The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 26

Light in the Dark

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2013 on Nickelodeon
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Unalaq and Vaatu, now combined as the Dark Avatar arrive in Republic City and begin to cause chaos in the city. President Raiko has the United Forces attack the giant spirit, but to no avail. After finding Jinora, Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi return to the south pole to find Korra, Mako, and Bolin injured from Unavaatu's power. They retreat to the Spirit World where Kya heals them. Korra has lost all hope now that she has lost her Avatar spirit, but Tenzin tells her to remember that she is herself, not the person Raava made her. With this advice, Korra's spirit heads to Republic City to stop Unavaatu and save the world from 10,000 years of darkness.


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  • Spirit Guide

    This was a really good if rather imperfect follow up. I'll get down to some of the bad things. I thought some of the physics of the Avatar powers got kinda confussing when things got just a little too complicated. I also thought the giant monster fight chorgraphy was a bit off, let alone the concept of a giant monster fight in the Avatar universe seemed out of place, cmon this is Avatar not "Pacific Rim", but then again I can be a bit of a sucker for those kinds of battles so I can't complain too much.

    Other than that everything else was fine. There really isn't a whole lot to say, to me the main highlight of the big battle at the end was Genora. It was great seeing her have a more active role, and I didnt' feel it was solely Korra the triumphed in the end but it was more Genora, which I felt was a bit of a turn around since usually it's the main hero that delivers the final blow. I'm hoping in Book 3 we might see her have a bigger role in things since she seems to be the one most intuned with the spirts and their world in her end of the family.

    Even like the touching moments, one with Tenzen as he is talking with his father Ang on his fear of not being like him. This made me really feel for the guy because Tenzen has had that classic dilemma of living in one's shadow most of his life, which made him not have full faith in himself and unable to have the spirit ability. But of course Ang tells him what I feel is the best advice anyone should hear, which is to grow up to be yourself. Though this wisdom Tenzen's faith in himself is restored and is able to do what he must with great strength and in the end, he does achieve his desire of being intune with the spirit world.

    There were two other really good moments, like the one when both Mako and Korra broke up but on a more mutal and clean terms. Which I'm fine with because both had had their time together but it's over, both are better as friends. Another thing I'd like to see in Book 3 is how much the relationship between Mako and Assami develops and I wouldn't mind if Korra had a significant other of her own which would me a new edition to team Avatar, I'm thinking a person without powers which would be interesting seeing another with no powers deal with things. Or she could just be independent, since it seems like she needs to be single for a while, take some time to figure things out. Overall I'm either way on the matter.

    Though the one I like the most is the interplay between both Bolin and Eki. It was touching and kinda sad as we see she is going away, and both exchange a final kiss which was sweet. I'm hoping Eki will be back in Book 3, because I really like her character, let alone the fact she's played by Aubrey Plaza which is awesome since I'm a "Parks and Rec" fan. I would like to see more chemistry between the two, to me their a bizzare but colorful couple. The back and forth between them is both funny and sweet. But also the fact that Bolin actually has a significant other for once, I want it to be Eki, not Ginger she looks good but I dont' care for her.

    The ending is soild the fact that both the sprit world and mortal world have become one, means it's a whole new world with whole new possibilities.

    Overall, this was a soild season it was defenantly ambitious, but personally I don't feel surpasses the first. I just felt there as ambitious as the concepts were there were things that really held it back. As I said before Korra becoming unlikeable and out of character in the first half of the season though part of the second and third half she was back on track but still it hurt her character and the season. The main plot took a little long to get going, let alone some of the writing was off in places. Team Avatar: Bolin, Mako, and Assami all didn't have enough to do despite the third half it wasn't enough. The main villain and subordinate villain Unalok and Verrick I thought were both lame, Unalok was boring and Verrick was goofy and out of place like he's someone from a sitcom. I still liked the season but as a fan of the Avatar franchise, we need to do better.

    Well, till book three and see ya for now.moreless
  • What a waste

    Wow!! This show has fallen from grace. I mean.... it's over, there's no hope for the future. As i watched this episode i kept on asking myself, "Why is the dialogue so terrible? Why do this fight scenes lack rhythm? Why the Deus ex Machina again?" Then i realized i was expecting too much from a kids show. When you look at it it's quite weird coz it's kinda like expecting a compelling storyline from another kids with the same kind of crap, am the like that. To all those out there who love this show, i salute you for your infinite tolerance, coz i think am finally done with this nonsense. But i think you'll all eventual realize it and perhaps leave it for the kids. (You know, like 9 year old sister or 6 year old son). As of the moment, i heading for something way more mature ON TITAN. YEEAAAH!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Kind of Dissapointment

    I'm kind of confused what happened in the last 2 episodes.... wow, I was expecting at least the same action or contest as it was in The Last Airbender... I like and I know it needs to be added new things in new episodes and series but from my point of view it could be done better!

    The characters of Last Airbender, all of them were special and banding of all of them were powerful and shown very good! and contest of course! but here something is missing... well its just my opinion

    I liked it very much really, may be because my expectations were too high that's why I have such feeling but anyway I will be glad to watch this cartoon all my life as santa barbara :) keep going , after korra, should be Avatar of earth and fire. ;)moreless
  • Spirits and Expectations

    While I didn't particularly dislike the finale-indeed, this time around Tenzin's role was bot brilliantly set up and executed-I'll admit certain parts left me with mixed feelings.

    The good-Tenzin's character development, Korra struggling with the weight of expectations, the loss of Ravaa and disconnection from her past lives all were played beautifully. Indeed, I thought Darkness Falls marked the emotional highlight of the finale, but the resolution came all to quickly and was handled clumsily in Light in the Dark.

    The bad-Kirra turning into DR FUCKING MANHATTAN and Ginora having some convenient Raava sensing powers. Epic monster fights are cool and everything, but when characters in the show are lampshading how ridiculously out of proportion the fight is getting ("Mommy, Korra's back, and she's a blue giant!"), it may be time to step back a bit and pause for thought.

    I'm glad that choices made weren't wrapped up too neatly this time around though, and that after all that happened there are consequences for the characters to deal with-Mako owning up to Korra, Korra's disconnect from her past lives, her bold decision to leave open the spirit portal.

    All in all, it's nice to see things moving forward instead of reverting bAck to the status quo. Mixed feelings aside, it's at least enough to get me hooked going into next season.moreless
  • Awesome episode

    This episode was sweet.
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