The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 20

Beginnings (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • They should make a movie about this!

    I feel like this was a mid-season reboot, the last few episodes of Korra were terrible. I mean who watches Avatar to see couples and family drama for god sakes? I got this feeling that the show was loosing audience so the producers decided to give it a big shake. And my god, they DID IT!

    Seriously, Wan's journey was so profound that one could even believe it had been based on a real legend. It's the kinda story you would tell your kids before bed. The fact that he had no birthright to anything was brilliant. That was one off the deepest characters I've even seen in the history of Avatar.
  • holy guacamole!!!!(warning possible spoilers)

    wow we found out about the first one who was NOTHING like one would expect. he seemed to have the free spirit of an airbender ,some of the seriousness of an earthbender ,of course the passion of the firebender he started out as and some of the serenity of a water bender. in a sense this could be a true tie up of anng's time. but something bothers me about the ending and no it isn't suddenly finding a bunch of air bison when i thought they were extinct it is that korra has WEEKS to stop the coming events. that means she has to be SUPERIOR to Aang that to me is a tall order but this was a GREAT EPISODE.
  • Great Episode!

    One of the few episodes I have bothered to re watch.
  • I Am Light

    It felt like I was watching a movie, like I was watching the finale of the original Avatar series. I needed to know what happened next. It all fell in place so beautifully, seamlessly giving us backstory and future plot. It gave us a Korra with purpose and perhaps a sense of duty (not just to the Southern Water Tribe). It was a brilliant reminder of what was at stake and what could be lost if the Avatar lost focus. Perfect episode. Need more like this to keep the series alive.
  • SUCH an awesome one!

    Oh my goodness!!! :3 I LOVED this!

    The second part to a brilliant episode!
  • Inspirational Origin Story!

    This was hands down, the BEST Korra Episode so far and one of the greatest origin stories I've ever seen. Bryke really outdone themselves this time!

    Avatar Wan is now officially my favourite Avatar/Korra character ever -- the way he transformed from a street thief to a spiritual hero was truly an inspiration and the development was done masterfully. The animation was at its best here and the themes of Balance VS. Inbalance really hit home for me,

    Masterfully crafted 2-parter and a triumphant return for Korra!