The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 2

A Leaf in the Wind

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2012 on Nickelodeon
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Korra begins her training under Tenzin. However, Korra is quick to give up when it doesn't come easily to her. She soon becomes interested in the game of Pro-Bending and sneaks off to the city to see a match when Tenzin forbids it. There she meets brothers Mako and Bolin. When their teammate backs out of a match Korra joins the team to help them.


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  • Bending for Sport

    This was a soild second episode, I really liked how we got to see more of this new world by introducting the new sport Probending. I really like how the court is designed and it seems to have a mix of the principles of dodgeball, soccer, and boxing. There are specific rules in the game where there are three sections, if your knocked off a section you have a smaller section to work with. And to score points you have to knock one or all of the opponents off of the final section. Just seeing them play, made me want to play this game.

    What I really like about this episode is it not just was an intro to that sport and two other characters in the series but to the character Master Tenzen. I really like his character, he reminds of Splinter from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" he's full of wisdom, seems almost like the calmest guy in the world and yet he at times has his little quarks. I can't help but laugh at times whenever he loses his cool sometimes, no thanks to Korra whom is really testing his patience.

    I really like that training structure that the airbenders have to go though which I think is cool because it's basically a rotation maze. The kind of movements they have to use are tai chi like moves, just like in Tai Chi it's about using the power of wind not force to create momentum. And we see Korra go though it and well the results are pretty because she practically just running and using force instead of slowing down; which then results in her doing something really stupid by destroying the course. This of course lead Korra to do something even more stupid by being rude to Tenzen for no good reason by calling him a horrible teacher, I'll admit hearing that hurt me too because that was a low blow, and made me disappointed in Korra she really should know better.

    Though I wouldn't say that Tenzen is entirely right, because like Korra whether he knows it or not even he has impatience and also forbidding Korra to join in the sport, isn't right. A mentor/parient must never interfere or take away a student/child's desires in life.

    I really did like seeing the match and we see Korra getting her butt kicked, I can't help but feel that's karma punishing her. But at that point she does realize that rellying on speed and force all the time isn't going to work. So we see the teachings kick in, once that happens she able to turn the tide and win the match. This also makes Tenzen chear at one moment which was funny because it showed how Tenzen really does have a little of his father Ang in him.

    And it ends sweetly as we see both Tenzen and Korra learn their lessons. But also that Korra has a love interest in her life as she fances one of the team players, and trust me it will become more latter on, just as her adventures have just begun.moreless
  • A good lesson

    I like the reflection around martial arts and sport, and that there's not only one path to master air. Korra followed her instinct and her conflict with Tensin is resolved in a better understanding of each other. Probably the only episode that is worst watching in this season.
  • Probending

    I'm loving this more and more. The world of probending and the incorporation of the mechanical age and the electronics that come along with it were another great reminder of the different era we're in. It's a great look at how we would be using bending today, I think.

    Korra seems more firebender than waterbender with how fiesty she is. It seems rather rude for her to demand training and then ignore it all or call Tenzen a terrible teacher (in front of his kids, no less). I sound old saying this, but I worry about what it teaches kids today watching this, because it's not okay to do things like that, even if you apologize later. It's something you can't take back, something you can't remove from the minds of children.

    This was a good episode overall - the pacing was definitely better.moreless
  • Aang doppleganger

    Fun episode. But I mainly like the lumpy crack head mini Aang.
  • A Leaf in the Wind

    A Leaf in the Wind was a perfect follow up to the series premiere of Avatar The Legend of Korra. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to meet the Fire Ferrets, a pro bending team. I also really liked the aspects of Air Bending training that Korra went through. Some of the characters were a little overly cartoonish and goofy, but I suppose they were in the original series too so it works well. I think the production is on par with the original series thus far and I'm really glad to have another adventure within this world. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the first pro-bending match the final bender who Mako eliminates is incorrectly colored with turquoise markings, the color for waterbenders despite being an earthbender who wears green markings. Right before being knocked out, the markings revert back to the correct green.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Ikki: Daddy, can I have some leechy juice, too?!
      Tenzin: No.

    • Mako: (Bolin brings Korra to meet his brother Mako) I told you. You have to stop bringing your crazy fangirls in here before the matches. Get her out of here.

    • Bolin: (the owner of the gym wants to turn Korra into security, Bolin sees this and walks towards them) There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you! It's all right Toza, she's with me.
      Korra: Yeah, I'm with him.
      Bolin: So, you see, we're together
      Korra: Well, not together together, more like friends.
      Bolin: Right, friends. No, no, I didn't mean to imply. (clears his throat)
      Korra: Oh, you implied it.

    • Korra: (Korra is trying to meditate with Tenzin, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo) I think I'm doing it wrong.
      Tenzin: (Tenzin opens his eyes for a moment and then closes them, and opens them again) There's nothing to do. Let your mind and your spirit be free, for air is the element of freedom. (Korra laughs) Is something funny?
      Korra: Yeah, you're telling me to embrace freedom but you won't even let me listen to the radio. And forget about leaving this island!
      Tenzin: Please, Korra. (he points to Meelo) Look at Meelo, he's able to meditate peacefully.
      Korra: (Korra looks at Meelo who is snoring) Actually, I think he's asleep.
      Tenzin: (looks at Meelo and is surprised) What?! Well, at least he has the relaxing part down.

  • NOTES (2)