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  • Awesome Show! Perfect Sucessor!

    I love this show already! The action, the story, the characters. All so perfect. I love the airbending family. Jinora is awesome at airbending. She bossed that training exercise! Liking the element of pro bending, and Korra, Mako, and Bolin's dynamic. Overall, can't wait to see everything kick off with the Equalist.
  • what we've all been waiting for

    At long last the show has returned and I have to admit I'm happy that they brought this show back the new story line and characters are great they are keeping up the same hummor than it's predecessor I can't wait to see what is going to happen with the equalist and the fact that maybe we'll find out what happens with Suko and his mom lol
  • *Sniff* as time moves on, so does the avatar

    I saw the first 2 episodes...can't believe its finally here. seeing katara that old makes me feel like i lost so many friends..but its korras time to shine! and so far the show is kick ass!! great action, great story i like how aang's son is here. the charatcers look awesome and the "anti-benders" look serious O_o cant wait!!
  • Episode 3 : The Revelation

    It was a revelation indeed, but for those who was already speculate about Amon Powers, we know already. This Episode was filled with action, we wanted to see how the equalist group was able to fight and with what kind of tools, we had all the details. We always expect more from the creators, this is episode was really answering the main questions we all have. I know a lot of my questions arent answered yet, but this episode clear some of the mystery concerning AMON and his power. We can easily make the parallele between our own history and the legend of Korra, the world and the different characters. I'm excited to see the next episode and I already speculate about it.
  • Gained in the animation, Lost its uniqueness and originality.

    Nothing like I expected- not in the good way.

    Now, it's not a BAD series- But it's not great, either. It floats somewhere in between.

    What was impressive was the animation, which was superior in some ways. They really improved on the character movement and the action moments. However, other things really lacked in potential.

    What really made the first series memorable were the characters; which seemed original and distinctive, each having a unique voice and a colorful personality.

    The Legend of Korra lacks that. In fact, the characters are hardly memorable at all. And the protagonist is the least likable.

    Korra appears as a bitchy teenager with undesirable traits. She's selfish and her personality is unattractive, completely contrary to Aang's.

    Aang was a cute, energetic, optimistic kid, who was enjoyable to watch and easy to sympathize with. I don't find Korra any way near as easy to connect with as he was.

    Another thing that really threw me off was the European Industrial theme that appeared in Korra. It's just..... Weird. It doesn't fit in.

    Avatar the last Airbender was like traditional Chinese, simplistic and primitive, with its own style, which made it interesting.

    Maybe they were trying to make it appear future like, but I don't think the European theme contributed to that. It looks really awkward and things just don't fit together, with the vehicles and the city buildings. Perhaps it could have been better executed? I think that they should have stuck with their original unique style instead of throwing a whole new different thing in.

    The whole world of the Avatar lost its original touch when it came to that.

    The minor characters and the voice acting really lacks as well. The voice acting has no purpose- All the characters use the same, practical tone, with no uniqueness or individuality. They're all very superficial and they're character designs aren't memorable. Their personalities are incredibly dull and I lost interest quickly.

    The Legend of Korra didn't live up to my expectations. The original series was ten times better.

  • Super Intense!

    The 3rd episode kept me guessing till the very end!

    iFelL in LOVE With avatar the last air bender.... && i was SO Exited 4 a new season! iLOOOVEE THIS Show SOO MUCh!! (: my *FAVORITE* Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A need to watch!!

    I loved Avatar: The last Airbender and The Legend of Korra is no differnt even though I have grown up more since the original I still love the new series. It is great and a must watch. :)
  • awsome show

    i love this show. i was at the edge of my seat with the first avatar with ang and the gang but now i cant get my eyes off the tv this show is amazing nice job with the sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Excellent

    Excellent series, I love it.
  • Not bad

    Not as good as the original Avatar (Last Airbender), but it is still a decent watch. Graphics are good, storyline is mediocre, characters are okay. The animations are still pretty good. It would of been better if they made a book 4 of the original rather than a new series, but overall Legend of Korra is alright and hopefully it will get better.
  • Not as good as the original...YET

    I'm surprised with the 7.8 rating...yeah the last air bender sure started out better than this one through the first 4 episodes...but its still been very solid and I think it has potential to be better than the original
  • Wow!!! this animated series is awesome and it takes place 70 years after the original animated series

    Okay, where do I even begin to start for this review. Well, this is a very well done animated series and I am extremely impressed by it. It is definitely way above average. If you loved the original series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" then you are most likely going to enjoy the spin-off series "The Legend of Korra". I've gotta be honest about something, I didn't know what to think of this show when I first saw the promo. The promo gave mixed feelings and I was a little worried to give this show a try because I was afraid the spin-off would be screwed up and wouldn't be as good as the first. My mom, my brother, and I would watch the original series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" together and we have been blown away by that original series and absolutely loved it. My mom and I don't really watch television together a whole lot and she doesn't watch Nickelodeon like me but she would watch "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "The Penguins of Madagascar" with me at least sometimes so yeah. I told my mom about how there's a spin-off series to the original series and she was very excited about it... like I said, I didn't know what to expect. My mom and I have been watching "The Legend of Korra" together while my brother just watches "The Legend of Korra" on his own because he has his own time kinda like a schedule. I watched the 1-hour series premiere of "The Legend of Korra" and I immediately fell in love with it and it's much better than I expected. With Nickelodeon not doing so well, he have this awesome show to back it up. Oh yeah, "SpongeBob SquarePants" also since I love that cartoon so much. What made me really enjoy this show though was how modern the writers made it. I really loved the animation here. I don't know if it's just me but does the animation here seem just a little different from the original series? either way, it's still awesome plus this show is still made by the creators of the original series. I love how the storylines go in each of the episodes, it just flows very smoothly. The characters here are very enjoyable and likeable... kinda annoying at times but they are fun characters and they each have a unique personality that we can appreciate. I really think the way the storyboard artists draw Republic City is so beautiful. So how is the action here, oh my gosh... the action in this show is so awesome. It's intense, epic, and heart-pumping fun when it comes to the action. It's like I don't know what the writers think when they make the episodes but if I ever saw them, I would tell them straight up "You are the most creative people for an animated series ever". That's really saying a lot haha. The story to this show is that Korra is the avatar who has already mastered Earthbending, Waterbending, and Firebending but yet has NOT mastered airbending but she moves to Republic City so her airbending master Tenzin can train her. Along the way, she runs into the Fire Ferrets (I believe that's the name) who are a team for the tournaments and these two guys named Mako and Bolin. That's all you need to know about the story of the series from there. I also think it's awesome that Katara from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" appeared in the pilot episode of this show except she is now an elderly woman and happens to be Korra's grandmother and waterbending master. Katara and Aang are also Tenzin's parents. I hope Aang does visit Korra as a spirit though... that would be so cool to watch. Also, I hope they show Katara (now an elderly woman) again in the series so she can reveal on what happened to Zuko's mother... I'm still curious on what happened since it was NOT revealed in the series finale of "Avatar: The Last Airbender". To finish off my review, "The Legend of Korra" is a top-notch animated spin-off series with splendid storylines, unique characters, well done executions, beautiful animation, intense action scenes, and an amazing continuation to the original animated series. Overall, you need to watch "The Legend of Korra" because it is worth your time and you won't be disappointed... of course, if you hated the original series then you're not gonna like this spin-off series unless you give it a chance and see for yourself. 10/10
  • Great anime so far

    this anime has been going smooth so far i hope it lives up to expectations
  • ledgend of a butchered fantasy universe

    i only liked this korra fan site to vent my disapointment with the way the world has evolved.... why destroy such a beautiful concept for a fantasy world by adding in so much modern technology, i admit there were machines in the original series but each of which were relevant to each benders race... why create a metropolis in what was such a wonderful setting with such cities as ba sing se or and even the air temples and water kingdom ice fortress... a world of fantasy does not need a new york for a ford factory. so many vital charectors flaws and the only way i see this show progressing is maybe the che blockers take korras powers and air being the only element she cant use was never taken away from her so learns to use air bending... great concept with the che blockers but poory executed story line with very little imagination involved, i see no interest in to what the world of the avatar is becoming because who really wants to sit and escape into a world that is becoming more and more simular to ours... yay... pfft im my opinion all substence and fantasy elements to this show are fading fast and see no mezmorising aspects... wait to kill a great fantasy universe by introducing technology istead of taking the path of spirituality and mystisism! i say cancle it before you ruin a good thing or hire some decent writers who actualy have imagination instead of turning a fantastic world into the already crapy world we live in!

    i might no be able to spell but i could write better concepts than this second hand realworld trash!
  • Korra is mega bomb of epic

    Need I say more?
  • This show is amazing!

    Ok guys, the show is only in 6 episodes so idk how you can judge the plot now. There is still much to be determined. I freaking love the direction and can't see why people are not digging everything! I mean the characters have ACTUAL flaws (that's what makes the show that much more realistic and engaging! Look at Winston in George Orwell's 1984. He was ridiculously flawed and not exactly likable but he was the main protagonist). It's amazing. Korra's not Aang and I LOVE that. She's hot headed, a teenager (what the hell do you expect her to be?) and acts the part. I do agree that they are moving a bit fast but you guys have to take into consideration that they aren't sure if they are continuing it if ratings aren't the best so they kinda have to get all of the preliminary stuff out the way. there were morals and small themes that were taught by the original series but this one brings in more modern and honestly more pertinent themes like class struggle and revolution. I mean this whole idea of a "proletariat" (non-bender) uprising is just genius. Seriously, this freaking reflects a lot of the political movements occurring in Europe and Asia during the time period that this is set in [(1920s-30s, Within this time, Europe saw the rise of many Communist/Socialist states and also the establishment of multiple Totalitarian dictatorships (with Mussolini and Hitler's being the most prominent)]. Amon being the main instigator, cheated by society. (both parents are dead, face forever scarred by a fire bender, Hitler, both parents dead by age 19, personal being permanently scarred from being rejected from art school twice) Appealing to the neglected people, lower middle class and causing them to rally behind him (similar to Hitler's tactics on his way to becoming Chancellor) The "Equalists"? c'mon it's too obvious. This show's structure is intelligent. I mean take a hormonal teenage girl, MOVE her to the big city, have her have to worry about her emotions, her own personal activities and mastering air bending and having to quell a revolution? Placing all these stresses on one character... it's just freaking awesome! Seriously man this show is too dope. I really think you guys set your expectations too high and then now let those unnecessarily high standards dictate your judgement. I applaud this series.
  • Disappionting

    I have been disappointed with the show so far. I am a huge fan of the old series but I think this new one is missing the charm and humor that made the old one so great. Shouldn't the protaganist be likeable? Korra is kind of a jerk. She blatantly disobeys Tenzin and she totally crushed Bolin. She knew Mako had hooked up with Asami but she didn't care. She only cares about what she wants. She's so selfish. I can't really sympathize with her. She irritates me so much it's hard to watcch. I hope she has a major attitude change soon or I will be too frustated to continue watching.
  • I love the show so far

    I loved the original and couldn't wait for this one. I really enjoy the show and how its different.
  • Pretty awesome

    I love everything so far, I like how korra has already learned 3 out of the 4 elements, very different approach. Was amazed that metal bending is more known now. I like how realistic everyones attitude is including how stubborn korra can be at times, shes a teenager after all! enjoying the plot but not knowing so much about amon is drivig me crazy with suspense, I want to know who he is but I have a feeling once its revealed its gonna make most peoples jaw drop lol LOVE IT! cant wait for more.
  • Familiar and Surprising

    A smooth blend of a fresh new show combined with a nostalgic continuity. There are just enough ties to Avatar:the Last Airbender to keep the shows from feeling like two completely seperate entities. Airbender took us on a fantastic and dynamic journey whereas it seems Korra will be rooted in Capital city. Korra herself is a perfect foil to Aang. He was very intellectual, evasive, and silly; She is older, more serious, rash and aggressive. They both loved fun but have different ideas about what is fun. Pro-bending is the perfect instrument for training both the characters and the audience in the ways in which bending works these days. I look forward to every episode and don't anticipate being disappointed.
  • It's a 7.5...for now.

    it took a while for me to synthesize with the new series and with Korra. Aang has a very likeable personality and Korra is kind of a big wind blow in the face for me. she's his polar opposite, but for now it's good to say I'm fairly synthesized with her.

    as for the new enemy, well dear lord please save me. When i heard the anti-benders all I thought was "meh, another rallying protesters...lame-oh." then I head they're chi blockers. My expression: "Well they'll still be crushed.haha." then I watch as amon tak away bending and and the new technology and how they defeat benders within seconds. my expression. "WOAH. shit just got real."

    this will be a challenging part on the benders. as far as I know they're on a losing side. I just hope they can hold out until korra learns to go to the avatar state.
  • Great continuation

    I watched the first 7 episodes thanks to links provided by this site. I like it. I enjoy the fact that the characters are older then the older series. I also like that this gives new elements to the show instead of the whole good vs evil, black and white. It's easy to cheer for benders but its also easy to see why people say they are a menace. Even if their intention is good.

    I'm also enjoying the fact, for me at least, seeing characters whom I have no idea are good or bad. Makes for great twists.

    I like seeing the links from the past to the present and seeing characters come along. Team avatar is building up well and differs enough to not feel like a rerun. All in all I will keep watching and will gladly add this to the old collection when available.

    As for Korra, I like the character. To see an Ang doppelganger would not be fun. This show is doing it right by providing a new plot with new characters that can separate easily from the old while leaving viewers the chance to make connections to old character traits.

  • See potential

    Although some people are saying that The Legend of Korra doesn't have the same charm as The Last Airbender, I see potential, especially with the development of characters. We're only at episode 8, and there's just so much mysteries that have yet to be explained. The cliffhanger at the end of episode 8 bumped my rating a little, actually, a lot... because the developers are taking avatar back to it's roots.

    For people who didn't see The Last Airbender, the main protagonists moved almost every episode. Korra was stuck in Republic City, but after episode 8, I have a feeling that she's gonna travel some.

    I also have a feeling that they have a reason for her attitude, maybe a personal angst or pressure for being the avatar; something that could relate to Aang or her spiritual side in a way. Although it may seem that I am very positive about the show, it does have it's flaws, such as the storyline's inconsistency and confusing character design; to name a few. All in all, I think we need to wait it out, and trust the developers.
  • Blood Jumping Action That Wants You Craving More

    The Legend Of Korra bring a western style animation. It is fast forwarded to a time with electronics and such. As I saw the first episode i was in love at how much an attention grabber this show is to me. Although it is nothing compared to the original Avatar The Last Airbender, The Legend Of Korra brings new excitement that keeps me coming back and craving for more.
  • That was great.

    I love the new Legend of Korra, where it combined the blend of new and old. I also like Korra where she reminds me as Katara, independent but tough as nails and hotheaded. Hope you guys also liked it as well.
  • Possibly Better than the Original

    The show has such brilliant writing and despite the fact that the first book is only 12 episodes long, the creators are doing such a great job making the characters realistic, and the action in this show matches so beautifully with the music. The story line is definitely more mature than the last airbender, but the protagonist is a strong individual that it just makes the show that much more admirable.
  • I can't stop watching

    I was always worried that this show was going to have a cheesy story line or that everything was moving too fast. Now I realize that the creators of The Legend of Korra pieced it all together and it's amazing. I'm still so annoyed because my older brother is always spoiling the most important parts while I'm watching.
  • An Extension Rather Than a Replacement

    I was very skeptical when I first heard about this project, because like many fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I couldn't imagine a show set in the same universe with different characters. Even after watching the first couple of episodes I wasn't sure if I could actually like the new characters. But I'm glad that I stuck with it!!

    This show does not try to supersede it's predecessor, but instead it adds to the first one. Just like a new chapter in a book. The characters are very likable, and the show maintains all of its charm. The animation style of this one is more modern and the music is beautiful.

    A must watch for anyone who was a fan of the original series.
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