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  • Really like it

    One of the best shows ever
  • Superb

    Love it

    The show is absolutely amazing it is on par with ATLA the story , animation , and characters are all great. The only reason I can think of about why people don't like it is that they are stuck in the past.
  • Masterpiece

    One of the best shows on television. Too many people on here are comparing it to ATLA. It's not ATLA and it was never meant to be. This show is darker and geared towards older audiences. It's visually stunning and the storyline is incredible.
  • About the series

    It has great casting in 2012.
  • the review

    They should put aang the last air bender in it it will be so good with two avatar so please put aang in it it will be the best show ever
  • Actual lovely ending spookyfreaks

    The series was great and feel atleast at same level as ANK was in previous series.

    I must say for next one they should choose some past avatar to tell his story and one specific for me in mind is if u remember what the old guy on the tropic island said to Korra when he took the picture from her.

    Anyway back to spookyfreaks rewiew yea totaly the lovely ending man (Yuri Manga of the finest)

    As we finali aproch era where the Homosexuality is not taken as ilnes, but as a choice that is maide for us be birth, its great that its added as normal thing in world where two people love each other souls.

    Huray Asami and Korra and lets meet in one of these coutries on their wedding ^^

    Argentina (2010) England / Wales (2013) New Zealand (2013) South Africa (2006)

    Belgium (2003) France (2013) Norway (2009) Spain (2005)

    Brazil (2013) Iceland (2010) Portugal (2010) Sweden (2009)

    Canada (2005) Luxembourg (2014) Scotland (2014) Uruguay (2013)

    Denmark (2012) The Netherlands (2000)
  • The reason i was born in this generation

    Even with cutbacks from the ***ed Nickelodeon, including budget slashes, terrible advertising, and moving the show online, The Legend of Korra made a great successor to Avatar: The Last Airbender. With 4 books, 52 episodes, and a crapload of emotions, Legend of Korra may be the greatest animated show of our generation
  • Great ending

    I think you have to understand and be very open minded to know that this is a great ending for Korra

  • Plz dobble check

    make a rule that the post must be check and then checked again before posting it, all this failing with the seasons makes my head hurt.
  • This is the coolest show to ever watched

    I love "The Legend of Korra", it is one of the best animated shows ever. She is the third hero to become the city's new savior after the departure of the old one (one of them is Aang), the first is the new, yet futuristic Batman and the second is Spidergirl (a cover-up for Spiderman). Anyways, the show is awesome and the characters are cool. My favorites are: Mako, Bolin and Meelo.
  • went from OK to good to awesome

    This is my top seasons list of both ATLA and TLoK from worst (but not bad) to best:

    6. Book 1 Air

    5. Book 2 Spirits

    4. Book 1 Water

    3. Book 2 Earth

    2. Book 3 Change

    1. Book 3 Fire

    I'm expecting Book 4 Balance to be between #1 and #2

  • Loved it

    Season 3 was great! Although I was pretty bummed that Zaheer DIDNT die after poisoning Korra in all.
  • love the show

    I love the show please don't cancel it

  • Top Shows

    Season 1 (12-13)
  • korra is hotheaded, but still shes amazing avatar

    This season was wonderful, the backrounds, music, drama! Omg I just love the legend of korra.

    Kts alittle sad that makorra is over tough.

  • Everyone who wants Last Airbender will be disappointed. Everyone else will love TLoK.

    This is a different show. I even like the way they come on with the updates similar to the black and white news reels of the 40's (I think it was the 40's). It does not have the epic fight scenes like Aang fighting his cousins but it does have the drama. Much more development of the spirit world in this one, Korra seems to go into the Avatar state more often. She is older as the Avatar than Aang was when he started and it shows. So, the friends are older, having jobs, owning businesses. Therfore the carefree spirit of youth and zaniness of childhood is gone (awww). The gang is not together every minute of the day and night, which makes for a more fun campy adventure.

    I think it is smart to have the series age, probably because most of the audience seems to be young adults or older. Hopefully, the movie for this one will be handled by Buffy creator Joss Whedon, who does great with female heroes. This is not The Last Airbender, it is Korra and it is good.
  • An Unrivaled Tale Of a Strong Willed Girl...

    I never really thought i would watch this series, i am thankful that i did...

    I thought it was gonna be like "Twilight" ... Far from it...

    Korra is a strong willed girl, the kind that make even guys envy her. The story is fun, and many points previously left a mystery by the previously avatar series have been told in this one, over all this is a show that is better than many high budget feature

    A true Master

  • One of the best shows ever

    Whats not to like about LOK Korra connected with the very first Avatar We got to see his story on becoming the first Avatar. Korra seems to be Strong Willed Stubborn and at times reckless but hey I like that if its on TV in real life not so much but Korra knowing 3 of the elements at such a young age how old was she 3? 4 max and her first line in rthe very beginning of the series made me LOL the only downside is that Book 1 and 2 had a year and 3 month gap from airing Book 1 ended June 23rd 2012 if I recall and Book 2 started Sept 14th 2013 Dont get me wrong I like aiting at times but to a certain extent afterwards it gets annoying just waiting and waiting but hey I love the series waiting for the next episode A Spiritual Age to air in 2 days so I am very excited
  • The legend of korra review

    Its a good continuing of the first show avatar: the last airbender, hope they keep up bringing in new episodes
  • Different Avatar, same level of awesomeness

    Legend of Korra did something that not all shows can do: take something great, and make the sequel just as great! I don't get how people are hating on this just because Aang is gone. There are comics of the show that tie up all the loose ends, like finding Zuko's mom. Book Two is about to premiere, so now(literally right now) is the best time to watch Book One. There's only 12 episodes, so there's no excuse!
  • Great show

    I love the series, is just as good as Avatar the last airbender. I think the fans should not be comparing the series, both very good shows your style.
  • The Last Airbender's lover.

    Before watching it, I watched all 3 books of The Last Airbender, so it was hard to settle in... I thought that there would be a story how ''Team Avatar'' grew up, and who was Toph's daughters father and so on... But the show itself was good and exciting. Would've liked to see more Aang and the rest of the team there. :) Sorry, a true fan since the first time I saw it.
  • Pretty good

    An Unbelievable Creation. Can't wait for season two

    This show was pretty great. I understand where some of the hate comes from. I think it's really stupid that Mako was going out with Asami and then kissed Korra, but otherwise the show's amazing. The beginning isn't too interesting, but by episode eight I was practically dying waiting a week for the next ep. I mean sure, Korra got her bending pretty quickly and I'm not sure why Tarrlok did what he did, but Tarrlok's story, Amon revealing his face, and the battle at the end had me clinging to the edge of the couch. The ending was much more of a twist than in ATLA, which is why I like it more.
  • Amon is a BADASS!

    Just watched the Book: Air Finale and I can safely say it definitely lives up to The Last Airbender. The Boat scene with Noatak & Tarrlok was breathtaking and poetic, and the themes are very adult. Great Show and I can't wait for Book 2!
  • Perfect Sequel.

    Hands down, the best TV Series on air right now. Who would expect less from Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante Dimartino? Some of the best storytellers of our generation.

    Great series, loved Book 1: Air and I can't wait for more Books which should be coming soon. :)

    Does anybody have any clue, when this the first now it would be nice, if they came with the second to wait a the next one...
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