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  • Great show

    I love the series, is just as good as Avatar the last airbender. I think the fans should not be comparing the series, both very good shows your style.
  • Hope is here.

    I hope that after they are done with the legend of korra, that maybe they can bring back avatar the original series.

    I know that the rest of the story about Aang and the gang are told in the comics but still.

    I rather see Aang on tv than in comics.

    And it should`t be so hard come up with a plot.
  • The Last Airbender's lover.

    Before watching it, I watched all 3 books of The Last Airbender, so it was hard to settle in... I thought that there would be a story how ''Team Avatar'' grew up, and who was Toph's daughters father and so on... But the show itself was good and exciting. Would've liked to see more Aang and the rest of the team there. :) Sorry, a true fan since the first time I saw it.
  • Watched with a Grimace of disappointment

    Where to begin.. Bewarned SPOILERS ahead

    Characters: Flat.. no depth.. lack of soul.. humorless.. boring.. dull..

    Korra - Irritating.. stupid.. lacks wisdom.. commonsense.. or empathy.. lacks depth or history.. Irresponsible.. reckless.. character lacks development or direction. despite having so many advantages she has little to show for it..

    Mako - Irritating.. lacks depth... lacks insight or empathy... little character development.. limited history.. boring.. flat 1 dimensional character.. he and Iroh could be twins they look so alike.. lacks any distinction..

    Bolin - Supposed to be the comic relief.. but given the environment and other characters it would be difficult to create a comedic atmosphere when the whole show drags you to a place where you wont smile.. easily forgettable.. I cant remember any lines he said in the show so far.. his face is fairly generic too..

    Tensin was the only one in this show that I actually smiled at.. he had a few quips that I actually remembered..

    Lin she was alright.. I didnt mind her the show got 1/4 of the rating I gave because of her.. however it was marred with the hint at romance with Tensin.. the reason Im so at odds with that.. is because this whole season was already saturated with to much Romance..

    The Air bending Kids - I didnt mind them as well.. but they seemed out of place.. the humor seemed at odds with the show.. and appeared awkward at was like a throw back.. almost melancholic.. not that Im criticizing the kids.. Im not.. theyre one of the few things in this show I didnt dislike.. they got 1/4 of the ratings..

    Asami - She was ok as well.. at least she had a bit of history.. a story to share.. something to feel empathy towards.. with her I can imagine a fleshed out character.. and see possibilities. She has alot of skills and abilities and sort of reminds me to an extent of Batman (lol) a normal human capable of doing more than the limits imposed on her. She shows qualities that Korra lacks.. shes intelligent.. responsible and understands what she needs to do.. and knows how to prioritize.. she put her own feelings on hold while doing the right thing.. having the strength of character to do that wouldnt be easy.. makes you want to know more about her.. which I should be feeling for Korra.. yet I dont..

    The Critters Naga and Ive forgotten the other animals name- Not as appealing as I had hoped.. but maybe as the journey continues they will..

    Iroh - Sounded like a young Zukoh.. his appearance made me groan.. he mustve worked those water benders hard to get those ships there so quickly.. and how Korra conveniently saved him before the many others who were dumped in the ocean before he was.. she managed to save only him as well.. how selective of her..

    Amon - Well he couldve been cool.. but ended up being mediocre and stupid.. A fire lord wannabe.. that failed badly.. not because he didnt have opportunity to do so.. but because he was stupid.. he let a weak little girl beat him.. in the end he was just an arrogant idiot that went poof... tell me.. will a water bender die to fire.. when hes surrounded by water?.. do I care.. not anymore.. I hope he doesnt come back.. he doesnt deserve it..

    The things I did like other than some of the characters

    The Chi blockers.. they were all kinds of cool.. I really liked them..

    Some of the fight really good

    Things I didnt like

    The metal benders were disappointing only Lin stood out the rest were sad and weak

    That Narrator that recaps the previous episodes.. his voice is nasally and irritating.. I always fast forward his dialogue.. it annoys me so much that I want to delete the first minute of the show so I dont even see it..

    The Romance.. Instead of "Legend of Korra" it should be named "Love life of Korra" she spent more time Chasing Mako than she did Amon.. It was nauseating.. it made me start hating Korra.. The plot surrounding Amon and learning to airbend.. became a side story not the main one.. about 45 percent of this season was dedicated to the love triangle.. drove me up the wall..

    The Game - I cant even remember what it was called.. all I know is I hate it..25 percent dedicated to this.. I might be exaggerating about the percentages but Im not that far off.. far to much of this crap.. I thought I was watching a soap.. These are the Days of our Avatar.. Bold and the Avatar.. Young and the Avatar.. shudder.. just stop ..

    Theres more but Im tired now.. so good night
  • Pretty good

    An Unbelievable Creation. Can't wait for season two
  • Well...

    I do love the show, but I wish it didn't go so fast! I need time for information to settle in, and I would like for the plot to be more developed. I know this was supposed to be a mini-series (wished they would have released it like that), but I hope they'll do better second season now that they know how they'll run it. Honestly, I think this show would fare much better given a 1 hour time slot rather than half an hour.

    This show was pretty great. I understand where some of the hate comes from. I think it's really stupid that Mako was going out with Asami and then kissed Korra, but otherwise the show's amazing. The beginning isn't too interesting, but by episode eight I was practically dying waiting a week for the next ep. I mean sure, Korra got her bending pretty quickly and I'm not sure why Tarrlok did what he did, but Tarrlok's story, Amon revealing his face, and the battle at the end had me clinging to the edge of the couch. The ending was much more of a twist than in ATLA, which is why I like it more.
  • Amon is a BADASS!

    Just watched the Book: Air Finale and I can safely say it definitely lives up to The Last Airbender. The Boat scene with Noatak & Tarrlok was breathtaking and poetic, and the themes are very adult. Great Show and I can't wait for Book 2!
  • Perfect Sequel.

    Hands down, the best TV Series on air right now. Who would expect less from Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante Dimartino? Some of the best storytellers of our generation.

    Great series, loved Book 1: Air and I can't wait for more Books which should be coming soon. :)

    Does anybody have any clue, when this the first now it would be nice, if they came with the second to wait a the next one...
  • A true Masterpiece, this show should not be a kids show

    When I first was watching this, I thought this wasn't a kids show, because of how dark it was. This show was a masterpiece! This show has the BEST animation I've ever seen, it contains loads of excitement at every turn, it has an excellent storyline, and you'll instantly fall in love with this show once you watch it. It has an excellent villain, but not as detailed heroes, but besides the fact that the show was rushed and the characters were weak in detail, I can't help but give this show a 10! Every single area of this show is perfect! A must see!
  • Cool!

  • Disappointment

    I've reviewed this before, but I didn't like the way I did it before, so I'll do it again.

    I have known about this show since 2008. Having loved the Last Airbender, I was excited about this new series.

    Oh, where to start? How about the characters. This show had some of the weakest character development I had ever seen. Ok, so they only had several episodes, but really, are we supposed to like them?

    Korra is a total... snob? Won't cuss on here, but you know what I mean. Good lord, she is so full of herself, its actually painful to watch her do anything.

    Whats-his-face, Marko? I dunno, but one word: JERK. Another one. PLAYER. And two more: ZUKO RIP-OFF. By player, i mean he was dating that Wasabi (heh) chick, and then he goes and kisses Korra, who by the way knew he was not available. Typical generic fire-bender.

    Bowlin? I'm not looking up the spellings, if you haven't already guessed. He's nice. I felt bad for him for liking Korra, but it was his mistake after all, Pretty cheesy guy, pretty fun though.

    Umm, who else? See, the characters weren't even memorable!

    Wasabi? That's not her name, is it? She's boring boring boring. BAM you just met her. BAM she's dating Marco. BAM her dad owns an underground factory. I felt like all this information about her was slammed in my face.

    Enough about the characters, now the plot. Aang saved the world. Cool. Korra saved a city. Meh. And if I bothered to watch the last episode (I was so bored with the episodes before I could finish the series) I would get why this is so dang important. Don't need some long fan explanation; don't care.

    I kind of liked the little flashbacks with Aang and the old gang, but the same time, not so much. It was cool because I did want to see them again though.

    The animation is beautiful. The script is alright. But the rest is just a big bucket of meh. i don't understand how this has such a huge fanbase, gets such good ratings, and is so dang popular. That's just my opinion, though. If you don't like this one, go read the one I did for Phineas and Ferb.

  • Are people SERIOUSLY giving this show threes and fours?!

    It's not perfect, of course, but it's certainly far from "terrible" or "mediocre".

    I have to say, I was very excited to hear that Avatar the Last Air-bender was getting a spin-off about the next generation Avatar... A water-bender named Korra.

    Let's talk about the pros, shall we?

    PROS- The animation is just about 10 times better than the original! And while ATLA looked like a cartoonish-anime, LOK improved the style to make it look a lot better. The characters... well, let me say which ones I like. Bolin seems to be the replacement for Sokka, but he is still a great comedy relief character and I smile whenever he comes on screen. Asami is a great female role-model (possibly more than Korra is) and after all she's been through so far in the series, she still manages to keep a straight face. She isn't against benders, even though they killed her mother and her father was against them, even though she should hate benders. Wow! What a strong character! Lin Biefong stole all of my heart, though. She's such a wonderful character; tough, but showing weak spot every once in a while. Just like her mother. Plot is great nonetheless. I liked the Pro-bending arc and LOVED the backstory of Amon and Tarlok! Plus the ending with those characters... amazing!

    CONS: Well.... let's face it. The show was reallllyyy rushed. I can't blame that on the creators, since Nick only decided to give them 12 episodes (what the heck, Nick?!). The Noatok plotline was forced into a 30 minute time-slot, Korra barely trained for Air, yet it seemed to be handed to her on a silver platter, annnndd the romance between Mako and Korrra. I think instead of focusing so heavily on romance, they should of kept the plot or Korra training as a primary focus. Not Korra's love life.

    And there is one other thing that bothers me... Meelo. He does nothing except be annoying and 'fart-bends'. Kinda sucks the intelligence right out of the humor of this show...

    But anyways, don't listen to the people who only say this is bad because they miss the old characters.

    You can't watch LOK just for the occasional flashbacks, guys. You need to be more invested in the Krew instead of the Gaang.
  • A sequel that truly lives up to its predecessor.

    During Nick's darkest era, a new show in 2005, called Avatar: The Last Airbender, rose above all of the crappy shows airing, and produced a new hope for Nick. Once it ended in 2008, however, Nick was once again in a desperate and hopeless state. However, a new show came, which was a sequel to Avatar, in 2012. And truly living up to its predecessor, it once again gave Nick a new hope of once again returning to be the great channel it once was.

    The story follows 70 years after the last Avatar, Aang, has passed away. However, a new avatar, a 16-year old skilled Waterbender named Korra, rose above already mastering already 3 elements. However, she lacks the complete spiritual training, and she also needs to master airbending, which does not work well at that. At that time, a new group is planning to get rid of all bending once and for all, believing it is the cause of people not living equally. The first thing you will notice right of the bat is that the scenery is completely different, posting a more modern era, with a new city called Republic city, and all the characters from the original series are absent, excluding Katara, while we're introduced to completely new ones. The characters themselves are a lot more dynamic than the ones in the original, although they are so diverse that it is completely noticeable.

    The stories themselves are extremely interesting and work out with terrific results. The plots flow smoothly, and the action sequences are simply delightful. The voice work is also portrayed nicely, and adds more depth to the characters. The artwork is also nice, but I'm not to sure if I am a fan of the animations.

    One of my problems with the series, however, is the series itself excelled WAY too much in the beginning and then starts going rather slowly. It's not bad, but I do not know how they are going to extend it further. The characters themselves can be really annoying at some points, but they are likable overall.

    Despite its flaws, The Legend of Korra, overall, shines. The great artwork, awesome plots, and amazing voice work makes it stand out overall. Just watch it and you will see what I mean.

    Presentation:7/10 The plotline is not great so far, but the characters work out most of the time.

    Graphics:8/10: Great artwork, although I'm not to keen on the animation so far.

    Voice: 10/10: Sound effects are great, and voice work adds more depth to the characters.

    Entertainment: 9.5/10: Action scenes are great, and overall plotlines themselves are very intriguing.

    Lasting Appeal: 9.5/10 Great action sequences and good plotlines are going to make sure you come back for more.

    OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 Amazing

  • No Substitute for the old series, but a fun distraction.

    I am a HUGE fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and this show definitely does NOT stand up to those expectations for me. However, those expectations are extremely high, so I didn't expect to see much of that. That being said, this show is really fun to watch! Personally, what I don't like about this show is that it's based in the city, where bending is now a nationwide sport or something. That's a stupid concept in my opinion. What really does save the show is the conspiracy that's going on within the city. It's pretty intriguing, and really does well in making me forget the cons of the plot. The characters are great, especially Korra. And the best part about this show is seeing the bending, and Korra's training to become the next Avatar. As an old fan of the Airbender series, this does not deliver for my great hype for the show, but it's still a good show, and definitely better than most of the crap you see on TV now.
  • I love it!

    I really dont understand why its got a 7.7! This show was really funny, well put together just like the last airbender, and something more people could relate to. Im really excited about season 2.
  • Getting Zimmed?

    Perhaps you remember a decade ago where Invader Zim captured the hearts and minds and squeedly-skootches of a generation of viewers only to suddenly find itself canned by the folks at Nickelodeon.

    Suddenly there is another disturbance in the force. As yet another great shoe is finding itself in limbo or on repeat after midnight. (Foolish, Nickelodeon! The kids have DVR!)

    While Cartoon Network and Disney have learned to adapt to an older mature audience and pushed outside of the TV-Y7 barrier into TV-PG territory, Korra's crash course through the network, which feels rushed toward the end, has all the sings of executive meddling that brought Invader Zim down years ago.

    Add to this, the older characters frighten the network. Sure, they'll keep running Zoey 101 right after Jamie Spears gets knocked up, but put a six-foot tall shapely 17-year old in a series sequel that appeals to an older demographic that a few years prior was watching much younger girls fight in a hundred years war and the executives start to sweat for no reason. Keep in mind, these were the same network executives who thought making a live action movie casting white people as Asian characters was a good idea. (What'd you think M. Night was going to make them do in the film, execs? Voice acting?)

    Expect executive meddling to cause problem in Season 2 as it's kinda hard for a series to have a strong leading lady if the network execs have never met any real women.
  • Overall a good sequel series!

    I loved Amon and the whole equalist plot to book 1, was a little disappointed at the idea that Amon may already be out as a villain. We'll see what they do with that.

    My main complaint for this version of Avatar vs the original... Is the fact that LOK seems a lot more romance driven than ATLA. While Aang had a crush on Katara for a while it was not the main focal point of the series. I also feel it was crappy to have a character like Korra kiss Mako, who was in a relationship and then avoid Asami. I feel like it's not really giving kids the right idea. Including the kiss is fine, they both had feelings for each other but... I don't know. Seems crappy to me that the two female characters should have a strained relationship because of a boy. And the tension between Mako and Bolin was also a bit over the top. The original Avatar had a much better balance of romantic plot and vital plot in my opinion.
  • Legend of Korra Book 2

    A little information what is going to happen in Book 2 (Spirits)

    Korra tries to master the Avatar State and airbending as hope arises. However, problems seem to find a way into her life once again.

    When a mysterious group, called the Dragon Men, try to capture Korra everything seems to fall out of balance. The Dragon Men are a fierce group who used to be run by the ultimate villain, Yakone. After his bending was taken away when he tried to rule Republic City from its criminal world, he swore vengeance on the Avatar. Yakone fled to the Northern Water Tribe and the Dragon Men never heard of him again. The group assumed a new leader named Shin Shu and decided to keep the legacy of Yakone alive. They are out to kill the Avatar! With the help of an enemy, they will do whatever it takes to end Korra. Korra and her friends will have to go to places they've never seen, encounter people they've never met, and do the whatever it takes before the impossible.......

  • 10/10

    I simply love it. <3

    The plot; the characters; the suspense; it's all there.
  • I Liked It But Still...

    Don't get me wrong, I actually like this show. It's intelligent, well animated and nearly flawless character design just like its predecessor. The voice acting is top notch and the story and dialog is great but to me it just was too fast paced. Things just went from 1 mile per hour to ten. It didn't really give us much time to appreciated the era or the elements such as the culture, the new air benders and some personalities of the characters. One episode Korra is trying to learn air-bending then she gets the whole the anti-bending revaluation. I just wish that the creators had more time and flushed the story out in more episodes.

  • Ten of Ten for Korra

    The Legend of Korra was definitely one of my favorite shows this year. It was far to short and I have to wait way to long to see season 2. I really enjoyed the back story and how they tied it all together. The show flows into the new generation perfectly. A must watch for Avatar fans. Keep up the great work. Mako would be so very proud and honoured by the creators rememberance of him.
  • A Must-Watch

    Legend of Korra gets a 10/10 from me not because I think it's perfect, but for one simple reason: despite it's flaws, it has a permanent and lasting appeal. On first viewing, Legend of Korra season one drew my interest in, and then captivated me. On second watch, the attention to detail stood out and I found myself amazed at the production quality, particularly the standout music soundtrack. On third and fourth times through, I realized that Korra belongs in any permanent collection and as a 25 year old male who doesn't generally watch cartoons, that's saying something. Legend of Korra is quite simply entertainment done right, for the fans, and for that it garners a 10/10 from me.
  • A Wonderful Addition

    This series of Avatar really worked to separate itself from the first one, and overall, I believe it was successful. It was not perfect by any means, but it was enjoyable and captured my interest as a viewer.

    Yes, Korra was cocky. Yes, the relationship triangles/squares/whatever they ended up being were a little over the top. Yes, it became more and more obvious what the family ties were as the show went on, but a good show always gives you the clues you need and I think Korra delivered. Yes, it was rather distracting that Korra's chest kept changing size from episode to episode... but that's beyond the point.

    The story was gripping, the characters were compelling and the world setting was well-defined. I was horrified when Bei Fong lost her bending. I cried when Korra lost hers. I was elated when my guesses were right and shocked when revelations came without warning. This series was a bit of a rollercoaster, but it was a fun one and definitely worthy of the title, "Avatar."
  • Love it

    I love the legend of korra especially the end of the seson becuase korra and mako found out how they feel for each othe. OMG they make a cute cuple i mean perfect cuple.
  • No Character development, no mysticism anymore

  • Top 10 Best Cartoon Of All Time

    This show Made the list my list at least because It had everthing a first time teen like my self ever could want because I kind'ev more into the mature kind of Cartoons so this was just perfect because It had a love triangle it was action packed and was hilarious suspenseful and other great things I cant metion right but if you haven't seen the legends of korra well pop open your laptop and google some episodes because this was almost if not better than the first especially the season finale with the desendent of Zuko showing up but Like I said This is packed with lots if Great things you'll love it and don't worry Anng Still is associated with the show.
  • Amazing Sequel!!

    Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of my favorite shows of all time so obviously I was very excited when this new Series came out. What did I think of it? Fantastic.

    Usually sequels suck and don't add anything to the mythology or characters of the original, well that's quite the opposite with The Legend of Korra. My favorite episode is "Out of the Past" and I can't wait for Book 2.
  • More episodes

    I hope they make more episodes and a movie like they did with the avatar the last airbender
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