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  • went from OK to good to awesome

    This is my top seasons list of both ATLA and TLoK from worst (but not bad) to best:

    6. Book 1 Air

    5. Book 2 Spirits

    4. Book 1 Water

    3. Book 2 Earth

    2. Book 3 Change

    1. Book 3 Fire

    I'm expecting Book 4 Balance to be between #1 and #2

  • It was good but it should be better

    Since I saw The Last Air Bender, its been my fav show ever. but The legend of Korra wasn't so great due to some of its unwilling powers they got and used against their enemies. According to "hashimhobib" his comment is good, he describe what really i felt like him.. its script and direction not so great as the last air bender was.. In this show the power of avater is not so great, she loose every of her enemy.. now i felt it should stop making korra further and should focus on avater Ang.
  • Loved it

    Season 3 was great! Although I was pretty bummed that Zaheer DIDNT die after poisoning Korra in all.
  • Beautifully Done

    This, along with CGI TMNT are the only good things left for Nickelodeon. The artwork is very well done and has very beautiful animation. The story is very well done and the characters have their own personalities. This is one of the few cartoons left that is not afraid to be dark and yet still be entertaining for kids.

    Sadly, every time there is a season finale, Nickelodeon stops airing this show in favor of crap like Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig.

    Update: Seriously Nick? Uploading it to the internet and taking it off your channel. Here's a theory on why Korra got declined ratings.


    Seriously, I barely ever saw Korra get promoted anywhere on TV. In fact it was this site that made me know about it coming soon. With that lack of promotion, people will forget. In fact I've seen more promotion for Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners than TMNT or Korra. I've said before I lost all faith in Nickelodeon, but this has sunk it even further. All that Nick has now is TMNT and if that goes, Nick is flat out DONE.

  • Just CAncel iit

    I really loved avatar the last air bender it was funny, sad, suspenseful, also looked so real. i wish they had just kept making episodes from that instead of making the legend of korra. there are quite a few things that are wrong with legend of korra. number one the characters are dull and boring. what goes on in the show is just boring it is like a soap because of the relationships and break ups and shit. i think he (the director) should go back to making the show more like avatar the last air bender. if he cant do that just cancel it plzzzz. he is just embarrassing avatar. id rather watch nothing than the legend of korra
  • About the series

    It got got great casting in 2012.
  • Why Nickeloden Just why

    Really Nickeloden!!! You going to remove The Legend of Korra your channel and aired new episodes on the Internet. Like what the HECK!!! What about the people who likes this show? And like to see it at night? You killing me. You worst than Cartoon Network and aired stupid shows like Breadwinners . Who likes Show? Nickeloden I lost all faith in you keeping these atrocious bad cartoons and live shows. There three words I have to say YOU SUCK BIGTIME!!!!
  • love the show

    I love the show please don't cancel it
  • Most Anti Growth Character

    For someone who didn't have to hunt down her instructors, she is a pretty weak avatar. When I heard the new avatar was going to be female I had high hopes for a wise and strong avatar. Instead we get a doormat hung up on romance with the powers of an avatar.

    I didn't expect her to be like Ang, but I did expect to see a character that had the capacity to learn and grow from her live experiences. At the rate she's going she's going to have one foot in the grave before she learns anything.

    I've watched season after season in the hopes that the series would pick up, but the writing feels disjointed. It's almost as if they are using each season to try out ideas to see what will stick. This season has had the best antagonists so far I hope they find the confidence to stick with them, but time will tell.

    All in all I don't find myself waiting for the next episode to come out. I'll watch it if it happens to be on, but I'm not going to go out of my way to watch it.
  • What's with the messed up episode guide?

    Whoever's making the episode guide for this series doesn't seem to get how each "Book" is a season. The last 3 episodes (A Breath of Fresh Air, Rebirth and The Earth Queen) aren't episodes 15, 16 and 17 of season 2, but episodes 1, 2 and 3 of "Book 3 - Changes", which would make it season 3.

    Love the show though. I don't know why everyone has such a problem with Korra? She's not Aang and she's not supposed to be. Every Avatar is different. They have their own personalities, you know. It's not like being the Avatar automatically comes with the wisdom to do everything right.

    I'd still rather have liked this to be the 3rd series and the 2nd series should have followed Aang and everybody else from the gang as they tried to rebuild the world. After 100 years of war and the Earth Kingdom having been occupied by the Fire Nation, there must have been plenty for them to do in order to bring peace and order to the world. Would have liked to follow that story before Korra.

  • Feels too similar to the Last Airbender show

    Though I do like this show, I think its similarity to the Last Airbender and not the most original show on Nickelodeon.

  • i wish i could skip it

    i was a big fan of the original but with Kora its kinda making me feel like i just want to skip the entire series and hope for a new avatar who use he or she skill better like for example she is using the avatar state to win a race and also she gives learning to chase also hate that there is so much love and crap like hay i love you but i love him oh no! not enough action they should have just made an second part to Angs story.
  • Top Shows

    Season 1 (12-13)
  • A major step down from The Last Airbender, but it's still decent

    This is an interesting series to be fair. The Last Airbender had major highs and lows, focusing mainly on world building. This series focuses mainly on characters. Sometimes, it works, but other times, it falls flat on its face. It clearly shows that the writers know how to properly develop a world around characters, but seem to forget how to properly establish its characters. Does that make it bad? No.

    Personally, I think the animation is fantastic, and the world around the characters is beautiful, but the characters themselves range from boring to likable to outright superfluous. When it establishes drama, it doesn't grab me like it's supposed to. Season 1 is the series' strong suit so far, I just hope the quality doesn't drop any further.
  • korra is hotheaded, but still shes amazing avatar

    This season was wonderful, the backrounds, music, drama! Omg I just love the legend of korra.

    Kts alittle sad that makorra is over tough.

  • Korra's kinda stupid, but everything else is wonderful.

    Korra gets her ass handed too her every episode... It's hard to enjoy the main character when everytime your watching them, they're getting manipulated or dominated completely. Just when you think she's gonna be awesome, she fails miserably again.

    Other then that I did enjoy the wonderfully drawn spirit world and the story of the first avatar... Just stop making Korra such an idiot and we've got ourselves a great show.
  • Everyone who wants Last Airbender will be disappointed. Everyone else will love TLoK.

    This is a different show. I even like the way they come on with the updates similar to the black and white news reels of the 40's (I think it was the 40's). It does not have the epic fight scenes like Aang fighting his cousins but it does have the drama. Much more development of the spirit world in this one, Korra seems to go into the Avatar state more often. She is older as the Avatar than Aang was when he started and it shows. So, the friends are older, having jobs, owning businesses. Therfore the carefree spirit of youth and zaniness of childhood is gone (awww). The gang is not together every minute of the day and night, which makes for a more fun campy adventure.

    I think it is smart to have the series age, probably because most of the audience seems to be young adults or older. Hopefully, the movie for this one will be handled by Buffy creator Joss Whedon, who does great with female heroes. This is not The Last Airbender, it is Korra and it is good.
  • An Unrivaled Tale Of a Strong Willed Girl...

    I never really thought i would watch this series, i am thankful that i did...

    I thought it was gonna be like "Twilight" ... Far from it...

    Korra is a strong willed girl, the kind that make even guys envy her. The story is fun, and many points previously left a mystery by the previously avatar series have been told in this one, over all this is a show that is better than many high budget feature

    A true Master

  • The Fall of the Avatar

    The original Avatar TV-Series was incredible, and achieved what very few cartoon-shows manage to do: appeal to children and adults. Behind all the cutesy and the fun was a grown-up story that touched upon typically grown-up topics like war and death without ever losing its light-heartedness. It was a show with brains and beauty that never underestimated its audience.

    I guess, its big problem was that it was not a grossing hit at first, I guess. So in the final season things felt kind of rushed, like the show was intended to last longer. Maybe it was and that was the problem.

    But considering how much it stood out and how big the fanbase had grown it was only a matter of time until the world of the element-benders got another chance.

    And it did: someone decided to cash in and make a live-action movie, and of course it was made by people who were unable to understand what made Avatar work the way it did.

    The result was the equivalent of squeezing a couple of pounds of meat into a suit, painting a smiley-face on the head-meat and calling the result a human being. It was dreadful. Let's not talk about it.

    Anyway - after this debacle, I never would have imagined that there would be another show.

    So when I first heard the news of a new Avatar-series I was thrilled but understandably - Mr. Shyamalans joke of an adaptation still in mind - skeptical.

    And then there it was: Legend of Korra.

    It was a bold move to advance time and thus cutting ties with it's predecessor like this, but after only a few episodes it became clear that "Legend of Korra" was the next logical step in an expanded universe and a worthy sequel which respected predecessor while standing on its own two legs.

    The show seemed more grown-up now, with it's older main-cast and the sleazy urban flair of Republic City.

    And as the story about the Equalists unfolded I became hooked again, eagerly awaiting each next episode up to the conclusion of its first arc in episode 12. I was pleased with the show, because while I felt that it had not reached the heights of its predecessor I saw a lot of potential.

    And then the second half of the season started. And it might just as well be another season, because everything has changed - and nothing for the better.

    As always when big business picks up on a trend, and tries to turn it into a "franchise" - the

    result tends to be something soulless that might look like the original but is nowhere near as good.

    Somewhere along that process the "whatever" loses everything that was great about it.

    And I guess that's what's happened.

    Maybe it's because most fans of the original Avatar series are still too glad about the shows return that they turn a blind eye to what is happening - maybe it's because of the mainstream audience (the same people on whose "authority" networks decide to cancel shows like Alphas, Boss or Deadwood)

    - noone has noticed it yet: but the show that the Avatar-fans fell in love with ended June 2012.

    After what I've seen over the past couple of weeks I can't help but think it might have been better if Avatar:TLA had stayed the only entry. Yes, it's that bad.

    The second half of the new Avatar is a mess of mythological nonsense, character simplification and overall dumbing down.

    Bringing old myths and spirits to life might have worked in a prequel... maybe ... if handled well.

    In the culturally and scientifically advanced world of post-Aang Avatar it's completely out of place.

    But it doesn't stop there.

    While the old writing handled humour in the right doses and romance and drama with subtelty, I barely even recognize Korra and her friends anymore. At this point they are caricatures of their former selves.

    I don't want to go into too much detail here, because it's just not worth it, but all the clichs that plague most of the shows aimed at teens and young adults have turned up, ruining any and every previous character development. Boleyn might be the most apparent victim: he is almost unbearable and belongs to the already too long list of comic relief characters noone can take serious anymore.

    Also, there are villains now. Yes, the original Avatar had dislikable characters, too. But they never were flat out EVIL. And the bad things that were being done were never seemed to be done out of sheer plot necessity. Now every plot point feels contrived which is a huge detriment to the fictional world: It doesn't live, it doesn't breathe.

    The cherry on top of this cake of disappointment are the moments when the show makes the original look bad (poor Iroh).

    And maybe that's just me, but has the animation always looked as cheap as it does now?

    So: Do I think Korra has turned into the worst show ever? No. It's still easily on par with all non-comedy-cartoons out there. But considering where it came from - it is almost painful to watch now.

    I don't know if the show has a new creative team or of management stepped in - but I for one cannot stand to watch the show any longer.
  • One of the best shows ever

    Whats not to like about LOK Korra connected with the very first Avatar We got to see his story on becoming the first Avatar. Korra seems to be Strong Willed Stubborn and at times reckless but hey I like that if its on TV in real life not so much but Korra knowing 3 of the elements at such a young age how old was she 3? 4 max and her first line in rthe very beginning of the series made me LOL the only downside is that Book 1 and 2 had a year and 3 month gap from airing Book 1 ended June 23rd 2012 if I recall and Book 2 started Sept 14th 2013 Dont get me wrong I like aiting at times but to a certain extent afterwards it gets annoying just waiting and waiting but hey I love the series waiting for the next episode A Spiritual Age to air in 2 days so I am very excited
  • The legend of korra review

    Its a good continuing of the first show avatar: the last airbender, hope they keep up bringing in new episodes
  • Beginnings 1 & 2

    Beginnings, parts 1 & 2, really brings you back to Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm posting this here, rather than under the episode review, because I think it's a two-parter most ATLA fans would enjoy. The story is intriguing, to say the least, because it brings the audience back to the dawn of the avatar. Also, it seems that anything set in the past makes for a more epic tale, at least for me anyway. I know Korra's generation is also just now emerging with technological advancements, but what made ATLA and Beginnings hit home for me was that they took place in "simpler", humbler times, where civilization was less advanced. It not only makes for better story telling in terms of being more fantastical/surreal, but is also more astounding when it comes to teaching profound life lessons and principles under less convoluted conditions. Following the story of Korra up till now seems so suffocating and cluttered, but I guess that it comes with having a larger "team avatar", more technological advancements, and rushed introductions/developments of so many characters (as opposed to ATLA with mostly 3 main characters initially, then later slowly reeling in strong/fun personalities). I don't know if I should expect more out of Korra's tale, but if the writing/story continues to be as well done as it's been in these past two episodes, then I will definitely stay on the Korra bandwagon for the rest of the ride.
  • All around a good show

    While nothing can compare to the amazing story and complex characters of TLA, LoK definitely lives up to its predecessor. Book 1 was just amazing, and it's a shame Nick only signed it on as a mini-series. If they had decided early on to have more than one season, I feel as if they would've spent more time on characters and expanding the plot. Book 2 is alright, but Beginnings was amazing. SPOILERS:

    Unfortunately, in Book 2 everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Bolin starts to date a creeper and of course decides to do something insane like force him to marry him. Korra and Mako break up and Korra's being a total .. snob? throughout the whole thing.


    I love Asami's and Bolin's sub-plots in this. The fact that Asami now has to run her father's company and is doing her best to keep everything going really shows who Asami is. She's one of the most developed characters on the show. I love the fact that Bolin is becoming the first "movie" star. I think Bolin really fits with acting, but I'm hoping they show him more than just a comic relief. There's a lot they can do with someone being "famous" and "popular"

    I do like that Mako has become a detective, or almost is at least. I think they can really expand on that and after Beginnings I hope they go deeper into the plot and the spirits then they are now.

    The animation is amazing and I love the design. It's really just TLA remastered and I absolutely loved the design they did for beginnings.

    Cons: Like I said before, everything that can go wrong does go wrong. I'm not going to go into detail because it's really self explanatory, but I really hope they change that further into the season.

    The creators of the show(who's names I have forgotten) are smart and experienced enough, and that gives me hope for the rest of the seasons.

    And don't get me started on the soundtrack for book 1, it's absolutely AMAZING. It sounds like it was created for a movie, let alone and once before deemed a mini-series.

    Anyways, love the series enough to keep watching, but am also keeping my expectations low
  • Beginnings 1 & 2 (Completely worth the watch)

    Finally the Show is back on track... with all that melodrama behind it... I hope! The running social commentary, teen emotions and utterly predictable theme was beginning to feel dated. But Beginnings is hope to wipe the slate clean
  • Lacks the Charm and Humanity from Avatar: The Last Airbender

    I wasn't going to write a show review but tonight's episode 'The Sting' rubbed me the wrong way so much I was compelled to do so. Now I know most people will say Korra and gang shouldn't be compared to Aang and crew but it's very hard not to compare LoK to one of my most beloved shows of all time and it's not up to snuff. All 3 books of Avatar get a perfect 10 from me but Book 1 of Korra would get a 7 and Book 2 so far is getting a 4.

    I did really enjoy the story of Ammon and his fanatic beliefs, also initially enjoyed the reckless abandon displayed by Korra as compared to cool, calm and collected Aang (for the most part) and what I enjoyed the most from Avatar are glaringly absent from Korra.

    There's a distinct lack of narrative, an overarching plot and complete lack of urgency like Avatar had.

    Book 2 is a complete train wreck I don't even know where to begin, I'm going to hold out for the next few episodes because I want to see the first Avatar and what impact he will have on Korra's development but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe throwing Korra to the wayside after Spirits cause it certainly doesn't have the Spirit Avatar did.
  • They need to slow things down and catch up...

    I know this was never meant to go past season 1 but I dont sense the great fluidity of the original series. Season 1 was amazing up until the final episodes where everything was rushed to the point where I just felt like there was compensation of maybe 2 episodes of information in one 5 minute scene. Continuing into the first episode of season 2 and same thing like they rushed so much information and feelings into one episode that it felt fake and dysfunctional. I love the series and given the splendor of TLA I sincerely hope LOK can eclipse this, otherwise its just proving it cant survive the long haul.
  • Pathetic!

    I am currently watching book 2 of LOK and it's quite obvious that there is no hope for this series. Don't get me wrong I love the visual effects and graphics, but LOK is still lacking in terms of maturity and a reasonable storyline. Excessive romantic scenes,short fight scenes and weird "funny" scenes just aint for me. (Spoilers alert) In book 2 they tell the story of two WATERBENDING brothers one being the villain and hmmmmmmm......... Where have I heard that before? Oh right, Amon and "Noatak" or whatever his name was. The repetition of a story line shows the crew's inability to come up with a fresh story to attract a sort of more mature audience. I think someone should just put this series out o its misery.
  • Not as good as Avatar, but still very good

    I don't think it's possible to recreate another series like Avatar: The Last Air-bender. The series is just phenomenal and is very hard to top. It has awesome action, amazing characters, terrific plot, an unbelievable villain, very good morals for kids and adults alike, etc. It's just an all around good show.

    So when I went into Legend of Korra, I made sure to keep my expectations a bit low

    But to my pleasant surprise, it surpassed my expectations by a bit of a long shot.

    I have a lot of things to say about this show, so I'll just split it up with what I loved and what I hated:


    The plot. I personally think the plot is genius. You would think that it's a "happily ever after" after Avatar, but no! They actually find a problem the characters must face after happily ever after that actually makes sense! It's a good reason too, about how non-benders feel inferior to benders, so you kind of get confused about what side you should be on, which is good when it comes to this show. One aspect of this plot that I think is better than the Avatar is how dark and edgy it can get. Yes, I know that this show is more for an older audience but I just love the darker twists they have in this show (there are some dark things in Avatar but they aren't really explored much)

    The characters. Yes, they aren't as well developed as the characters in Avatar, but they are still pretty good characters (except for Mako) and you do enjoy seeing them interact. Korra is a head-strong female lead, Bolin is a happy-go-lucky sort of guy, Asami is a elegant bad-ass, Tenzin is a calm yet a very powerful fighter, Lin is a bit grumpy and very very bad-ass, and the kids and Pema are just a delight. So it's just great to see them go through their journey throughout the show, even though they are not as developed as the characters in Avatar (which I do like better than the characters in Korra because they are just more interesting and more memorable)

    The animation. This is one of the things that Korra does better than Avatar. The Animation is GORGEOUS. It's just eye-candy in every episode, and you just admire every backdrop you see.

    The environment. I love the steam-punk, 1920's aspect of this show. It's not as spiritual or philosophical as Avatar, yes, but I don't think it was meant to be. You really get a chance to admire the technology and it's just spectacular.

    So basically everything seems to be right with this show right? Well, there is a reason why it's not as good as Avatar

    Pacing: This didn't bother me THAT much but I think it should be mentioned. I think this is the reason why the characters weren't as well developed as in Avatar. The pacing was a bit fast, and I think this season needed at least three or four more episodes to make the pacing work. You could say it's Nickelodeon's fault for not making up their mind about if they want one season or more, so the creators were put under a time limit and were confused about if there will be more seasons or not. As I said before, this is not a GIANT issue, but it should be addressed.

    Mako and Bolin: Now don't get me wrong. I love Bolin, he is probably my most favorite character in this show because he is just so silly. I just wish if he got more of a role then JUST the comic relief. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, you knew that Sokka was kind of the comic relief guy, but he had a character in him. He had his sarcastic moments, his happy moments, his sad moments, his angry moments. Bolin just feels like he is happy in EVERYTHING. I kind of got a bit annoyed towards the ending where he was just throwing one liners while the city was just exploding. As much as I love Bolin, I really wished that he got more of a role than just the comic relief guy.

    Mako, on the other hand, is BAD. Bolin is MUCH more developed than Mako. I just feel like he brings the story down with all of his blandness and just being a pretty face that Korra and Asami have to kiss. Maybe it would have been better if they took an episode to talk about his and Bolin's past. That would give both Mako and Bolin much more depth in their character! But no! We just had to wait through Mr. Bland sorting out his teenage boy hormones through the series. It just kind of aggravates me.

    And finally, THE LOVE TRIANGLE. I am a HUGE shipper of Bolin and Korra. They just make such a good couple! Bolin actually made Korra feel better and took her out on a date when she got humiliated and rejected by Mako! If Korra went with Bolin, he would treat her like a queen! They would have so much in common with eachother. They would be compatible and would give room for more character development as well! I sort of cried at the end of the episode where Korra kisses Mako and Bolin just has his heart broken. SO MUCH POTENTIAL

    Mako and Asami should have stayed together too! They are so compatible and make such a great couple! But no, we had to have a bunch of teenagers sort of their feelings while a freaking war was going on and a serious threat was on a loose. Well, I think I must be exaggerating, because the love triangle wasn't THAT bad, but it certainly was the thing that brought this show down and slowed things down. To be serious, I just think Mako is the problem. If he was more developed, didn't have any crush, or if he was just taken out of the show, then I think the show would have been a lot more closer to being Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm just happy that there is a possibility that Mako will be more developed in season 2.

    Speaking of season 2, I am very excited for it because it looks twice as good as Legend of Korra! The animation is better, in my opinion the story is better, we have more interesting characters, and lots more! I just really trust these guys that made LOK and ATLA, and I know that we are going to be mind-blown by season 2!

    So overall this show is a pretty good show. I don't think you will do justice if you compare it to Avatar; The Last Airbender though. It's supposed to be totally different, and even though it's the same world and it's the sequel to Avatar and is made by the same creators, it's theme and story is totally different, and for what it is, I think it's a true gem!

    It's a show that stands good on it's on and, when you look at all other sequels ever made, this one has to be one of the best.

    I really really recommend this show because it's not Avatar, but it's very enjoyable and an awesome kick-ass show!

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