The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 16

Civil Wars (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • Deceiving

    I was thinking in the first episodes that the Avatar invited his father and Tensin to open their mind, and accept facts, instead of relying on premade judgments, but this episode tells that the close minded were right! Moreover the trial of Avatar's father is completely absurd so you really need to shutdown your brain to find it plausible.

    Compared to the original show, everything is slow, and we're loosing time on details, endless discussions about what happened before/what we'll do next.
  • Can We Slow it Down a Bit?

    Book 2 so far seems like it's racing ahead of itself. This Book is supposed to focus on Spirits but the only spirits we really saw was in the premiere when Unalaq needed Korra's help to open the Southern Portal and then made a huge deal that she was needed to open the Northern Portal but weirdly enough when Team Avatar goes to rescue Tarrlok (obvious that he wasn't going to be in his cell) Unalaq brushes off the fact that Korra is in fact not needed for that seemingly very important plot point. I'm wanting to like Book 2 but it just seems very rushed to me with no sense of direction like Book 1 and miles apart from A:TLA.

    I'm hoping it picks up with the introduction of the first Avatar. Please no more Eska or Desna and more Asami and Lin Beifong :)
  • Cheesy

    And so Unalaq's true colors finally come splashing to the forefront. Saw the revelations revealed in this episode miles away; really sloppy, overdramatic writing. Also, Korra's totally overusing and cheapening the Avatar state. Korra's a much more difficult sell than the original series because of how heavily-invested it is in politics. It's hard to find the balance in a kid's show based on politics between making the point and making sure the audience understands the point and I think that's the biggest struggle this season is having so far. It's just coming out cheesy, like Bolin's relationship with Eska.