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  • Best of the worst

    I still don't understand how a series this short can be that good. There is nothing bad I can say right away (maybe due to the length of the series). Best anime series ever. One of the very few good. perfect? Add 2 more season and then we'll talk.

    2014 update: It's not an anime, for starters, sorry about that. I love how the series has explored social and economic ideals so elegantly. However, season 4 sucks. It's boring, repetitive, makes no sense, and seems just like filler. It surely won't end with fans asking for more, I'll tell you that. However, season 1-3 are almost as good as the Last Airbender's series.

    Season 1 (Extremism/Terrorism View): 7.5/10

    Season 2 (Religious Fanaticism View): 4.9/10

    Season 3 (Anarchism View): 8.9/10

    Season 4 (Communism/Fascism View): 1.9/10
  • I love the show so far

    I loved the original and couldn't wait for this one. I really enjoy the show and how its different.
  • Familiar and Surprising

    A smooth blend of a fresh new show combined with a nostalgic continuity. There are just enough ties to Avatar:the Last Airbender to keep the shows from feeling like two completely seperate entities. Airbender took us on a fantastic and dynamic journey whereas it seems Korra will be rooted in Capital city. Korra herself is a perfect foil to Aang. He was very intellectual, evasive, and silly; She is older, more serious, rash and aggressive. They both loved fun but have different ideas about what is fun. Pro-bending is the perfect instrument for training both the characters and the audience in the ways in which bending works these days. I look forward to every episode and don't anticipate being disappointed.
  • Pretty awesome

    I love everything so far, I like how korra has already learned 3 out of the 4 elements, very different approach. Was amazed that metal bending is more known now. I like how realistic everyones attitude is including how stubborn korra can be at times, shes a teenager after all! enjoying the plot but not knowing so much about amon is drivig me crazy with suspense, I want to know who he is but I have a feeling once its revealed its gonna make most peoples jaw drop lol LOVE IT! cant wait for more.
  • This show is amazing!

    Ok guys, the show is only in 6 episodes so idk how you can judge the plot now. There is still much to be determined. I freaking love the direction and can't see why people are not digging everything! I mean the characters have ACTUAL flaws (that's what makes the show that much more realistic and engaging! Look at Winston in George Orwell's 1984. He was ridiculously flawed and not exactly likable but he was the main protagonist). It's amazing. Korra's not Aang and I LOVE that. She's hot headed, a teenager (what the hell do you expect her to be?) and acts the part. I do agree that they are moving a bit fast but you guys have to take into consideration that they aren't sure if they are continuing it if ratings aren't the best so they kinda have to get all of the preliminary stuff out the way. there were morals and small themes that were taught by the original series but this one brings in more modern and honestly more pertinent themes like class struggle and revolution. I mean this whole idea of a "proletariat" (non-bender) uprising is just genius. Seriously, this freaking reflects a lot of the political movements occurring in Europe and Asia during the time period that this is set in [(1920s-30s, Within this time, Europe saw the rise of many Communist/Socialist states and also the establishment of multiple Totalitarian dictatorships (with Mussolini and Hitler's being the most prominent)]. Amon being the main instigator, cheated by society. (both parents are dead, face forever scarred by a fire bender, Hitler, both parents dead by age 19, personal being permanently scarred from being rejected from art school twice) Appealing to the neglected people, lower middle class and causing them to rally behind him (similar to Hitler's tactics on his way to becoming Chancellor) The "Equalists"? c'mon it's too obvious. This show's structure is intelligent. I mean take a hormonal teenage girl, MOVE her to the big city, have her have to worry about her emotions, her own personal activities and mastering air bending and having to quell a revolution? Placing all these stresses on one character... it's just freaking awesome! Seriously man this show is too dope. I really think you guys set your expectations too high and then now let those unnecessarily high standards dictate your judgement. I applaud this series.
  • A major step down from The Last Airbender, but it's still decent

    This is an interesting series to be fair. The Last Airbender had major highs and lows, focusing mainly on world building. This series focuses mainly on characters. Sometimes, it works, but other times, it falls flat on its face. It clearly shows that the writers know how to properly develop a world around characters, but seem to forget how to properly establish its characters. Does that make it bad? No.

    Personally, I think the animation is fantastic, and the world around the characters is beautiful, but the characters themselves range from boring to likable to outright superfluous. When it establishes drama, it doesn't grab me like it's supposed to. Season 1 is the series' strong suit so far, I just hope the quality doesn't drop any further.
  • Legend of Korra Book 2

    A little information what is going to happen in Book 2 (Spirits)

    Korra tries to master the Avatar State and airbending as hope arises. However, problems seem to find a way into her life once again.

    When a mysterious group, called the Dragon Men, try to capture Korra everything seems to fall out of balance. The Dragon Men are a fierce group who used to be run by the ultimate villain, Yakone. After his bending was taken away when he tried to rule Republic City from its criminal world, he swore vengeance on the Avatar. Yakone fled to the Northern Water Tribe and the Dragon Men never heard of him again. The group assumed a new leader named Shin Shu and decided to keep the legacy of Yakone alive. They are out to kill the Avatar! With the help of an enemy, they will do whatever it takes to end Korra. Korra and her friends will have to go to places they've never seen, encounter people they've never met, and do the whatever it takes before the impossible.......

  • I love it!

    I really dont understand why its got a 7.7! This show was really funny, well put together just like the last airbender, and something more people could relate to. Im really excited about season 2.
  • Amazing show.

    I love this show, but it's Avatar: The Legend of Korra or just The Legend of Korra. Not The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra.
  • A sequel that truly lives up to its predecessor.

    During Nick's darkest era, a new show in 2005, called Avatar: The Last Airbender, rose above all of the crappy shows airing, and produced a new hope for Nick. Once it ended in 2008, however, Nick was once again in a desperate and hopeless state. However, a new show came, which was a sequel to Avatar, in 2012. And truly living up to its predecessor, it once again gave Nick a new hope of once again returning to be the great channel it once was.

    The story follows 70 years after the last Avatar, Aang, has passed away. However, a new avatar, a 16-year old skilled Waterbender named Korra, rose above already mastering already 3 elements. However, she lacks the complete spiritual training, and she also needs to master airbending, which does not work well at that. At that time, a new group is planning to get rid of all bending once and for all, believing it is the cause of people not living equally. The first thing you will notice right of the bat is that the scenery is completely different, posting a more modern era, with a new city called Republic city, and all the characters from the original series are absent, excluding Katara, while we're introduced to completely new ones. The characters themselves are a lot more dynamic than the ones in the original, although they are so diverse that it is completely noticeable.

    The stories themselves are extremely interesting and work out with terrific results. The plots flow smoothly, and the action sequences are simply delightful. The voice work is also portrayed nicely, and adds more depth to the characters. The artwork is also nice, but I'm not to sure if I am a fan of the animations.

    One of my problems with the series, however, is the series itself excelled WAY too much in the beginning and then starts going rather slowly. It's not bad, but I do not know how they are going to extend it further. The characters themselves can be really annoying at some points, but they are likable overall.

    Despite its flaws, The Legend of Korra, overall, shines. The great artwork, awesome plots, and amazing voice work makes it stand out overall. Just watch it and you will see what I mean.

    Presentation:7/10 The plotline is not great so far, but the characters work out most of the time.

    Graphics:8/10: Great artwork, although I'm not to keen on the animation so far.

    Voice: 10/10: Sound effects are great, and voice work adds more depth to the characters.

    Entertainment: 9.5/10: Action scenes are great, and overall plotlines themselves are very intriguing.

    Lasting Appeal: 9.5/10 Great action sequences and good plotlines are going to make sure you come back for more.

    OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 Amazing

  • Overall a good sequel series!

    I loved Amon and the whole equalist plot to book 1, was a little disappointed at the idea that Amon may already be out as a villain. We'll see what they do with that.

    My main complaint for this version of Avatar vs the original... Is the fact that LOK seems a lot more romance driven than ATLA. While Aang had a crush on Katara for a while it was not the main focal point of the series. I also feel it was crappy to have a character like Korra kiss Mako, who was in a relationship and then avoid Asami. I feel like it's not really giving kids the right idea. Including the kiss is fine, they both had feelings for each other but... I don't know. Seems crappy to me that the two female characters should have a strained relationship because of a boy. And the tension between Mako and Bolin was also a bit over the top. The original Avatar had a much better balance of romantic plot and vital plot in my opinion.
  • Top 10 Best Cartoon Of All Time

    This show Made the list my list at least because It had everthing a first time teen like my self ever could want because I kind'ev more into the mature kind of Cartoons so this was just perfect because It had a love triangle it was action packed and was hilarious suspenseful and other great things I cant metion right but if you haven't seen the legends of korra well pop open your laptop and google some episodes because this was almost if not better than the first especially the season finale with the desendent of Zuko showing up but Like I said This is packed with lots if Great things you'll love it and don't worry Anng Still is associated with the show.
  • Amazing Sequel!!

    Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of my favorite shows of all time so obviously I was very excited when this new Series came out. What did I think of it? Fantastic.

    Usually sequels suck and don't add anything to the mythology or characters of the original, well that's quite the opposite with The Legend of Korra. My favorite episode is "Out of the Past" and I can't wait for Book 2.
  • More episodes

    I hope they make more episodes and a movie like they did with the avatar the last airbender
  • Blood Jumping Action That Wants You Craving More

    The Legend Of Korra bring a western style animation. It is fast forwarded to a time with electronics and such. As I saw the first episode i was in love at how much an attention grabber this show is to me. Although it is nothing compared to the original Avatar The Last Airbender, The Legend Of Korra brings new excitement that keeps me coming back and craving for more.
  • Getting Zimmed?

    Perhaps you remember a decade ago where Invader Zim captured the hearts and minds and squeedly-skootches of a generation of viewers only to suddenly find itself canned by the folks at Nickelodeon.

    Suddenly there is another disturbance in the force. As yet another great shoe is finding itself in limbo or on repeat after midnight. (Foolish, Nickelodeon! The kids have DVR!)

    While Cartoon Network and Disney have learned to adapt to an older mature audience and pushed outside of the TV-Y7 barrier into TV-PG territory, Korra's crash course through the network, which feels rushed toward the end, has all the sings of executive meddling that brought Invader Zim down years ago.

    Add to this, the older characters frighten the network. Sure, they'll keep running Zoey 101 right after Jamie Spears gets knocked up, but put a six-foot tall shapely 17-year old in a series sequel that appeals to an older demographic that a few years prior was watching much younger girls fight in a hundred years war and the executives start to sweat for no reason. Keep in mind, these were the same network executives who thought making a live action movie casting white people as Asian characters was a good idea. (What'd you think M. Night was going to make them do in the film, execs? Voice acting?)

    Expect executive meddling to cause problem in Season 2 as it's kinda hard for a series to have a strong leading lady if the network execs have never met any real women.
  • Korra's kinda stupid, but everything else is wonderful.

    Korra gets her ass handed too her every episode... It's hard to enjoy the main character when everytime your watching them, they're getting manipulated or dominated completely. Just when you think she's gonna be awesome, she fails miserably again.

    Other then that I did enjoy the wonderfully drawn spirit world and the story of the first avatar... Just stop making Korra such an idiot and we've got ourselves a great show.
  • The Fall of the Avatar

    The original Avatar TV-Series was incredible, and achieved what very few cartoon-shows manage to do: appeal to children and adults. Behind all the cutesy and the fun was a grown-up story that touched upon typically grown-up topics like war and death without ever losing its light-heartedness. It was a show with brains and beauty that never underestimated its audience.

    I guess, its big problem was that it was not a grossing hit at first, I guess. So in the final season things felt kind of rushed, like the show was intended to last longer. Maybe it was and that was the problem.

    But considering how much it stood out and how big the fanbase had grown it was only a matter of time until the world of the element-benders got another chance.

    And it did: someone decided to cash in and make a live-action movie, and of course it was made by people who were unable to understand what made Avatar work the way it did.

    The result was the equivalent of squeezing a couple of pounds of meat into a suit, painting a smiley-face on the head-meat and calling the result a human being. It was dreadful. Let's not talk about it.

    Anyway - after this debacle, I never would have imagined that there would be another show.

    So when I first heard the news of a new Avatar-series I was thrilled but understandably - Mr. Shyamalans joke of an adaptation still in mind - skeptical.

    And then there it was: Legend of Korra.

    It was a bold move to advance time and thus cutting ties with it's predecessor like this, but after only a few episodes it became clear that "Legend of Korra" was the next logical step in an expanded universe and a worthy sequel which respected predecessor while standing on its own two legs.

    The show seemed more grown-up now, with it's older main-cast and the sleazy urban flair of Republic City.

    And as the story about the Equalists unfolded I became hooked again, eagerly awaiting each next episode up to the conclusion of its first arc in episode 12. I was pleased with the show, because while I felt that it had not reached the heights of its predecessor I saw a lot of potential.

    And then the second half of the season started. And it might just as well be another season, because everything has changed - and nothing for the better.

    As always when big business picks up on a trend, and tries to turn it into a "franchise" - the

    result tends to be something soulless that might look like the original but is nowhere near as good.

    Somewhere along that process the "whatever" loses everything that was great about it.

    And I guess that's what's happened.

    Maybe it's because most fans of the original Avatar series are still too glad about the shows return that they turn a blind eye to what is happening - maybe it's because of the mainstream audience (the same people on whose "authority" networks decide to cancel shows like Alphas, Boss or Deadwood)

    - noone has noticed it yet: but the show that the Avatar-fans fell in love with ended June 2012.

    After what I've seen over the past couple of weeks I can't help but think it might have been better if Avatar:TLA had stayed the only entry. Yes, it's that bad.

    The second half of the new Avatar is a mess of mythological nonsense, character simplification and overall dumbing down.

    Bringing old myths and spirits to life might have worked in a prequel... maybe ... if handled well.

    In the culturally and scientifically advanced world of post-Aang Avatar it's completely out of place.

    But it doesn't stop there.

    While the old writing handled humour in the right doses and romance and drama with subtelty, I barely even recognize Korra and her friends anymore. At this point they are caricatures of their former selves.

    I don't want to go into too much detail here, because it's just not worth it, but all the clichs that plague most of the shows aimed at teens and young adults have turned up, ruining any and every previous character development. Boleyn might be the most apparent victim: he is almost unbearable and belongs to the already too long list of comic relief characters noone can take serious anymore.

    Also, there are villains now. Yes, the original Avatar had dislikable characters, too. But they never were flat out EVIL. And the bad things that were being done were never seemed to be done out of sheer plot necessity. Now every plot point feels contrived which is a huge detriment to the fictional world: It doesn't live, it doesn't breathe.

    The cherry on top of this cake of disappointment are the moments when the show makes the original look bad (poor Iroh).

    And maybe that's just me, but has the animation always looked as cheap as it does now?

    So: Do I think Korra has turned into the worst show ever? No. It's still easily on par with all non-comedy-cartoons out there. But considering where it came from - it is almost painful to watch now.

    I don't know if the show has a new creative team or of management stepped in - but I for one cannot stand to watch the show any longer.
  • A true Masterpiece, this show should not be a kids show

    When I first was watching this, I thought this wasn't a kids show, because of how dark it was. This show was a masterpiece! This show has the BEST animation I've ever seen, it contains loads of excitement at every turn, it has an excellent storyline, and you'll instantly fall in love with this show once you watch it. It has an excellent villain, but not as detailed heroes, but besides the fact that the show was rushed and the characters were weak in detail, I can't help but give this show a 10! Every single area of this show is perfect! A must see!
  • Beautifully Done

    This, along with CGI TMNT are the only good things left for Nickelodeon. The artwork is very well done and has very beautiful animation. The story is very well done and the characters have their own personalities. This is one of the few cartoons left that is not afraid to be dark and yet still be entertaining for kids.

    Sadly, every time there is a season finale, Nickelodeon stops airing this show in favor of crap like Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig.

    Update: Seriously Nick? Uploading it to the internet and taking it off your channel. Here's a theory on why Korra got declined ratings.


    Seriously, I barely ever saw Korra get promoted anywhere on TV. In fact it was this site that made me know about it coming soon. With that lack of promotion, people will forget. In fact I've seen more promotion for Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners than TMNT or Korra. I've said before I lost all faith in Nickelodeon, but this has sunk it even further. All that Nick has now is TMNT and if that goes, Nick is flat out DONE.

  • See potential

    Although some people are saying that The Legend of Korra doesn't have the same charm as The Last Airbender, I see potential, especially with the development of characters. We're only at episode 8, and there's just so much mysteries that have yet to be explained. The cliffhanger at the end of episode 8 bumped my rating a little, actually, a lot... because the developers are taking avatar back to it's roots.

    For people who didn't see The Last Airbender, the main protagonists moved almost every episode. Korra was stuck in Republic City, but after episode 8, I have a feeling that she's gonna travel some.

    I also have a feeling that they have a reason for her attitude, maybe a personal angst or pressure for being the avatar; something that could relate to Aang or her spiritual side in a way. Although it may seem that I am very positive about the show, it does have it's flaws, such as the storyline's inconsistency and confusing character design; to name a few. All in all, I think we need to wait it out, and trust the developers.
  • Love it

    I love the legend of korra especially the end of the seson becuase korra and mako found out how they feel for each othe. OMG they make a cute cuple i mean perfect cuple.
  • Thank You Nickelodeon

    I was missing Avatar: The Last Airbender ever since the last epsiode. Reruns just don't have the life that new episodes have. When I heard about this show I was ecstatic. Then when I actually watched it I was not disappointed. Korra is definately no Aang but I love the character. I wished there had been more time for character development but the season was so short. It had it's own air of mystery and I loved watching it. I can't wait for the next season, I only wish I knew when that would be.
  • An Extension Rather Than a Replacement

    I was very skeptical when I first heard about this project, because like many fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I couldn't imagine a show set in the same universe with different characters. Even after watching the first couple of episodes I wasn't sure if I could actually like the new characters. But I'm glad that I stuck with it!!

    This show does not try to supersede it's predecessor, but instead it adds to the first one. Just like a new chapter in a book. The characters are very likable, and the show maintains all of its charm. The animation style of this one is more modern and the music is beautiful.

    A must watch for anyone who was a fan of the original series.
  • Beginnings 1 & 2

    Beginnings, parts 1 & 2, really brings you back to Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm posting this here, rather than under the episode review, because I think it's a two-parter most ATLA fans would enjoy. The story is intriguing, to say the least, because it brings the audience back to the dawn of the avatar. Also, it seems that anything set in the past makes for a more epic tale, at least for me anyway. I know Korra's generation is also just now emerging with technological advancements, but what made ATLA and Beginnings hit home for me was that they took place in "simpler", humbler times, where civilization was less advanced. It not only makes for better story telling in terms of being more fantastical/surreal, but is also more astounding when it comes to teaching profound life lessons and principles under less convoluted conditions. Following the story of Korra up till now seems so suffocating and cluttered, but I guess that it comes with having a larger "team avatar", more technological advancements, and rushed introductions/developments of so many characters (as opposed to ATLA with mostly 3 main characters initially, then later slowly reeling in strong/fun personalities). I don't know if I should expect more out of Korra's tale, but if the writing/story continues to be as well done as it's been in these past two episodes, then I will definitely stay on the Korra bandwagon for the rest of the ride.
  • Great continuation

    I watched the first 7 episodes thanks to links provided by this site. I like it. I enjoy the fact that the characters are older then the older series. I also like that this gives new elements to the show instead of the whole good vs evil, black and white. It's easy to cheer for benders but its also easy to see why people say they are a menace. Even if their intention is good.

    I'm also enjoying the fact, for me at least, seeing characters whom I have no idea are good or bad. Makes for great twists.

    I like seeing the links from the past to the present and seeing characters come along. Team avatar is building up well and differs enough to not feel like a rerun. All in all I will keep watching and will gladly add this to the old collection when available.

    As for Korra, I like the character. To see an Ang doppelganger would not be fun. This show is doing it right by providing a new plot with new characters that can separate easily from the old while leaving viewers the chance to make connections to old character traits.

  • love the show

    I love the show please don't cancel it
  • Perfect Sequel.

    Hands down, the best TV Series on air right now. Who would expect less from Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante Dimartino? Some of the best storytellers of our generation.

    Great series, loved Book 1: Air and I can't wait for more Books which should be coming soon. :)

    Does anybody have any clue, when this the first now it would be nice, if they came with the second to wait a the next one...
  • My views

    Okay so honestly, i was a big fan of ATLA but i still love this series. I waited fo what seemed for ever for a spinoff (i was about 11) when i first saw ATLA. But i waited so long and now the spinoff is here am i complaining about the show no i am a hardcore fan of this series too i really like it its got a new-day kinda feel to it without abandoning its roots. In my honest opinion they should make more than 2 seasons i would honestly tune in every Saturday just to watch them like i do now. The one thing this series has that is has always had is AMAZING story boarding i mean there are just so many twists and turns especially with Amon and Tarlok i loved that bit of story. I seriously thought Korra lost her bending and Mako didn't i was like WTF but it was fine at the end. All in all wonderful series please make more than 2 seasons Please everyone loves this series :)
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