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So it's late on Wednesday, which means we're already closing in Friday, the weekend, and two brand-new episodes of The Legend of Korra

Alas, it turns out only two of those last three things are true.

Only one new episode of Korra will air on Nickelodeon this Friday, according to Nick and More. And it will be the last episode of Book 3 to grace your television screen (provided you still use a teleivision to watch television). What's going on? Well, details are scarce at the moment, but here's Korra's co-creator Bryan Konietzko to fill in the gap: 


Yes, that's correct. For some (currently) unknown reason, Nick has pulled Episodes 9 through 13 from its schedule, and from the looks of Konietzko's Tumblr (which is where the image above came from; Korra co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino posted it as well), it appears those episodes will air exclusively on the web. 

This is just the latest weird development in Book 3's checkered existence. After several episodes were accidentally leaked online, Nickelodeon rushed it onto the air with zero fanfare, and has been airing two episodes each week. Obviously answers will be forthcoming at Korra's Comic-Con panel this Friday, but in the meantime, this is everything we know. 

I'll still have a review of Episode 8, "The Terror Within" for you on Friday (it's good, as is Episode 9, "The Stakeout," but we may have to discuss that one later, I guess), and after that, who the heck knows.

UPDATE #1: TV.com reached out to Nickelodeon for comment, and while the network declined to elaborate, a rep confirmed that we'll have more news on Friday.

UPDATE #2: According to TVLine, the show is not cancelled (even though Konietzko already told us that), and production on Book 4 has already commenced, including the animation by Studio Mir. Regarding what's left of Book 3, episodes will be rolled out weekly beginning Friday, August 1, through various digital platforms, including Nick.com (which hasn't hosted any new episodes all season), Amazon (which has been releasing them on a week's delay), and places like Google Play and presumably iTunes.

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