The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 22

A New Spiritual Age

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • Uncle Iroh!

    There was a lot of running around, but also a decent amount of storytelling in this episode. We all knew it would be too easy to close the portal now and prevent the escape of chaos, so now we're in for a full-out literal battle between good and evil come the end of the book. It was great to see Iroh again (of course he's be the spirit world's mad hatter) and nice to see little Korra. Decent episode all around.
  • Tea and Pai Cho!!

    Seems like with the airing of 'Beginnings' Korra has finally gotten some ground to stand on while 'The Guide' was good and provided much needed setup for 'A New Spiritual Age' it didn't have the same gravitas that 'Beginnings' and 'A New Spiritual Age' had. I'm so glad they didn't check in at Republic City cause OMG has that been such a waste of screen time this season! I actually hope the next 4 episodes just focus on Tenzin, Korra, Jenora and the spirit world please oh and more Iroh and Wan She Tang cause that was freaking awesome!! Admittedly up until 'Beginnings' I was giving up hope on Korra as a show and successor to one of my favorite series of all time but it has thus been redeemed and can't wait for the next two weeks!
  • Amazing episode

    This episode i find out has a few twist and turns So as Korra was in the Spirit world with Jinora they lose each other in the beginning Korra somehow turns into her younger self where in the series permiere the white lotice was looking fir the new avatar that is the age she appeared as in about 5 10 minutes into the episode Jinora met Wan Shi Tong and that is where Unalaq kidnapped her from Wan Shi Tong's library anyways when Korra finds the spirit portal as her young adult/teenage self Unalaq stops her and forces her to open the other spirit portal or he would kill Jinora with spirit bending her she had no other choice and she opened the portal then things ake a twist and Unalaq starts spirit bending her nearly killing her i believe until a spirit knocked Unalaq away saving Korrra's life at the end Korra returned to her body but......... Jinora didn't she is stuck in the spirit world and Tenzin asked Korra why hasn't Jinora returned to her body yet he looks at Jinora and starts saying what happened to my little girl? in the next episode another 1 hour special we should see Korra and company trying to close the 2 spirit portals cant wait