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Nickelodeon (ended 2014)

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AIRED ON 12/19/2014

Season 3 : Episode 13

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I can't say I found anything wrong with the episode other than the glaringly lackluster animation. Mako has been my favorite character since the beginning of Book One, so I'm glad to see him fulfilling the role of "only sane man" while also being sort of a foil to Korra. I agree with the suggestion that Korra deserves at least slight repercussions for her actions (in spite of their realistic nature), because otherwise, she likely won't learn from her errors and would counterproductive so far as character progression goes.

I certainly wouldn't overlook Varrick somehow being involved in the bombings, as he was already once cleared for wrongdoing (the attack/kidnapping on Unalaq), hence the writers may be setting-up a "switcheroo" premise where Varrick has an ulterior motive separate from mere war profiteering. Or, Varrick may be aligned with another person/group, to which the audience has yet to become privy.

I think a major flaw of Book Two is the lack of a single, authoritative villain. Book One had the striking presence and commanding force of Amon, who was introduced in the very first episode. Meanwhile, Book Two still doesn't seem to have found its one, true villain and it does appear evident enough that Unalaq is not/will not be the "big bad" for Book Two.
Agreed, I think it's very important to have a well-established Villain! Hopefully we get some clarification soon
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