. Later Lee is seen playing with the sword in a sun-flower field, Zuko comes and sneaks up on him, and Zuko gives Lee a sword lesson. Later on we find out that Lee's brother's battalion got captured in the war. When Zuko is about ready to leave, Zuko gives a little sword to the boy. Then the thugs capture Lee and tie him up on something. Lee's mother trys to explain the situation to Zuko who is dreaming, and says that he'll get her son back. Then he goes to the town were Lee is held, and has a fight with the soldiers, after they find out who he really is, the fire lord's son, everyone obviously doesn't like him and wants them to leave his town, even Lee, who Zuko was kind to, didn't want him to touch him. So then Zuko leaves the town.

    One of the first episodes without the gang.
  • My Favorate Episode.

    This Episode is a flashback eposide where we lean a lot about Zuko's past. This is the first episode actully, where Aang, Katara and Sokka are not seen. This episode gives Zuko's character a lot of depth, and turely develops him more, I think then any other character in the show.

    Not only are the flash backs good, but the plot line that leads into the flash back is interwoven in to them so well that it isn't akward like in some shows.

    Moreoever this is not a filler eposiode and it adds of lot of information to the overall plot, and to Zuko's character.
  • While Zuko journey's alone in the Earth Kingdom he recounts in several flashback sequences, what happened during his childhood as a member of the Royal family.

    A bit different from the usual Avatar episodes in that it only revolves around the anti-villain Zuko and half, if not most of the time as a flashback. This episode reveals yet again that Zuko is not just an all out crazy teenager, but a confused individual who struggles to understand who he is, his destiny etc. It is revealed in more detail a glimpse of what life was once like before he was banished. This episode left many questions which some have yet to be answered. Such as where did his mom go? How exactly did Ozai get the throne? This helped to thicken the plot for future Avatar episodes. Zuko also is a much more sympathetic character because of all his hardships and struggle to be noticed and even cared for by his daddy. All in all a decent episode.
  • Perfect!!

    Zuko is traveling by himself through dry desert-like terrain on his ostrich-horse. He stops suddenly at the smell of something; he looks over to find a man cooking a large piece of meat over an open flame. Zuko puts a hand over his gurgling stomach and then moves the hand to his sword hilt. But upon seeing the man is traveling with a pregnant woman, he continues on. Now more tired than ever, Zuko is carefully walking a razor's edge of passing out, his vision becomes blurred as he presses on and he closes his eyes; a woman walking down a dark hallway with a hood appears. Zuko opens his eyes suddenly, but keeps his head down. Finally Zuko has come to a village. On his way in he passes some Earth Kingdom soldiers; they lock eyes for a moment before Zuko presses on. He dismounts his ostrich and walks to a man standing behind a counter. He asks for water, a hot meal, and a bag of feed and extends his hand forward revealing a small amount of coins. The man tells him that he doesn't have enough for a hot meal but he can give him two bags of feed. As the man goes to retrieve Zuko's feed two boys hiding beside the counter throw eggs at the soldiers just behind Zuko and run. Thinking Zuko threw the eggs the soldiers make their way over angrily, then interrogate him. Zuko covers for the boys saying he saw nothing and tells them a chicken may have flown over, as the man brings Zuko's feed out, one soldier takes it and thanks Zuko for his "contribution." As Zuko re-mounts his ostrich-horse the boy who threw the egg pops up from behind it and thanks him for covering for him. Zuko doesn't reply and moves forward on his ostrich, the boy follows him and offers to take Zuko to his house and feed his ostrich-horse for him in return for not ratting him out. Zuko allows the boy to lead him. Zuko and the boy approach a large farm full of two kinds of hybrids between a pig and a cow and a pig and a sheep. The oink loudly as Zuko and Lee approach the house, Lee says it's good because no one can ever sneak up on them. Zuko replies "No kidding." As Lee goes to put Zuko's ostrich in the barn, his father approaches Zuko, Lee recounts Zuko's small confrontation with the soldiers. Lee's mother comes asking Zuko's name, unable to give his usual false name for obvious reasons Zuko stutters for a moment before Lee's father comes to the rescue saying "He doesn't have to say who he is if he doesn't want to." The family explains how the real soldiers, like Lee's older brother Sen Su, are fighting in the war while these thugs stay here. She asks if Zuko wishes to stay for dinner, but he declines her offer. After a brief pause she says that Zuko can help Lee's father roof the barn and then they'll eat. Zuko scowls for a minute at this before nodding. Zuko's handicapped skills with a hammer, as a result of not having to do any work what so ever his whole life, show through here as he hammers wildly on the roof at about six bent nails. Behind him Lee is asking him rapid fire questions. His father silences the boy but he persists and asks Zuko how he got his scar. At this Zuko lets out a small groan as he hammers his own thumb. Lee's father tells him it's not polite to ask so many personal questions and that Zuko's past was his business. As Zuko continues hammering he's thrown into a memory. A young Prince Zuko and his mother are sitting by a small pound in a garden somewhere in the palace grounds, feeding turtle-ducks. Zuko offers to show his mother how Azula feeds them and throws bread at a one. His mother scolds him for it as the mother turtle-duck comes forward and bites down hard on Zuko's foot. He yells in pain as his mother detaches the small creature. He angrily asks why she did that, to which Ursa replies that mothers are like that. She and Zuko laugh for a minute before returning their gaze back to the pond. As Zuko and his mother walk back through the garden we see a young Princess Azula attempting a cart-wheel but falls to the ground with a thud. Behind her a young Ty Lee runs forward and performs the move with ease; Azula pushes her over and laughs. A young Mai sits against a tree watching them; she turns and sees Zuko walking through the garden and she turns her gaze away and blushes, smiling to herself. Azula notices this and whispers to Ty Lee "Watch this." Ty Lee giggles as Azula runs up to her brother and mother asking if Zuko would come play with them. After a small argument between Zuko and Azula their mother makes Zuko go and play with them. Azula explains how the game goes: you try to knock the apple off the other person's head. She sets an apple on a very bored looking Mai's head and sets it ablaze. Zuko rushes forward trying to knock the burning apple of her head, but trips and they fall into the fountain landing on top of each other. Ty Lee comments on how cute they are and Zuko storms off angrily (and wet) while Mai, also angry, says "You two are such ugh!" Zuko's mother informs him that she's received a letter from Uncle Iroh in Ba Sing Se. Iroh says in the letter that if the city is as beautiful as its walls then it would really be something to behold. He also says he hopes they can come and see it one day if he doesn't burn it to the ground first (Zuko and Azula laugh at that). He has also sent gifts for his niece and nephew. For Zuko: a pearl dagger that belonged to the general who surrendered when Iroh broke through the outer wall. The inscription on the dagger reads: Never give up without a fight. For Azula: an Earth Kingdom doll. Azula comments that if Iroh didn't make it back from the war then her father would be next in line to be Fire Lord. Her mother scolds her for saying such a thing as Zuko asks her how she'd feel if Iroh's son, Lu Ten, wanted their dad to die. She says in reply "I still think our dad would make a much better Fire Lord than his royal tea-loving kookiness." She sets her new doll ablaze. Present day Prince Zuko is sleeping soundly on a pile of hay in the family's barn. Lee enters silently and takes Zuko's swords and silently slips out. Zuko's eye opens. Lee takes the swords outside where he begins to hack wildly at a field of daisies. From behind him Zuko says he's holding them wrong and explains that he has to think of them as a whole because they're two halves of the same blade. The next day Zuko mounts his ostrich-horse and prepares to set off, when Lee's mother gives Zuko some food. Just then dust kicks up in the distance; the soldiers from the village came with grave news: Lee's older brother's battalion was captured. Zuko's brought back to the memory of his cousin. He and Azula are playing together in the garden while their mother is sitting near the pond. A servant delivers a message to her, she reads it and looks up, and a tear drips down her face. She informs Zuko and Azula their cousin didn't survive the battle. Lee's father declares he's going to the front to look for Sen Su. Lee asks if Zuko will stay after his father leaves, but he declines and gives Lee his dagger his uncle gave him. As Zuko rides off he's thrown into another memory: Zuko is practicing with his knife while Azula watched from a chair. She said "You waste all your time playing with knives, you're not even good." He replies angrily. She informs him Uncle's coming home, she also informs him of her opinion of Iroh: "a quitter and a loser." Their mother enters the room and tells them their father has requested an audience with their grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon. Azula comments on how he's not the powerful Fire Lord he used to be and that someone was probably going to end up taking his place soon. Azula's mother once again scolds her and says to herself "What is wrong with that child?" In the Fire Lord's war room Ozai is asking questions of Zuko and Azula. He asks how their great grandfather won the battle of Hahn Ti. While Zuko stammers for an answer Azula answers correctly. Ozai is pleased with his daughter and asks her to show her grandfather the new moves she demonstrated for him. As Azula gracefully performs her Firebending move a smile creeps across Ozai's face. He comments on how she is a prodigy like her grandfather for whom she's named. As Azula retakes her seat beside Zuko she whispers that he will never catch. Zuko rises and asks to demonstrate what he's been learning; the smile on Ozai's face vanishes. As Zuko stumbles with his form Azula smirks. Zuko hits the ground after trying to no avail. Impatient, Azulon dismisses Ursa, Zuko, and Azula and asks Ozai to tell him what he wants. As they make for the door Azula grabs Zuko's hand and leads him behind a curtain where she plans on eavesdropping on their father and grandfather's meeting. Ozai said that with Lu Ten gone, Iroh's bloodline has ended and he was away at war. But, Ozai was here and his children were alive. Again impatient, Azulon asks what Ozai wants. Ozai says "Revoke Iroh's birth right. I'm your humble servant here to serve you and our nation. Use me." Angered by his son's arrogance and lack of sympathy for Iroh's loss, the Fire Lord tells Ozai that Iroh has suffered enough but Ozai's punishment has barely begun. Zuko runs away frightened before he can hear what it was. In his room Zuko lays in his bed frightened of what he just saw. Azula enters with an evil smirk singing that Ozai would kill Zuko. She reveals Ozai punishment to be sacrificing Zuko so he may know the pain of losing a first born son. Zuko doesn't believe her. Ursa enters the room demanding to know what's going on and pulls Azula away angrily saying it was time for a talk. Zuko remains in his bed saying "Azula always lies, Azula always lies." Present day Zuko is laying on grass, eyes closed, repeating those same words when Lee's mother comes and informs him that when the soldiers from the village came demanding food, Lee pulled a knife on them. They then took him away saying if he was old enough to fight than he was old enough to join the army. She begs for his help through her tears. Zuko agrees to help. Zuko rides up to the soldiers where Lee is tied to a poll and is extremely happy to see Zuko. He dismounts and removes his China-man's hat. He orders the soldiers to release Lee, but they ask who he thinks he is ordering them around. Zuko replies that his identity is unimportant but that they were cowardice bullies abusing their power. The leader asks the other soldiers if they're going to sit there and let Zuko insult them like this. One rushes forward: Zuko knocks the man off his feet and back about 10 yards with a simple hit from his sword hilt without even having to remove the sword from its sheath. The next one runs at Zuko; without much effort Zuko performs a simple self-defense move knocking the man to the ground. The third runs at him and Zuko simply performs a front kick, breaking the man's spear and scaring him into running away one more to go. The leader, whose last, pulls out two large hammers; Zuko pulls out his swords. He smacks the ground with his hammers and sends a rock pelting towards Zuko who breaks it easily. The next few blows appear more difficult to block. Meanwhile from the side-line Zuko is getting cheers from an elderly man and his wife. Now the man is hitting harder. Zuko is barely able to block the rocks that are pelting towards him until finally he's hit with a final blow that knocks him airborne and back about 10 feet. He hits the ground hard and is blasted into another memory. Zuko is sound asleep in his room when his mother gently wakes him. She tells the half-asleep Zuko that everything she's done has been to protect Zuko and that no matter how things may seem to change to never forget who he is. And with that she disappears down a dark corridor. Present day Zuko is lying on the ground, seemingly passed out. The man moves forward for the final blow when Zuko opens his eyes and decides. He sends a ring of fire pelting around him as he jumps up. Lee looks at him terrified. As Zuko moves forward he resembles his father as we often see his silhouette standing before a wall of fire powerfully. He sends blasts of fire towards the man as he swings the blades. He tried to stand and fight but to no avail and he's knocked back hard. He asks Zuko who he is and Zuko gives him his full title. The man who had recently been cheering Zuko tells him he's heard of Zuko and that Zuko was not a prince but an outcast. Zuko ignores the man and retrieves his dagger. Zuko walks toward Lee, but his mother steps between them and tells Zuko not come a step closer. Obeying Zuko kneels and offers the dagger, but Lee tells him no and that he hates him. Zuko is now haunted by his turbulent past. He wakes suddenly from his bed yelling for his mom. He runs down the hall only to find his sister Azula playing with his knife. He asks her about their mom. She replies that nobody knows and that their grandfather passed away last night. Zuko tells Azula that she's sick; then takes his knife and runs to find his mother. Finding his dad instead at the pond were he is standing silently staring into it. Zuko demands to know where his mother is but Ozai does not reply. Zuko bows his head. Then the fire sages have a special ceremony for the Fire Lord. All Zuko's family are present, except for Ursa. For Zuko everything is a blur, he is unsure of the events that have just taken place. The flashback ends. Returning to the present we see a close up of Zuko. He is riding away from the village on his ostrich horse, his round hat back on his head. Cut to a wide shot of Zuko riding out of the village with either side of the street lined with villagers. An Earth Kingdom flag flies in the breeze on the left of the frame. Switch to a shot of some villagers, including Lee, as Zuko leaves. They look upon him with dull hatred. Zuko rides into the sunset.
  • The episode revealed Zuko's misery past. Zuko lived under the ignorance of his father, and the peer pressure from his firebending genius sister--Azula. Fortunately for him, he had a mother who loved him dearly, but thing were about to change...

    This episode was the classic in all the Avatar series. It is this episode which revealed Zuko's painful past, and shed light to his future, to the story's future.
    Most people might think Aang, the avatar would be the most important character in the whole series, but I say no. I believe Zuko is as important as Aang. Zuko is not a bad person, but he has been mislead by his past, he had always been struggle against his past, his own shadow. Zuko is a complexed person, but he was a true people, not like Aang-- the power avatar whom everyone adorned. Zuko is such a normal person, he wasn't even a great bender at all, all his bending skills were through much practicing and meditating. Zuko's sister always try to humiliate him, his father treated his as nothing. When his beloved mother left him, Zuko's heart had dead. Fortunately, the hero didn't give up on himself, but started the journey of redemption, and he finally succeed. Just as his uncle said, Zuko will eventually become the prefect prince he always wanted to be. Like a phoenix, Zuko raised from the ashes of history and is becoming a new person.
  • Give him a left, a left I tell ya.

    As Zuko travels alone he encounters a boy who helps him out by giving him a place to stay and food to eat. Zuko remembers his past and how his mom was always supporting him. When the boy stands up to the town thugs they capture him and Zuko is the only one that will stand up to them. Zuko than revels that his is from the fire nation. This is an awesome episode because we learn a lot about Zuko and his past, why Uncle finaly decided to come home, and how Ozai becomes the Fire Lord. However we dont know what happens to Zuko's mom after she says goodbye to Zuko.
  • Zuko's redemption is at hand…

    This episode starts off with Zuko riding the ostrich-like animal. As he is riding, he sees a man with food next to a fire. Automatically, Zuko starts to take out his broadswords like he did so often as the Blue Spirit. Then he sees that the man is traveling with a pregnant woman. Zuko puts away his swords. This foreshadows Zuko's possible redemption.

    Zuko keeps traveling to an Earth village. He goes to buy some food. Meanwhile, some kids throw an egg at some soldiers nearby. Zuko covers up for the kids when the soldiers question him. After the soldiers leave, the kid comes back and asks Zuko to spend the night at his house. The kid introduces himself as Lee.

    Lee's parents explain to Zuko that the soldiers he saw weren't real soldiers like Lee's older brother, Su Sen. The soldiers in the village just robbed the people and were nothing more than bullies. They also say that anyone who stands up to those soldiers is their friend. Zuko stays the night at their house and helps fix the roof. Meanwhile, Lee asks Zuko a lot of question. Finally, Zuko hammers his thumb when Lee asks Zuko where he got his scar. Lee's father tells Lee not to ask a man personal questions.

    In a series of flashbacks so far, we also learn about Zuko's past life when he and Azula were growing up. There is a scene where Zuko is feeding turtle-ducks with his mom. Zuko throws some feed at a baby duck very hard, demonstrating how Azula usually feeds them. The mother turtle-duck then quickly bites Zuko and goes away. Zuko asks his mom why the turtle-duck attacked him. Zuko mom, Ursa, replies that that's how mothers are. If anyone attacks their babies, they will bite back. This foreshadows something later on in the episodes. Later, the young Zuko is told that they received a letter from General Iroh from the war at Ba Sing Se. Iroh is hopeful that the Fire nation will conquer the city. Iroh gives Zuko a gift: a knife that says, "Never give up without a fight."

    The next day (present time), real soldiers from the Earth Kingdom come and tell Lee's parents that Su Sen's army got captured. Lee's father decided to go look for Su Sen. Zuko leave Lee's home shortly after. Then, Lee's mom comes to Zuko. She says that the bully soldiers came back to the village taunting Lee about his brother. Then, Lee pulled out a knife and the bully soldiers captured him. Lee's mom begs Zuko to go and get Lee back. Lee agrees.

    Flashback- young Zuko and Azula are presented to Fire Lord Azulon. Ozai shows off Azula's firebending style and power. Zuko tried to do the same but fails. Zuko gets up and keeps trying and keeps failing. Later on, Ozai sees Azulon in private. However, Zuko and Azula are secretly watching. Ozai asks Azulon to repeal Iroh's birthright and make Azulon the next firelord, since Iroh's son Lu Ten died. Azulon gets angry and tells Ozai that he must be punished. Zuko runs away. Azula comes and tells Zuko that the punishment for Ozai is to know the pain of losing his firstborn. Azulon demanded that Ozai kill his son, Zuko. And Ozai plans to do so.

    Present-day Zuko goes to confront the bully soldiers. He defeats the first few weak bullies. Then the earthbender soldier attacks. Zuko can't stop the soldier with just his swords. Zuko is knocked down. The entire town is yelling at him to get up. The earthbender moves in for the kill…

    Another flashback- Zuko is sleeping when Ursa comes to wake him up. Ursa tells Zuko that everything she's done, she did for him. Ursa also tells Zuko to never forget who he is.

    That is the final trigger for Zuko. He firebends and easily defeats the soldier. He then declares himself as Zuko, prince of the Fire nation. He is immediately rejected. Lee hates Zuko, now. Lee rejects Zuko when Zuko asks Lee to take the knife he got from Iroh. Zuko leaves the town with the entire population hating him because he's Fire nation thought he just saved them all. More of Zuko's past life. Zuko can't find his mom when he wakes up. Azula only tells him that no one knows where she is. She also tells Zuko that Azulon passed away during the night. Zuko runs to the pond and asks his father where his mother his. He does not reply. Later, there is a ceremony. Zuko's entire family is there minus Ursa. The fire sages say the Azulon died and Ozai is named the next Fire lord. Zuko's terrified because he knows his father has no love for him and he's alone without his mother.

    The beginning turtle-duck part foreshadows the ending because Ursa probably did something to stop Zuko from dying. Azulon wished Zuko to be killed. Ursa then "bit back" and disposed of Azulon. It is unknown what happened to Zuko's mother after that. This is a great episode. It gives a great deal of insight on Zuko's life. It also starts to redeem Zuko. The episode also stirs feelings of sympathy for Zuko. Zuko got rejected by the very people he saved, all because he's Fire nation. Zuko also sees how terrible life is for those the Fire nation attacks. Zuko sees the pain caused when Lee's older brother is caught by Fire nation soldiers. Zuko realizes the war from the perspective of the attacked. Thus all leads to Zuko's eventual destiny.
  • without a doubt the best episode of avatar so far! and i am reviewing this retrospectively so take that to mean you wont see anything as good as this til the midpoint of season 3

    this is the story of zuko. this is the story that changed my perspective on avatar. i liked avatar before this episode, it was enjoyable fun with good action. what this episode did that none before had was create a truly 3 dimensional character.

    zuko in this episode becomes the emotional centre of the series, his desertion of the fire nation and all its trappings and his journey through the earth kingdom allow him to show his true character. his immense honour. his tremendous courage. and importantly his distaste for bullies.

    having just watched day of black sun part 2 i am thrilled to say this episode is referenced indirectly and it is zuko's time in this episode which informs his actions in that epic episode.

    i am doing this episode a disservice though, i havnt even mentioned the illuminating flashbacks we see of zuko's youth. they give an unparalleled insight into the boy zuko and where he comes from. with this combination of troubled young man and innocent young boy the avatar writers turned a cartoon bad guy into one of the deepest most well realised characters ever seen in a cartoon!
  • This is one of the episodes that show why this show can be called different than any other kiddy show. The way the 'villain' gets represented at more than just a villain. The chills you get from the flashbacks of an innocent yet sinister mysterious youth.

    Just the thought of getting to see from the FN's perspective was scary to me.
    Zuko as some kind of western anti hero within an almost abandoned town without anything but a bird to ride and a heavy heart...fantastic. This is one of the episodes that made me almost obsessed with avatar lol. The great combination of how this show gives morals and with that the fantastic character development of zuko. The eerie youth he had, the scary firelord and evil sister. The mystery and manipulation! The almost Oedipal relationship Zuko has with his mom almost reminds me of the patterns within a Hitchcock movie lol! Also it's THE episode I wished to come from the story of Zuko after season 1's revealing episodes like the storm; definately a lot more to learn about his youth.
    The 'present' story was really nice too. It was touching how zuko acts honorable towards the kid and the family, how he befriends the young kid.....the slight bit of action just added the extra oomph to it. It reminded of a classic kungfu film meets western with the sandy scenery.
    The ambiance was just right, and the poor kid zuko 'befriends' with.....sigh....the end was a real tearjerker when Zuko revealed his true identity and was rejected to the fullest again....

    one slight downer; I wanted to see MORE!!!! but well...I guess I'll have to do it with 20 minutes and...you can't make that too hasty.
  • traveling without Iroh, Zuko runs into a boy. Zuko recalls his memories of how times were before the Agni Kai that occurred when he disrespected his father. All the while he is reminded of his constant loneliness while with the boy.

    While traveling through the southern Earth Kingdom alone, Zuko runs out of food and water. He briefly contemplates robbing a man and woman of their campfire meal, but retracts when it becomes apparent that the woman is pregnant. Zuko continues on, fading in and out of consciousness all the way. At one point, he experiences a momentary vision of a beautiful dark-haired woman who is wearing Fire Nation clothing, but wakes with a start and eventually makes it to a small town. There, while trying to obtain food and provisions, he gets into a confrontation with a small group of soldiers who, instead of protecting the village as they were assigned, act as bullies and control the people of the town. After they rob Zuko of his purchases, a boy named Lee (who is the actual cause of the confrontation) invites Zuko to his home, where Zuko is welcomed by Lee's family. Zuko ends up helping Lee's father Gansu around their farm, but does not, however, provide them with his name or his past.

    As this goes on within the present, Zuko experiences frequent flashbacks of his past that occur when he - and his sister, Azula - were children.

    The scene begins in a royal garden situated in the Fire Nation where two figures sit by a large pond. The first is the woman seen earlier holding out crumbs for the pond's Turtle Ducks, while the other is an eleven-year-old Prince Zuko. To demonstrate "how Azula feeds turtle ducks," Zuko suddenly hurls the loaf of bread at a baby duck, which promptly earns him chastizement from his mother, as well as a painful bite on the leg from the duckling's own mother. Zuko's mother, Ursa, goes on to explain that that is just how moms are like towards anyone who would harm their babies, making a biting sound for effect. They then passed by Azula, Mai and Ty Lee. Azula and Ty Lee were cartwheeling and Ty Lee proved better so Azula pushed her. Mai sees Zuko and turns away, blushing. Azula thinks of a clever plan and convince Ursa to have Zuko play with them. Azula then places an apple on top of Mai's head and sets it on fire, telling Zuko to get it off her. He charges and they both fall in the pond. The girls giggle that they look so cute together. Zuko leaves, yelling, "Girls are crazy."A letter from the war front sent by General Iroh arrives at the royal palace. In the letter, Iroh describes how his forces have broken through the first wall and that the magnificent capital city of Ba Sing Se is within sights. He hopes for them to see it in the future... if they don't burn it to the ground. He laughs at this and the scene shifts to Zuko and Azula laughing. Iroh also sent gifts for his niece and nephew. For Zuko, a hand-crafted, pearl dagger with the inscription, "Never give up without a fight" on one side, originally belonging to the general who surrendered to Iroh's forces after they broke through the outer wall. Azula in turn receives a doll wearing an Earth Kingdom dress, much to her disgust. She then goes on to question if Ozai, as Iroh's younger sibling, would be the next Fire Lord if Iroh were to not return, to which she receives scolding from both Ursa and Zuko. Still holding onto the belief that her father would be better suited for Fire Lord, Azula disdainfully proceeds to set flame her new friend.

    At night, Lee sneaks into the barn where Zuko is resting in and takes his dual broadswords. Zuko detects this and eventually comes across Lee practicing with his swords in a field of sunflowers. Rather than becoming upset, Zuko gives the boy a demonstration of his skill and advice on how to properly wield the weapons, which Lee is able to pick up to an extent. As the two walk back, Lee shares how much Zuko reminds him of his brother.

    The following day, as Zuko prepares to leave, the soldiers show up at Lee's house to derisively tell the family that Lee's older brother, Sen Su, has been captured by the Fire Nation and faces almost certain death. Lee's father leaves to see what he can do about his eldest son, and Zuko leaves soon afterwards, but not before leaving Lee his dagger.

    Yet another letter arrives from the frontlines, but a tear that rolls down Ursa's face as she reads it indicates a much different air. The letter tells that Iroh's son, Lu Ten, has died in battle. Later on, Azula reveals to Zuko how Iroh is coming home, stating that he fell apart as a result of Lu Ten's death and is to return defeated. Before she can go any further, their mother appears to inform them that Ozai has requested an audience with their grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon. Azula instructs her mother not be so formal addressing their grandfather, stating that someone will probably replace him soon enough.Prince Ozai appears before his father, Fire Lord Azulon, accompanied by his wife Ursa, Azula, and Zuko. Ozai demonstrates for the Fire Lord both his daughter's superior intellect and prowess as a Firebender. Zuko, jealous, tries to demonstrate his own skills, but provides a clumsy performance, much to both Azulon's and Ozai's annoyance and displeasure. Zuko's mother is the only one who reassures her son that his nature was that of a fighter, who doesn't give up even when faced with adversity. The Fire Lord, growing impatient, requests everyone, save Ozai, to leave to discuss what Ozai came for. As Azula and Zuko follow their mother out, Azula drags Zuko behind a curtain, so they may listen in on the conversation.

    Ozai makes the request that his elder brother's birthright and heir to the throne should be revoked. He argues that Iroh has lost his spirit and it may be long before he returns if at all, as well as the fact that as Iroh's only son is dead, the royal bloodline would die. Azulon, however, becomes enraged at such a horrendous proposal directly after the death of his son's own beloved child and declares that Ozai would be punished severely. Zuko becomes frightened and runs out of the room, while Azula remains behind to hear Ozai's punishment.

    Later that night, Azula informs Zuko that their father is going to kill him, literally; apparently, Azulon told Ozai that he, like Iroh, would know the pain of having the first-born son killed. At that moment, Ursa appears and asks what is going on. Azula tries to deny it, but Ursa drags her out of the room to speak with her.

    As Zuko lays in a field, seemingly contemplating the previous flashbacks, a wagon suddenly rolls up and he is approached by Lee's mother, Sela. She begs for his help; apparently, when the thuggish soldiers bothered them again, Lee pulled the knife out on them and was captured. Zuko adamantly states that he will bring her son back.Later on, Zuko is awoken by his mother, who tells him that everything she has ever done, she did for him, and to never forget who he is, no matter what. Zuko, who is only half-awake, quickly falls back asleep, but he remembers his mother's words in the morning, and searches the palace for her in vain. Azula informs him that not only has their mother disappeared, but their grandfather died during the night. Zuko confronts Ozai, demanding to know what happened to his mother, but Ozai doesn't respond.

    Back in the present, Zuko confronts the soldiers, with the people's support, dispatching them one by one. Unfortunately, he struggles to combat the leader, an Earthbender that fights with two war hammers. In the course of the battle, however, he recalls his mother's final words to him and reveals his firebending, whereas he had previously only wielded his twin swords.After defeating the final soldier, Zuko boldly announces himself as the Prince and Heir to the Fire Nation. Despite what he had just done for them, the townspeople instantanously reject and express their hate for him after his revelation, Lee and his mother included.

    The episode ends with a final flashback: an imperial funeral for Zuko's grandfather, and Ozai's crowning to the throne... which, according to the sage presiding, was on Azulon's own wishes.

    As the scene switches to the present one last time, Zuko rides off towards the town's entrance, villagers on either side, looking upon him with stones, implements, and dull hatred. He leaves the town, alone.
  • Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar was the master of all four elements. Only he could stop the ruthless Fire Nation from conquering the world. But when the world needed him most, he disappeared. Until now...

    One of the best Avatar Chapters, one special chapter dedicated to Zuko. After Leavin Iroh, Zuko travels by the earth nation seeking for his fate, and recalling his past. In one village, Zuko finds that the earth nation soldiers had repress the town and had the villagers under his control. by staying whit o family from the earth nation, Zuko starts to remember the sequence of events that would lead him to be exiled of the fire nation and burn by his own father. even when those events are not specifically seen on the chapter, we can see how Zuko has pass trough many thing, and why Iroh had to leave Ba Sing Se and why his brother Osai Took his place as Lord of Fire.
  • A real good episode showing the life of a very important character.

    This episode really brought out the true character of Zuko. It showed that he was not really loved by anyone other than his mother and uncle. After all that, he still was able to grow as an individual person rather than someone spoon feeding him every step of the way. It brought out the true person inside of him and made him a more stronger person. Growing up with a sister who can fire bend freely and everything coming easy to her did not make things any easier for him. He had to work at it and continue until he got it right. Sometimes it would take a much longer time but the end result would be very satisfying.
  • we learn alot of zukos past

    i realy wanted to know about zukos past when i first saw some episodes of season 1 and this is the episode this episode explains alot of zukos past and also some about azulas too. the part i dident like was that we dident get to see the fire lords face well its fine we also got to see the OTHER fire lord before ozai which was zuko's grandfather oh yea and we finnaly got to see zukos mother to it looks like shes was taken away from the fire nation (thats what i think im not sure) so it was a pretty good flashback episode i rate it a 9.3/10
  • We learn more of Zuko's past

    he is on his own after departing from his uncle. Iroh. He is starving and thirsty, when he spots a Earth Kingdom town. he gets there and finds a roudy group of Earth Kingdom soldiers that are supposed to protect the town, but instead are just bullies. When a kid throws a egg at one of the heads of the E K solidies, and Zuko see's it. He does not rat the kid though, so inpay the Kid decides to take him and his Ostrich horse to get something to eat. Flashback: He has a flash back about him and the relationship he had with his mom, and some things that happened between him and azula. they get a letter from the warfront from Iroh who was currently leading an attack on ba sing se, he sends Azula and Zuko two Gifts from the siege.
    Later on, Zuko and the kid slightly bond. But Zuko leaves.
    Flashback: Azula and Zuko are performing for their grandfather Azulon. Azula perfects it. Zuko fails miserably. after the performance, Azula and Zuko hear Ozai, there father, talking about how Azulon should rebuke Iroh's birth right, and make him fire lord. but Azulon gets mad and since Iroh's son died, his punishment should natch what happened to Iroh. That night, his mom comes in and says "Zuko, whatever I did, I did to protect you, remember this Zuko, Never forget who you are" Zuko awakes the next morning to find that Azulon is dead, his mom is missing, and instead of Iroh becomming firelord, Ozai does. Azula has Zuko's knife, and wears a sly smiile on her face for some reason. Zuko awakes from his flashback to find that the kid had been kidnapped! so Zuko goes in the town to rescue him from the bullies and starts to Kick @$$

    I only gave this episode a 9.5 becuase it didnt have Toph in it =P
  • A great episode about Zuko and memories of his family.

    This is a great episode, it is about Zuko and flashbacks of his family,including his mother, Ursa. Ursa is very protective of Zuko when he was young, while Ozai was proud of Azula. The end of the episode was completely mysterious to me, because Ursa left the same night Fire lord Azulon passed away. No one even knew where she went, but hopefully Zuko finds her sometime soon.

    I'll never forget the part where Ozai was crowned as the fire lord, that was insane. And even as a child, Azula is bad to the bone.

    Anyways, this was a cool episode. Hopefully Zuko finds Ursa...
  • A special episode about Prince Zuko memories and feelings.

    This episode is differnt by others. It begins then Prince Zuko comes to the small village. He feels hungary. Then Zuko buy food, one of the childs throw the stone to the angry mans. They think that they do Zuko and take all hi food from him. The child, named Lee invite Zuko to his houme. But these following facts are not essential. The true story is about times then Zuko was a child. Zuko loves his mother, named Ursa, but she's gone then Azulon was killed. And she's gone, becouse she killed Azulon. Why? Becouse Ursa can't let kill her son. I like one Ursa frase: No matter how many things may seem to change... ...Never forgot who you are. i thing she says true.
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