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Nickelodeon (ended 2014)

I'm going to say it. I was really disappointed with Book 2 of Korra. To be fair, my expectations were incredibly high as I thought "Spirits" would be like Book 2 of the original series and really shine. "Earth" was a masterful season of television that had its characters grow in important and interesting ways leading to a thrilling conclusion (one that was surprisingly dark for a kid's show). I had quite a few issues with Book 1 of Korra, but I had hoped that any wrinkles would be ironed out by the time Book 2 came along, and it some instances, it was really good television.
Tenzin's character arc in Book 2 was well done, introducing us to the first Avatar was nifty, and the animation was absolutely stunning at parts (the only show that came close to matching it was the gone-to-soon Young Justice), but it still suffered in a lot of ways. Most of the characters didn't feel as authentic as they did in the original series. Bolin seemed to start off as a knockoff Sokka, but still hasn't done anything to prove himself as more than just a comic-relief character, I still have no idea why Asami would be hanging out with these guys, and the seemingly best episodes were the ones without Korra, which is a problem with her name being in the title. Also, where original writers Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko wrote every episode of Book 1, there was a whole gaggle of different writers for Book 2 and even a different studio handled animation for half the season, resulting in a very significant drop in quality for some episodes.
For this season, the original studio is back and I want to say the two original writers are also writing most of the episodes, so here's hoping that it can build off of what season one was trying to accomplish and push this show into greatness.
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