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Was Amon Aang's Mistake?

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    [1]Oct 12, 2012
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    I thought about it and realized had Aang out right killed Yakone the man wouldn't have escaped prison, used his connections to get face change, fone to the North Polem and have children who he instilled his hatred into. I am not trying to attack or bash Aang, because he was human and of course he wouldn't have known Yakone would break out of prison or have children that would inherit his abilities. The tradition of a previous Avatar's actions come back to huant later Avatar. Roku didn't kill Sozin, becasue he assumed he would always be there to stop him, Koyoshi trained the Dai Lee etc.

    At the time none of them knew those decisions would have negative consequences, but they regretted them in their afterlife. I wonder if Aang regrets not dealing with Yakone differently or because of the trouble Tarrlock and Amon caused Korra andRepublic City. Anythoughts?

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    [2]Oct 28, 2012
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    I think of course. Any Avatar would have some regret for letting something that they themselves could have prevented and yet, their choice caused others to get hurt. Though his choice didn't have as much of a ripple effect as Roku's, it still must have hurt him to see his son's family and other citizens of Republic city being hurt and in danger. I base this off what we know of Aang and his personality and upbringing as a monk.
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    [3]Nov 24, 2012
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    I find it pretty funny that both major events could have been avoided if the previous avatar didn't have an aversion towards killing. Family unfriendly aesop, if someone threatens the existence of peace kill them, you never know how much trouble they could cause down the road. I'm sure someone else would have come up with that by now.

    Kind of warped for a show aimed at kids

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