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  • No Substitute for the old series, but a fun distraction.

    I am a HUGE fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and this show definitely does NOT stand up to those expectations for me. However, those expectations are extremely high, so I didn't expect to see much of that. That being said, this show is really fun to watch! Personally, what I don't like about this show is that it's based in the city, where bending is now a nationwide sport or something. That's a stupid concept in my opinion. What really does save the show is the conspiracy that's going on within the city. It's pretty intriguing, and really does well in making me forget the cons of the plot. The characters are great, especially Korra. And the best part about this show is seeing the bending, and Korra's training to become the next Avatar. As an old fan of the Airbender series, this does not deliver for my great hype for the show, but it's still a good show, and definitely better than most of the crap you see on TV now.
  • I love it!

    I really dont understand why its got a 7.7! This show was really funny, well put together just like the last airbender, and something more people could relate to. Im really excited about season 2.
  • Getting Zimmed?

    Perhaps you remember a decade ago where Invader Zim captured the hearts and minds and squeedly-skootches of a generation of viewers only to suddenly find itself canned by the folks at Nickelodeon.

    Suddenly there is another disturbance in the force. As yet another great shoe is finding itself in limbo or on repeat after midnight. (Foolish, Nickelodeon! The kids have DVR!)

    While Cartoon Network and Disney have learned to adapt to an older mature audience and pushed outside of the TV-Y7 barrier into TV-PG territory, Korra's crash course through the network, which feels rushed toward the end, has all the sings of executive meddling that brought Invader Zim down years ago.

    Add to this, the older characters frighten the network. Sure, they'll keep running Zoey 101 right after Jamie Spears gets knocked up, but put a six-foot tall shapely 17-year old in a series sequel that appeals to an older demographic that a few years prior was watching much younger girls fight in a hundred years war and the executives start to sweat for no reason. Keep in mind, these were the same network executives who thought making a live action movie casting white people as Asian characters was a good idea. (What'd you think M. Night was going to make them do in the film, execs? Voice acting?)

    Expect executive meddling to cause problem in Season 2 as it's kinda hard for a series to have a strong leading lady if the network execs have never met any real women.
  • Overall a good sequel series!

    I loved Amon and the whole equalist plot to book 1, was a little disappointed at the idea that Amon may already be out as a villain. We'll see what they do with that.

    My main complaint for this version of Avatar vs the original... Is the fact that LOK seems a lot more romance driven than ATLA. While Aang had a crush on Katara for a while it was not the main focal point of the series. I also feel it was crappy to have a character like Korra kiss Mako, who was in a relationship and then avoid Asami. I feel like it's not really giving kids the right idea. Including the kiss is fine, they both had feelings for each other but... I don't know. Seems crappy to me that the two female characters should have a strained relationship because of a boy. And the tension between Mako and Bolin was also a bit over the top. The original Avatar had a much better balance of romantic plot and vital plot in my opinion.
  • Legend of Korra Book 2

    A little information what is going to happen in Book 2 (Spirits)

    Korra tries to master the Avatar State and airbending as hope arises. However, problems seem to find a way into her life once again.

    When a mysterious group, called the Dragon Men, try to capture Korra everything seems to fall out of balance. The Dragon Men are a fierce group who used to be run by the ultimate villain, Yakone. After his bending was taken away when he tried to rule Republic City from its criminal world, he swore vengeance on the Avatar. Yakone fled to the Northern Water Tribe and the Dragon Men never heard of him again. The group assumed a new leader named Shin Shu and decided to keep the legacy of Yakone alive. They are out to kill the Avatar! With the help of an enemy, they will do whatever it takes to end Korra. Korra and her friends will have to go to places they've never seen, encounter people they've never met, and do the whatever it takes before the impossible.......

  • 10/10

    I simply love it. <3

    The plot; the characters; the suspense; it's all there.
  • I Liked It But Still...

    Don't get me wrong, I actually like this show. It's intelligent, well animated and nearly flawless character design just like its predecessor. The voice acting is top notch and the story and dialog is great but to me it just was too fast paced. Things just went from 1 mile per hour to ten. It didn't really give us much time to appreciated the era or the elements such as the culture, the new air benders and some personalities of the characters. One episode Korra is trying to learn air-bending then she gets the whole the anti-bending revaluation. I just wish that the creators had more time and flushed the story out in more episodes.

  • Ten of Ten for Korra

    The Legend of Korra was definitely one of my favorite shows this year. It was far to short and I have to wait way to long to see season 2. I really enjoyed the back story and how they tied it all together. The show flows into the new generation perfectly. A must watch for Avatar fans. Keep up the great work. Mako would be so very proud and honoured by the creators rememberance of him.
  • A Must-Watch

    Legend of Korra gets a 10/10 from me not because I think it's perfect, but for one simple reason: despite it's flaws, it has a permanent and lasting appeal. On first viewing, Legend of Korra season one drew my interest in, and then captivated me. On second watch, the attention to detail stood out and I found myself amazed at the production quality, particularly the standout music soundtrack. On third and fourth times through, I realized that Korra belongs in any permanent collection and as a 25 year old male who doesn't generally watch cartoons, that's saying something. Legend of Korra is quite simply entertainment done right, for the fans, and for that it garners a 10/10 from me.
  • A Wonderful Addition

    This series of Avatar really worked to separate itself from the first one, and overall, I believe it was successful. It was not perfect by any means, but it was enjoyable and captured my interest as a viewer.

    Yes, Korra was cocky. Yes, the relationship triangles/squares/whatever they ended up being were a little over the top. Yes, it became more and more obvious what the family ties were as the show went on, but a good show always gives you the clues you need and I think Korra delivered. Yes, it was rather distracting that Korra's chest kept changing size from episode to episode... but that's beyond the point.

    The story was gripping, the characters were compelling and the world setting was well-defined. I was horrified when Bei Fong lost her bending. I cried when Korra lost hers. I was elated when my guesses were right and shocked when revelations came without warning. This series was a bit of a rollercoaster, but it was a fun one and definitely worthy of the title, "Avatar."
  • Love it

    I love the legend of korra especially the end of the seson becuase korra and mako found out how they feel for each othe. OMG they make a cute cuple i mean perfect cuple.
  • No Character development, no mysticism anymore

  • Top 10 Best Cartoon Of All Time

    This show Made the list my list at least because It had everthing a first time teen like my self ever could want because I kind'ev more into the mature kind of Cartoons so this was just perfect because It had a love triangle it was action packed and was hilarious suspenseful and other great things I cant metion right but if you haven't seen the legends of korra well pop open your laptop and google some episodes because this was almost if not better than the first especially the season finale with the desendent of Zuko showing up but Like I said This is packed with lots if Great things you'll love it and don't worry Anng Still is associated with the show.
  • Amazing Sequel!!

    Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of my favorite shows of all time so obviously I was very excited when this new Series came out. What did I think of it? Fantastic.

    Usually sequels suck and don't add anything to the mythology or characters of the original, well that's quite the opposite with The Legend of Korra. My favorite episode is "Out of the Past" and I can't wait for Book 2.
  • More episodes

    I hope they make more episodes and a movie like they did with the avatar the last airbender
  • Amazing show.

    I love this show, but it's Avatar: The Legend of Korra or just The Legend of Korra. Not The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra.
  • A worthy sequel

    I'm always wary of going to watch a great series with high expectations. You shouldn't expect the brilliance and great characters of the first, and watching this, you'll see so many echoes of previous characters repeated in these (sometimes too similar). This sequel does well though, and without expectations, I am sure you will enjoy it.
  • Stupendous!

    As far as I've watched, this show seems to be great.

    I have never watched Aang's adventures but this show makes me regret it.

    The animation is great, the faces are amazing...

    I must say, this is a great job and it seems to be great as its predecessor was.
  • awesome

    I love the show I think this is much better then the old one don't get me wrong I like the old one I

    just like this one more I hope this show keep having good rating and reviews and also I hope they will show season 2 and 3.
  • Incomplete

    The end of ATLA was so open, and i was so happy, when i heard a new season was coming, and i was like YES now a lot of unanswered questions will get answered.. Then i heard that it was a new story a complete new avatar, and the only one who is back from ATLA is an old Katara, i mean WHY!?!?!? and all that future shit pissed me completely off, i missed the old style, the style that was in ATLA... AND, what about aang and katara (kataang) i mean WHY??? :'( and what about zukos mom?!? so many question should be answered but they didnt WHY? WHY, nickelodeon Why? BTW I HATE KORRA THERE`S NO DEVELOPMENT in the story!!!!! Kataang <3
  • Thank You Nickelodeon

    I was missing Avatar: The Last Airbender ever since the last epsiode. Reruns just don't have the life that new episodes have. When I heard about this show I was ecstatic. Then when I actually watched it I was not disappointed. Korra is definately no Aang but I love the character. I wished there had been more time for character development but the season was so short. It had it's own air of mystery and I loved watching it. I can't wait for the next season, I only wish I knew when that would be.
  • Not bad at all, but disappointing

    As a huge ATLA fan, you can imagine I was on the edge of my seat waiting for this spin-off series. Unfortunately Mike and Bryan have failed to correspond to my, admittedly high, expectations for this.

    Compared with the first series everything feels less unique and engaging. The Korra cast suffers from inconsistent characterization and the writing does NOT reach the level of the original series in terms of brilliant character work, actual complexity and development.

    Ironically, They're only "saved" by the older Gaang spawn, the air kids, or even brief seconds of flashbacks featuring the ATLA cast that end up stealing the spotlight without much effort. So much for "letting go of the original characters", huh?

    The only explanation I have for the sub-pair dialogue is that it suffers from lack of the writing team led by Aaron Ehasz who worked in Avatar

    As another turn-off: Wrirting conviniences. Meaning quite a few upsetting/forced/nonsense changes made due to pure convenience in Korra that completely undermine skills/previous story points/meanings from the original or even common sense.

    The modernity completely takes away from the universe's very premise and everything that was unique or mystical about it. As a result when it tries to fit some simmilar concepts or elements, they feel out-of-place or boring (like Naga feeling useless and pro-bending feeling restrained).

    After this I really don't know how, physically, bending is supposed to work: Any logic in it's physics was thrown out of the window, especially by Pshyco Bloodbending and a man being able to take someone's bending away through a "special" techinique which is NEVER explained despite being a HUGE plot point.

    To end, although the series definitely means to explore themes as mature as the previous one did, it's much more more clumsy, cliche and shallow in doing so. The unique cultural, ethnic factors and the spiritual themes that marked the original series were reduced to almost nothing, and it' saddening.

    The twist in the finale only brought the show down in terms of depht by turning the main antagonist into a full-blown evil with a contrieved backstory, and solved things through a meaningless Deus Ex Machina (didn't like the Lion Turtle? Think again cause this is ACTUALLY one) .

    That said: Really good art, and plenty of great action. If you like that, absolutely go ahead! But to me it's nowhere near the level of storytelling and atmosphere that made the original a masterpiece.
  • bad continuation





  • Really Good To Watch, Even with flaws

    Overall it was very well done considering they only had 12 episodes to work with. Obviously it was rushed and there was very little to no characer development. My main thing that annoys me is that they never got into the spiritual side of the avatar. Especially the avatar state. While there was the odd glowing eyes parts etc, there was never a fight scene when the avatar state was used. For me I always loved the avatar state in ATLA. My other concern is the ending as they prity much tied up all the lose ends. Which in my opinion the majority of quality shows only ever really use one story line and not keep making up new ones. To sum it up it is worth watching and all, but I have no idea what they'll do for next season.
  • Terrible, just terrible!

    I was very patiently anticipating this series, but no longer. It came and, through out its whole twelve episodes, I was utterly ashamed to say i watched it. First i was confused the entire time, then the cast was the same, and it made the voices way too familiar. Then it made a massive jump into the future, it went from simple steamboats to robots, I mean come on. Next it was too short of a season, then the bending was terrible, there wasnt enough of the fighting aspect of the bending(other then the bending games). Finnally there grew to be too big of a family tree of all the characters and i could'nt keep track. Dont get me wrong I loved "The last airbender" and it was very satisfying, but "The legend of Korra" had the worst ending I've ever seen. I would not recomend it to ANYONE!
  • Wow NOt in a good way

    I was really excited about the Avatar coming back. But what came back with this new Avatar, Korra, were anti-personality benders also known as the writers. These benders would not be stopped and being as Korra was our only hope, because of her non-air bending throughout most of the book; she didn't stand a chance.
  • Pretty decent but doesn't hold a light to the original

    When I heard they were making a spin off I thought "there's no way this is good" I stand corrected. I thought Korra was amazingly done....for the most part. I really liked most of the characters and the way they interacted, especially the offspring from the original Team Avatar. I liked bending as a sport. The main story line however left me unsatisfied....and that is probably my biggest complaint. The rest was golden.
  • A long time in waiting...waisted

    First off is anyone else wondering why when korra fights tarlock (spelling?) she punches the ice he throws at her instead of...oh i dont know....bending it? so ive had the chance to watch alllllll whopping 12 (count em) episodes and i am..very disappointed..the whole "chapter" just seems...rushed and for that we dont really get to know the characters in any depth for example when they take the chiefs bending away i find myself not..really all because we dont get to know her or her story or..much of anything for that matter..and then theres mako..we never learn anything about his parents even though his "scarf" is mentioned as being super important...annndd..yeah we dont get to hear a cool back story or anything. I also dont like that they just went "he is the love interest ACCEPT IT!!!" really? 12 episodes just isnt enough time to make me feel there was any connection..feels like they went..hate you like you love you just bam bam bam. Theres so much i would like to say but heres my summery

    Music: a huge step down some of it seems totally out of place and just sounds like carnival clown music at times doest fit with the story at all

    Look: the only part where it doesnt looks amazing

    Story: bad...really bad...the whole thing makes no sence at all..the bad guy has some convenient story that we only find out at the end..and how he uses his power is never explained nor is what happend to him allllllllll those years he was lost its like they just put this out there to remind us that avatar existed. Yes there are some very good moments in this show..i enjoyed watching it but im just so disappointed..theres so much more they could have (and should have) done.

    Acting: i know its how is it that i feel like the voice actors are just sitting on there couch just saying their lines? theres practically no emotion in a lot of the delivery the only one thats pretty okay is amon himself. I love avatar..its the best show out there but this follow up to me is just not as amazing as it could have been
  • The Legacy of Avatar

    12 episodes and this cartoon make me one of the happy's fans of the planet. Korra is an amazing character. Tenzi, Mako, Boli, the pretty Asami, Beifong, Naga, Republic City *-* just perfect, funny and great entertainement.

    The Legend Of Korra is spetacular.
  • muy buena

    excelente serie!
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