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  • Car accident

    It's like driving a car your going full speed than you hit a titanium wall. The finale to legend of korra we that wall. I love ATLA in fact I'm in love with it even the comic gives me the feels. Season one to legend of korra grabbed me like you Do stick shift and slightly disappointed all the way to the fourth season. And it got good again the self conflict trying to find yourself and an amazing resolve, I'm going to date that the creators are amazing and I'm not ***phobe and love the spiritual and cultural balance between the mystical elements and the martial arts,BA-GUA and northern shoulin is a personal favorite,back to topic when I found the main charector turned lesbian my stomach turned highly upsetting not cause it's gay but it felt so darn political and i know its confusing but thats how it feels i cant put it into different words its like i watch ATLA cause its abilty to open up minds and I'm a way escape the real world even for an episode I was rooting for Bolin to get the girl I love the underdog stories and I love a good romantic twist but what happened is so wrong not morally or politically it just makes me feel upset I love korra as a charector but turning gay didn't seem like her #feltwrong even though I like the concept of her charector the way she seemed to ever be still calm collective or in control, it's like she had a never-ending period. And it's like media's forcing gay stuff no matter where you turn and I don't think that the tv show will change the political views of anyone,you wanna do something now it be more realistic if this whole gay thing was simply a case. Not to mention there age and maturity difference and you can't counter with "the more you don't have in common the more attracted you'll be" how about gender you can't get anymore different and I'm no ***phobe and this isn't hate. Its simple disappointment

  • Why would they do this

    I love Avatar the last airbender. So when they came out with this Series I was so excited and I watched it till the end. But when I heard that they ended it so Korra and Asami can be together. I was so mad it completely ruined the show for me. Like why did they have to go and do something like that. Can't you just make a show that is good without it having something like that in it. I see that everywhere I go so I would have liked it to not have been in one of my favorite shows of all time. I'm still gonna watch Avatar the last airbender but I don't know if I would want to watch Korra like the original much better than the new one. And this has been bothering me for the longest time. And I haven't seen everyone upset about this. how can everyone be okay with this it is unbelievable that people can just accept stuff like this. Thank you for ruining this show for me.

    Legend of Korra is so boring, I bet M. Night Shyamalan couldn't get through the first episode!
  • Where's Sokka's Kids At?

    The only thing about this series that really gets to me and disappoints me is that there was no story/mention of Sokka's possible descendants. And, also, the horrible "Anime" season pacing. I would have liked that they would have introduced Sokkas's kid or grandkid as maybe some member of the White Lotus and maybe pop up at the end of season 4 like Bumi did in season 1.
  • Kids watching this!!

    Maybe Nickelodeon doesn't remember that this show airs outside USA, or England & Europe. I believe some country in Europe doesn't like the ending too. SPECIALLY religious country, do you even think about that? now I have to tell my sister that the show canceled at final. I am not ***phobic, but kids don't have to know this stuff until teen (or older maybe). What's next? spongebob with patrick too? I seriously hate this show, I would give this show 7.8 without the ending, but because the ending I have to give it 1.0, -10 If I could.

    btw 10/10 for The last airbender (the TV show, not the movie)
  • disappointment

    The whole series was great until the last episode usually with all good shows boy meets girl they fall in love and live happily ever after. Keep in mind this is a kids show the last episode ended with the main character turning out to be gay this is something we should not be teaching to kids no wonder the series got cancelled and thrown off the air. If this was up to me I would ban this episode or make them do a remake of some last episode ruined the whole series for me.
  • Try Harder

    Seriously? Zaheer took the air beningr and within 5 minutes and he became more powerful than Tenzin who has 40 years of hard training...

    And you expet us to buy it?

    Well you have to be more creative...
  • Just CAncel iit

    I really loved avatar the last air bender it was funny, sad, suspenseful, also looked so real. i wish they had just kept making episodes from that instead of making the legend of korra. there are quite a few things that are wrong with legend of korra. number one the characters are dull and boring. what goes on in the show is just boring it is like a soap because of the relationships and break ups and shit. i think he (the director) should go back to making the show more like avatar the last air bender. if he cant do that just cancel it plzzzz. he is just embarrassing avatar. id rather watch nothing than the legend of korra
  • Terrible, just terrible!

    I was very patiently anticipating this series, but no longer. It came and, through out its whole twelve episodes, I was utterly ashamed to say i watched it. First i was confused the entire time, then the cast was the same, and it made the voices way too familiar. Then it made a massive jump into the future, it went from simple steamboats to robots, I mean come on. Next it was too short of a season, then the bending was terrible, there wasnt enough of the fighting aspect of the bending(other then the bending games). Finnally there grew to be too big of a family tree of all the characters and i could'nt keep track. Dont get me wrong I loved "The last airbender" and it was very satisfying, but "The legend of Korra" had the worst ending I've ever seen. I would not recomend it to ANYONE!
  • the point was missed

    kudos to the producers of the last airbender... i must say, it seems like a different set of people produced the legend of korra. i understand that the producers wanted to make the ''bad guys' a bit tougher, and in doing so, the main character became too weak... the problem started when korra'"s bending was taken away, it became worse when her connection to her past lives was broken. she became even lesser than the other benders. i would have thought that the son of the last airbender, Tenzin, would have done better in fighting alongside korra. he also was very weak. asanmi did a better job than korra even though she had no bending. true, korra was hot headed and wild, that should not have stopped her from being the avatar that she was. the parts that really got me pissed were those in which she was in the avatar state and yet she was practically useless - for instance- againstvaatu, the red lotus and cuvira. some characters were not meant to be projected in the way they were - for instance Julie and Bathar jnr. for those that were with aang during his time, i expected more from them- for instance Zuko, Katara and Sakko was briefly shown. only Toph did a little in season 4. i dont know how cuvira was able to beat Su. i also expected to see a bit of blood bending because it is very powerful. just thinking about these numerous errors gets me pissed.
  • not thought out at all!!!

    first off why would they cut the budget and the ending what the heck is that i mean she didn't evolve as a character at all also i have no problem with them getting together but i feel like the ending was just slapped together just for shock value thats it if theres something there why wasn't there sings first off she should have been the one to help korra deal with her inner demons or show her support but i guess half assing the ending its the way nowadays
  • If only the story was decent...

    Sure, the ending where korrasami are together is fine but I almost feel like the creators ended it that way just so that we talk about that instead of how fragmented the entire show was. korra jumps around too much between books, months later, years later. Main characters that were developed earlier all of a sudden became insignificant (Mako). The worst part was Korra herself. I couldn't stand her. Always brash, always selfish. she is pretty much an entitled little bitch. she says plenty of stuff in the end like "I learned" but it just sounds like empty words.
  • Most Anti Growth Character

    For someone who didn't have to hunt down her instructors, she is a pretty weak avatar. When I heard the new avatar was going to be female I had high hopes for a wise and strong avatar. Instead we get a doormat hung up on romance with the powers of an avatar.

    I didn't expect her to be like Ang, but I did expect to see a character that had the capacity to learn and grow from her live experiences. At the rate she's going she's going to have one foot in the grave before she learns anything.

    I've watched season after season in the hopes that the series would pick up, but the writing feels disjointed. It's almost as if they are using each season to try out ideas to see what will stick. This season has had the best antagonists so far I hope they find the confidence to stick with them, but time will tell.

    All in all I don't find myself waiting for the next episode to come out. I'll watch it if it happens to be on, but I'm not going to go out of my way to watch it.
  • i wish i could skip it

    i was a big fan of the original but with Kora its kinda making me feel like i just want to skip the entire series and hope for a new avatar who use he or she skill better like for example she is using the avatar state to win a race and also she gives learning to chase also hate that there is so much love and crap like hay i love you but i love him oh no! not enough action they should have just made an second part to Angs story.
  • Watched with a Grimace of disappointment

    Where to begin.. Bewarned SPOILERS ahead

    Characters: Flat.. no depth.. lack of soul.. humorless.. boring.. dull..

    Korra - Irritating.. stupid.. lacks wisdom.. commonsense.. or empathy.. lacks depth or history.. Irresponsible.. reckless.. character lacks development or direction. despite having so many advantages she has little to show for it..

    Mako - Irritating.. lacks depth... lacks insight or empathy... little character development.. limited history.. boring.. flat 1 dimensional character.. he and Iroh could be twins they look so alike.. lacks any distinction..

    Bolin - Supposed to be the comic relief.. but given the environment and other characters it would be difficult to create a comedic atmosphere when the whole show drags you to a place where you wont smile.. easily forgettable.. I cant remember any lines he said in the show so far.. his face is fairly generic too..

    Tensin was the only one in this show that I actually smiled at.. he had a few quips that I actually remembered..

    Lin she was alright.. I didnt mind her the show got 1/4 of the rating I gave because of her.. however it was marred with the hint at romance with Tensin.. the reason Im so at odds with that.. is because this whole season was already saturated with to much Romance..

    The Air bending Kids - I didnt mind them as well.. but they seemed out of place.. the humor seemed at odds with the show.. and appeared awkward at was like a throw back.. almost melancholic.. not that Im criticizing the kids.. Im not.. theyre one of the few things in this show I didnt dislike.. they got 1/4 of the ratings..

    Asami - She was ok as well.. at least she had a bit of history.. a story to share.. something to feel empathy towards.. with her I can imagine a fleshed out character.. and see possibilities. She has alot of skills and abilities and sort of reminds me to an extent of Batman (lol) a normal human capable of doing more than the limits imposed on her. She shows qualities that Korra lacks.. shes intelligent.. responsible and understands what she needs to do.. and knows how to prioritize.. she put her own feelings on hold while doing the right thing.. having the strength of character to do that wouldnt be easy.. makes you want to know more about her.. which I should be feeling for Korra.. yet I dont..

    The Critters Naga and Ive forgotten the other animals name- Not as appealing as I had hoped.. but maybe as the journey continues they will..

    Iroh - Sounded like a young Zukoh.. his appearance made me groan.. he mustve worked those water benders hard to get those ships there so quickly.. and how Korra conveniently saved him before the many others who were dumped in the ocean before he was.. she managed to save only him as well.. how selective of her..

    Amon - Well he couldve been cool.. but ended up being mediocre and stupid.. A fire lord wannabe.. that failed badly.. not because he didnt have opportunity to do so.. but because he was stupid.. he let a weak little girl beat him.. in the end he was just an arrogant idiot that went poof... tell me.. will a water bender die to fire.. when hes surrounded by water?.. do I care.. not anymore.. I hope he doesnt come back.. he doesnt deserve it..

    The things I did like other than some of the characters

    The Chi blockers.. they were all kinds of cool.. I really liked them..

    Some of the fight really good

    Things I didnt like

    The metal benders were disappointing only Lin stood out the rest were sad and weak

    That Narrator that recaps the previous episodes.. his voice is nasally and irritating.. I always fast forward his dialogue.. it annoys me so much that I want to delete the first minute of the show so I dont even see it..

    The Romance.. Instead of "Legend of Korra" it should be named "Love life of Korra" she spent more time Chasing Mako than she did Amon.. It was nauseating.. it made me start hating Korra.. The plot surrounding Amon and learning to airbend.. became a side story not the main one.. about 45 percent of this season was dedicated to the love triangle.. drove me up the wall..

    The Game - I cant even remember what it was called.. all I know is I hate it..25 percent dedicated to this.. I might be exaggerating about the percentages but Im not that far off.. far to much of this crap.. I thought I was watching a soap.. These are the Days of our Avatar.. Bold and the Avatar.. Young and the Avatar.. shudder.. just stop ..

    Theres more but Im tired now.. so good night
  • No Character development, no mysticism anymore

  • A long time in waiting...waisted

    First off is anyone else wondering why when korra fights tarlock (spelling?) she punches the ice he throws at her instead of...oh i dont know....bending it? so ive had the chance to watch alllllll whopping 12 (count em) episodes and i am..very disappointed..the whole "chapter" just seems...rushed and for that we dont really get to know the characters in any depth for example when they take the chiefs bending away i find myself not..really all because we dont get to know her or her story or..much of anything for that matter..and then theres mako..we never learn anything about his parents even though his "scarf" is mentioned as being super important...annndd..yeah we dont get to hear a cool back story or anything. I also dont like that they just went "he is the love interest ACCEPT IT!!!" really? 12 episodes just isnt enough time to make me feel there was any connection..feels like they went..hate you like you love you just bam bam bam. Theres so much i would like to say but heres my summery

    Music: a huge step down some of it seems totally out of place and just sounds like carnival clown music at times doest fit with the story at all

    Look: the only part where it doesnt looks amazing

    Story: bad...really bad...the whole thing makes no sence at all..the bad guy has some convenient story that we only find out at the end..and how he uses his power is never explained nor is what happend to him allllllllll those years he was lost its like they just put this out there to remind us that avatar existed. Yes there are some very good moments in this show..i enjoyed watching it but im just so disappointed..theres so much more they could have (and should have) done.

    Acting: i know its how is it that i feel like the voice actors are just sitting on there couch just saying their lines? theres practically no emotion in a lot of the delivery the only one thats pretty okay is amon himself. I love avatar..its the best show out there but this follow up to me is just not as amazing as it could have been
  • Incomplete

    The end of ATLA was so open, and i was so happy, when i heard a new season was coming, and i was like YES now a lot of unanswered questions will get answered.. Then i heard that it was a new story a complete new avatar, and the only one who is back from ATLA is an old Katara, i mean WHY!?!?!? and all that future shit pissed me completely off, i missed the old style, the style that was in ATLA... AND, what about aang and katara (kataang) i mean WHY??? :'( and what about zukos mom?!? so many question should be answered but they didnt WHY? WHY, nickelodeon Why? BTW I HATE KORRA THERE`S NO DEVELOPMENT in the story!!!!! Kataang <3
  • ledgend of a butchered fantasy universe

    i only liked this korra fan site to vent my disapointment with the way the world has evolved.... why destroy such a beautiful concept for a fantasy world by adding in so much modern technology, i admit there were machines in the original series but each of which were relevant to each benders race... why create a metropolis in what was such a wonderful setting with such cities as ba sing se or and even the air temples and water kingdom ice fortress... a world of fantasy does not need a new york for a ford factory. so many vital charectors flaws and the only way i see this show progressing is maybe the che blockers take korras powers and air being the only element she cant use was never taken away from her so learns to use air bending... great concept with the che blockers but poory executed story line with very little imagination involved, i see no interest in to what the world of the avatar is becoming because who really wants to sit and escape into a world that is becoming more and more simular to ours... yay... pfft im my opinion all substence and fantasy elements to this show are fading fast and see no mezmorising aspects... wait to kill a great fantasy universe by introducing technology istead of taking the path of spirituality and mystisism! i say cancle it before you ruin a good thing or hire some decent writers who actualy have imagination instead of turning a fantastic world into the already crapy world we live in!

    i might no be able to spell but i could write better concepts than this second hand realworld trash!
  • Started off good but got sour

    Following the same path as Avatar: The Last Airbender, the legacy of the Avatar lives on with Korra the next Avatar. Korra is not like the previous Avatar, but she does master the elements and restores balance while dealing with a new set of challenges. It only makes me wonder what the next avatar will need to face and defeat. Sort of dark and edgy at times, but overall interesting and worth watching. It was a heck of a lot better than most of the stuff that Nick airs today.

    However I feel the creators, writers, and directors tried to make Korra more like Kyoshi rather than just Korra. I personally felt they should've made a mini series off of Avatar Kyoshi if they wanted more of her. Then they started making some half baked ideas, pushing agendas, and made Korra more of a brawny jock who uses her muscles when she should've used her mind. Started off worthy and promising but fell short when someone lost sight and had this show's characters act out of character and push agendas. This show wasn't the place for it.
  • The Fall of the Avatar

    The original Avatar TV-Series was incredible, and achieved what very few cartoon-shows manage to do: appeal to children and adults. Behind all the cutesy and the fun was a grown-up story that touched upon typically grown-up topics like war and death without ever losing its light-heartedness. It was a show with brains and beauty that never underestimated its audience.

    I guess, its big problem was that it was not a grossing hit at first, I guess. So in the final season things felt kind of rushed, like the show was intended to last longer. Maybe it was and that was the problem.

    But considering how much it stood out and how big the fanbase had grown it was only a matter of time until the world of the element-benders got another chance.

    And it did: someone decided to cash in and make a live-action movie, and of course it was made by people who were unable to understand what made Avatar work the way it did.

    The result was the equivalent of squeezing a couple of pounds of meat into a suit, painting a smiley-face on the head-meat and calling the result a human being. It was dreadful. Let's not talk about it.

    Anyway - after this debacle, I never would have imagined that there would be another show.

    So when I first heard the news of a new Avatar-series I was thrilled but understandably - Mr. Shyamalans joke of an adaptation still in mind - skeptical.

    And then there it was: Legend of Korra.

    It was a bold move to advance time and thus cutting ties with it's predecessor like this, but after only a few episodes it became clear that "Legend of Korra" was the next logical step in an expanded universe and a worthy sequel which respected predecessor while standing on its own two legs.

    The show seemed more grown-up now, with it's older main-cast and the sleazy urban flair of Republic City.

    And as the story about the Equalists unfolded I became hooked again, eagerly awaiting each next episode up to the conclusion of its first arc in episode 12. I was pleased with the show, because while I felt that it had not reached the heights of its predecessor I saw a lot of potential.

    And then the second half of the season started. And it might just as well be another season, because everything has changed - and nothing for the better.

    As always when big business picks up on a trend, and tries to turn it into a "franchise" - the

    result tends to be something soulless that might look like the original but is nowhere near as good.

    Somewhere along that process the "whatever" loses everything that was great about it.

    And I guess that's what's happened.

    Maybe it's because most fans of the original Avatar series are still too glad about the shows return that they turn a blind eye to what is happening - maybe it's because of the mainstream audience (the same people on whose "authority" networks decide to cancel shows like Alphas, Boss or Deadwood)

    - noone has noticed it yet: but the show that the Avatar-fans fell in love with ended June 2012.

    After what I've seen over the past couple of weeks I can't help but think it might have been better if Avatar:TLA had stayed the only entry. Yes, it's that bad.

    The second half of the new Avatar is a mess of mythological nonsense, character simplification and overall dumbing down.

    Bringing old myths and spirits to life might have worked in a prequel... maybe ... if handled well.

    In the culturally and scientifically advanced world of post-Aang Avatar it's completely out of place.

    But it doesn't stop there.

    While the old writing handled humour in the right doses and romance and drama with subtelty, I barely even recognize Korra and her friends anymore. At this point they are caricatures of their former selves.

    I don't want to go into too much detail here, because it's just not worth it, but all the clichs that plague most of the shows aimed at teens and young adults have turned up, ruining any and every previous character development. Boleyn might be the most apparent victim: he is almost unbearable and belongs to the already too long list of comic relief characters noone can take serious anymore.

    Also, there are villains now. Yes, the original Avatar had dislikable characters, too. But they never were flat out EVIL. And the bad things that were being done were never seemed to be done out of sheer plot necessity. Now every plot point feels contrived which is a huge detriment to the fictional world: It doesn't live, it doesn't breathe.

    The cherry on top of this cake of disappointment are the moments when the show makes the original look bad (poor Iroh).

    And maybe that's just me, but has the animation always looked as cheap as it does now?

    So: Do I think Korra has turned into the worst show ever? No. It's still easily on par with all non-comedy-cartoons out there. But considering where it came from - it is almost painful to watch now.

    I don't know if the show has a new creative team or of management stepped in - but I for one cannot stand to watch the show any longer.
  • Well...

    I do love the show, but I wish it didn't go so fast! I need time for information to settle in, and I would like for the plot to be more developed. I know this was supposed to be a mini-series (wished they would have released it like that), but I hope they'll do better second season now that they know how they'll run it. Honestly, I think this show would fare much better given a 1 hour time slot rather than half an hour.
  • Very disappointed

    I know this is NOT ATLAB. I get that, however, since that anime was the foundation for Korra, I believe it does deserve mention. First let me be fair and say I absolutely loved the first book of LOK. It was when the series continued that I got pissed off and bored with the story lines. First, Korra was a hot headed, rude, disrespectful Avitar who was always feeling sorry for herself,when she was not full of herself. I think the first book did a wonderful job tying into the characters of the ATLAB, except Katara in her adulthood, I would have loved to have seen what she looked like. I would have loved to have known if Sakka had children etc. I felt like there was so many threads missing in Korra in relationship to ATLAB. Korra was an extremely slow learner, she fought herself, she really did not have the right mentor, Tenzin, although endearing was not it.

    I understand that the "bad guys" who all had wonderful ideals but who were skewed, needed to be more powerful, however, that does not mean make Korra weaker! Another aspect of Korra I did not like was her lack of spiritual are you going to be an Avitar and not have that???? She was just awful. I couldn't grow to like her after book one, she was just plain annoying and disappointing. Tenzin in my opinion was weak. His children were stronger than he was. His son, Meelo was annoying! Talk about an ego! In book 4 they didn't even show the new baby? Why not? That was just weird. There was no mention of him either. Bumi was hilarious and so was the sister Kai, I enjoyed them.

    Moving onto the other characters. I LOVED Bolin, Zu Li, her Boss, Mako,Asami more than Korra!! I loved Lin, Su, her children. All of these characters held my attention more than Korra, even Naga and Pabu!! I thought these characters brought strength and zest to the anime. However, I did not like the love triangle between Asami, Mako and Korra, I felt it was distracting and unnecessary. Give everyone their own love interest. I loved Lin, I wish she could have had a partner but *shrugging shoulders*. I also loved how Toph was brought back and she actually fought! She was the only one, besides Zukko ( I would have loved to have seen ALL of his children) and flash backs of him as a man. Lastly, I did not get the last scene between Korra and Asami. I thought there was a bold message that they were going to be together??? I didn't get that impression at all. A friend, grabbing a friends hand is not romantic, it's friendship. I was confused by that.

    All in all without writing a book (lol). I thought the LOK was pretty good. I did not like KORRA though and that kinda messes everything up. The supporting cast I LOVED but the anime kept me more pissed off then excited, definitely not the energy of ATLAB which was so much more light, spiritual and endearing. I couldn't wait for this to end.
  • Pathetic!

    I am currently watching book 2 of LOK and it's quite obvious that there is no hope for this series. Don't get me wrong I love the visual effects and graphics, but LOK is still lacking in terms of maturity and a reasonable storyline. Excessive romantic scenes,short fight scenes and weird "funny" scenes just aint for me. (Spoilers alert) In book 2 they tell the story of two WATERBENDING brothers one being the villain and hmmmmmmm......... Where have I heard that before? Oh right, Amon and "Noatak" or whatever his name was. The repetition of a story line shows the crew's inability to come up with a fresh story to attract a sort of more mature audience. I think someone should just put this series out o its misery.
  • bad continuation





  • Crazy Ending

    Are you guys kidding me? The series was great but the very final scene of the series with Asami and Korra was weird. I was gonna give you a 10 but that weird final scene just slashed it in half.
  • Wow NOt in a good way

    I was really excited about the Avatar coming back. But what came back with this new Avatar, Korra, were anti-personality benders also known as the writers. These benders would not be stopped and being as Korra was our only hope, because of her non-air bending throughout most of the book; she didn't stand a chance.
  • It was good but it should be better

    Since I saw The Last Air Bender, its been my fav show ever. but The legend of Korra wasn't so great due to some of its unwilling powers they got and used against their enemies. According to "hashimhobib" his comment is good, he describe what really i felt like him.. its script and direction not so great as the last air bender was.. In this show the power of avater is not so great, she loose every of her enemy.. now i felt it should stop making korra further and should focus on avater Ang.
  • Disappionting

    I have been disappointed with the show so far. I am a huge fan of the old series but I think this new one is missing the charm and humor that made the old one so great. Shouldn't the protaganist be likeable? Korra is kind of a jerk. She blatantly disobeys Tenzin and she totally crushed Bolin. She knew Mako had hooked up with Asami but she didn't care. She only cares about what she wants. She's so selfish. I can't really sympathize with her. She irritates me so much it's hard to watcch. I hope she has a major attitude change soon or I will be too frustated to continue watching.
  • Quite sub-par when compared to A:TLAB

    Overall the show ranged from *sigh* and 'meh' to 'okay' but the last season was particularly not good.

    I found the lack of meaningful character development and the teen soap elements extremely taxing.

    As for the surprise ending:

    It's like having a black Superman -the right actor, the right script and it could be awesome but if it's an okay actor and a shitty script -it simply becomes a travesty where race was a primary driving factor.

    Had they played out Korra's and Asami's lesbianism subtly and tentatively from the beginning and then have it naturally progress -it would have been pretty cool but instead it is just slapped on in the last season to make a futile point.

    It is like stringing a bunch of Van Goghs together and spray painting an anti child porn message on them. The people against child porn are still against child porn, the people involved with child porn are not going stop because some randoms defiled some master pieces of art.

    "I'm not going to discriminate based on sexual orientation because Avatar Korra was a lesbo" -said no one ever.

    So in the end TLOK people have not changed the minds of bigots and done nothing but ruin the art/entertainment media that I was trying to enjoy. . .Thanks guys -I'm sure the first homosexual president will give a shoutout to 'Legend of Korra' in his/her inaugural dress.
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