The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 13

Rebel Spirit

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • A little cliched

    Overall it was a fine episode , and i do like the fast pacing storytelling . But it has so many overused tropes that are so boring - annoying and stupid . Many times the proper use of a Tv-Trope gives an additional value , unfortunately this is not the case. How many times we will see the overreacting ,hot tempered stereotype that want to be free etc ? In a way that renders an otherwise well writen character as a moron ? Or this of the thick headed Father . I Don't want even to speak for Bolin who is now a complete caricature and not a comic relief. Really cut this BS , they are old and tired
  • Rebel Korra does just that

    K, so we start off the episode with two random fishermen, and their ship getting destroyed by a Spirit-Like-Octopus? Fine, I don't care. But the Equilists get off Scott Free after segregating an entire city, and probably committed murder more than once, and tried to kill the Avatar?! What, NBD now?! W/E Republic City!

    K so Mako's a cop? Sure, why not. Bolin is still doing the Fire Ferrets alone? I kinda don't buy it. I feel like he'd follow in his brother's footsteps Oh, & Asami is off running her dads company. That I DO buy. She's smart, independence and self sufficient. I will not be worried about her this season. (She took be breakup by her cool-but-also-crappy-boyfriend very gracefully) I DO NOT buy that on one wants to work with Future Industries!! Umm, the whole city was pretty chill with that was happening 6 months ago, now they're like "UmmNo. U R Bad ppl!"

    If Steve Job's committed murder, would you stop buying Apple products?

    Don't lie, the answer is no.

    OK, NO! Korra & Mako are a gross couple now, that do annoying couple things in front of friends, and that is the worst! They both loose 5 points for that cotton candy stunt+ I hate that the twins are so similar. I'm sick of the stereotype that all twins are exactly the same, or the exact opposite. Don't get me wrong, the girl is hilarious, but they guy needs a different personality than his sister.

    and Korra is off training. I was wonder if she knows that if she dies while in the avatar state that all avatars will die too... Also I don't like Bumi. Why is Aangs oldest child not a bender such a a lil MoFo?

    Korra gets attacked by a ghost looking Pokmon, and her dad rushes in the save her!! So cute! Dads R the best! I understand Korra's dad & her uncle's positions. I don't think her uncle is evil like ppl are speculating. He has a valid point. So does her dad. But I think in the end she does make the right choice to go and fix the Spirit World. She HAD to. Her dad was wrong to try and stop her. Plus I understand her annoyance for being locked up in a small village her WHOLE life! Come on guys, we all saw Disney's Aladdin, we understood how Jasmine felt then, and if you try, you can understand how Korra feels now. She found out she was locked inside a village, when she didn't have to be. Now her uncle's here, and she get to make her own choices. She gets to decide between Airbending, or learning about the Spirits. Airbending has already been really hard for her, so why not give up on it now, do something else, & come back later & try again?

    But I do not agree with how she was all by Tenzin! TTYN" She could have worded it like I just did. Oh well.
  • Spirits

    A very fast-paced return to the world of the Avatar. There was just enough recap to put the viewer in the right location, but not enough to remind them of characters who were outside the realm of I don't recall Tenzen's siblings at all and it seems they're going to be bigger players this season - grangran Katara, too. Personally, I feel it a mistake to send Korra off to study the spirits when she has yet to master air, but where would the story be if the heroine didn't make mistakes? Good return, need a little more of that old avatar feel to it, but keep it coming.
  • Perfect Premiere!

    It had it all. Genuine comedy, great action, suspense, intrigue and fantastic character set-ups and developments! I can't wait for the rest of the Season, it looks to be the best out of all Avatar Seasons so far.

    The flashback was great because it showed the tensions rising after the war ended and the grey backstories it left the old characters with. Mako is becoming much more likeable now and the romance is improving. Jinora seeing Aang's statue was very interesting and I'm just waiting to see how this epic story develops.