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Jun 12, 2014
Can Book 3 get back on track?

I'm going to say it. I was really disappointed with Book 2 of Korra. To be fair, my expectations were incredibly high as I thought "Spirits" would be like Book 2 of the original series and really shine. "Earth" was a masterful season of television that had its characters grow in important and interesting ways leading to a thrilling conclusion (one that was surprisingly dark for a kid's show). I had quite a few issues with Book 1 of Korra, but I had hoped that any wrinkles would be ironed out by the time Book 2 came along, and it some instances, it was really good television.
Tenzin's character arc in Book 2 was well done, introducing us to the first Avatar was nifty, and the animation was absolutely stunning at parts (the only show that came close to matching it was the gone-to-soon Young Justice), but ...Read more
Sep 02, 2013
Avatar Comics: The Promise & The Search
Has anyone else read these? They're the bridge between Airbender and Korra, and they are awesome. Love to start a discussion here with the fans who've read them.
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Seventy years have passed since the end of the century long conflict known as "The War". Avatar Aang and many of the other heroes of his generation have since passed on and the world has slowly recovered from The War. With Aang gone, the Avatar is reincarnated as Korra, a seventeen year old girl from the Southern Water Tribe. She is a hot-headed but powerful young woman who is ready to take on the world. With three elements mastered, Korra and her animal guide, Naga, relocate to Republic City; a metropolis city for all nations built by her predecessor and Fire Lord Zuko. There she seeks out Aang and Katara's son, Tenzin, in order to learn Airbending. With Naga, Tenzin, and new friends Mako, Bolin, and Asami by her side, Korra will face many trials during her journey. The series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special.