The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 23, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • This was a good example of what was wrong with the whole season

    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS... if you still read this after fair warning and complain at the content giving things away then u were adequately warned.

    After watching endless episodes of Korra mooning after playing a stupid game.. we finally see her doing what she was meant to do several episodes ago.. take down Amon.. and how did she do it?.. by being at her weakest point in the whole series to pull wind out her butt to save the day.. making the Villain Amon who promised to be as good as General Zhao.. and Azula from Airbender... but ended up being mediocre and were also introduced to a squeaky voiced Iroh slapped on for "oooh is he Zukohs grandson oooh" factor.. only to be disappointed at his cut and pasted presence to the dying moments of this end of season episode of Korra.. (what gives with his voice.. is he a kid or a man.. who so much I hated about this season..

    Sigh.. conveniently saving Iroh when a good chunk of the crews on all those ships were in the water floating I might add scattered all around yet she managed to bring him up first before them and only saved him as well I might add.. yea.. Im just randomly making comments at the many irritating chunks that made me grimace through out this season.. just like the speed the navy arrived.. when they were only called.. seriously why didnt they hop on a dragon and fly over... where was their air suppor??.. nvm.. time to end my ramble... wait!!.. Ive got more.. she manages to defeat a guy that crushed her when she had 3 bending abilities fully mastered.. only to defeat him with the 1 ability she didnt know how to use yet... she didnt even go into avatar farted him and poof he went splat.. Even though Tensin got his ass handed to him.. by non benders.. but oh well shes the Avatar afterall.. Air superiority huh.. sniffs of bs if u ask me but hey.. lets end it ... conveniently.. yes lets... I want to give it a zero but it wont let me... Tch.. 2 is for Asami
  • Amazing season finale

    This has got to be one of the best season finales EVER!!
  • Too Tidy

    This was a hold-your-breath episode. There was uncertainty galore. There were surprises. There was joy. There was anger. Some things wrapped up very nicely; others, far too cleanly. There was a lot of talk regarding how we can have more Books of Korra when she's already mastered the elements. I was convinced 5 minutes from the end that she would have to relearn them; I think this would have been a much better premise if the series is to continue (benders learning how to live without bending) than happy-go-lucky 'oh, Avatar state fixes everything, here Lin, have your bending back.' Also, what the hell, her going to Mako? That relationship's been dead since the kiss. It's just too tidy an ending, as if they don't expect to be back for another season.

    I loved the ability to fly using fire, even if they implied Iro didn't make it out. Uncle Boomy's screen time was lousy for how much was promised in his character. Also, the end to the water tribe brothers was poignant, and continued the WWII theme - ended with a mushroom cloud.

    Overall enjoyable, but felt like a cop-out in the end.
  • Endgame Supreme!

    Endgame was a perfect season one finale and I really enjoyed watching because the character and plot development was phenomenal. I loved the story and how Amon's true identity was revealed to every one, Korra reconnected with the Avatar Spirit, and the world seems restored. It was touching to see Tarrlock with his brother and do what he thought is the right thing. There were many tense moments and I was on the edge of my seat. I loved the first season and certainly look forward to watching more of this amazing series!!!!!!!!!
  • A Little Too Perfect

    Generally, this was a very well done episode. I was on the edge of my seat most the time for various reasons (spoilers to come), and the animation and music were flawless as usual. With that being said, I was displeased with the ending, but who wouldn't be displeased with a season finale?

    My main issue is the very quick resolution of all plot lines. Asami confronts her father, Tarlock and Amon are tied off, Korra regains her bending as a fully realized avatar and moreover can restore all bending, and perhaps the most ridiculous of all, Korra and Mako share their teenage "I love You's". I mean really, they're teenagers, love isn't that serious in those years.

    While these events are nice, there are a number of reasons why they were executed poorly. The time span in which they happened was way too quick; it was tie-off after tie-off as stated above. The lack of cliff hangers is also disappointing. Now I know we hate hate hate cliff hangers as watchers, but in retrospect they are very good in the long-run for keeping interest in a series. Every season finale in The Last Airbender had beautiful cliff hangers which agitated me for months on end only to be resolved months later. I was 100% sure the season was going to end and cut to credits during the shot where Korra was crying and facing out to the sea while the audience is panned off to the distance by the camera work. It would have been classic Avatar directing, but they elected to close off three plot elements (Spiritl Korra, Mako/Korra, revive benders) in the last minute.

    Perhaps I will appreciate the writers separating the story lines between seasons after the series ends. I realize they feel like they can only do so much and they want us to experience more than one story line for Korra given the opportunities that there are, but there were many filler episodes which had not much to do with plot, so in my opinion they could have had more plot centered episodes which would have allowed for more time to tie-off all the plot elements which would have allowed for us as the audience to fully absorb and enjoy the season.

    In conclusion, it's just too perfect too fast for me, but I am a devoted Avatar follower and have been for years, so i love and enjoy every minute of this show no matter what. I can't wait for Book 2.
  • Amazing!!!

    Once again this show delivered one-hell-of-a finale!!! Thank you sooo much!! You guys did not dissapoint me at all through the whole season, and hopefully for another season!!! X-D Very well done!!
  • A great always!

    I LOVED the finale to Legend of Korra. I knew it was going to be great! I mean even if the series wasn't up to the best it could be (but I think that was because my expectation of it was so great), Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko never let us down when it comes to a finale. The only thing that I just didn't like about it was the end. I mean it was waaay too wrapped up. I mean in every finale DiMartino and Konietzko have made, there was always an element that left us anticipating the next season. In the first season, it was Ozai giving Azula her mission against Zuko and Iroh. In the second season, of course it was Aang's death. In Legend of Korra, there was nothing. Korra finally connected to her spiritual side, got her bending back, declared her love for Mako, restored Lin's bending, and ended up living happily ever after. There's nothing to look forward to in the next season except maybe the next villain. And speaking of villains. I must say the best part of the entire finale was Tarrlok and Amon's relationship and deaths. When we finally learn of Amon's identity, we learn to sympathize with him too. His past makes him an anti-villain like Zuko was. And it was so heartbreaking when Amon shed that last tear and Tarrlok chose to blow up their ship. I think that relationship and scene were the things that made the season finale as great as it was.
  • What an exceptional finale one ot he best this year! although i would like to see the fantasy element highlighted even mor.

    It was one of the most anticipated programmes of the year for me. I was not dissapointed, i was not left hungery for more avatar:last air bender. It is clear that those days are over and we have entered a new age where politics, society and even the avatar has changed into something quite unexpected. When Korra begins her mission as the new avater she is like new born baby completely unaware of her environment. She falls into the hands of the law very easily and meets the legendary Lin Beifong, who is literally the adult version of Korra. Their relationship was one of my favourite, as Lin joined team avatar she became Korra's mother figure in a way. Lin is my favourite character as Meelo says " shes my hero". towards the end of the series we really see how nurturing and self sacrificing she really is.
  • Prefect provided by last two episodes balance the season

    Not very impressing season by the last two episode balance the whole season

    "Finally episode where excellent equal shares were given to each character appeared especially for the negative rolls "

    "But still we need season for aang life cycle from child age to his final stand"
  • The finale was BADASS!

    The finale was BADASS! I love the pace of the episodes.

    Finally connecting with the past avatars.... although we should have all seen that coming.

    Tarrlok and Amon are brothers... should also have figured as much. I mean Tarrlok did bloodbending on the guy and he blew it off like it was nothing. He must have had some experience with it.

    I gotta tell you Amon really sold his "firebenders took my family away" story well... too bad... his make-up wasn't water resistant. :D

    General Hiro is one heck of a bender... He thinks he has wings. :D

    Korra finally gets Mako... sorry Asami, but Korra was there first.

    One thing though... when Aang restored her bending, did he teach her how to take and restore bending? Or is it among the avatar's abilities now?

    Now what's in store for season 2... who could possibly be the villain?!?
  • Anything less than 10 is a crime.

    There were so many great things in this episode, the only sad part was when Tarlock killed himself. Goodbye Tarrlock, you will be missed(Thanks for taking Amon with you though). (Sorry Asami, but hey you still can have Bolin!) Congrats Lin! Congrats Korra! Now when is the second season?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ^Remember it was supposed to end at this episode.