The Legend of Korra

Nickelodeon (ended 2014)


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    I am a great fan of the show whole show from Avatar: Last air bender till Legend of show has a way of captivating people's attention and heart as well. My mum, who doesn't really appreciate animated shows enjoys it sooo much that she just drops everything once i start playing the show. Legend of korra has had always kept me at the edge of my seat and most often than not restlessly waiting for the next episode. At first I was, as so many others, was frustrated with korra's character at first rushing to the action before thinking it through and yes she had many shortcomings to her character, but I had a great time going through all those episodes and seeing how she very much matured and more responsible. Yet, somehow i do agree with the others the ending scene with asami and korra got me going It's not like the scene itself was totally weird, i mean i have a lot of close friends that are girls that i hold hands with or go on crazy adventures with just the two of us and of course I care deeply for each of them as well, in fact I LOVE THEM. We were always there for each other during hard times, they hold my hands and comfort me when I am feeling down and vice versa. Heck, I even shower together with them, but hey you don't see me kissing them, or starting a romantic relationship with in fact, It's more like a BOND with them, I would say it's a really deep and grounded feeling but totally not that of a romantic one, but sometimes, more often than not confused with that of a romantic feeling by most viewers. I am TOTALLY FINE with the ending scene, yet somehow people are shouting KORROSAMI, don't know I go that right and it being cannon and everything, I mean watching all the relationships going on with the show, I don't really think that's what they were going for , as forbes mentioned the show depicted that it's not true love that really matters but true friendship which I can't agree even more. I'm not going against korrosami shippers opinion, we all have our own individuality and our own interpretation for things, but for now all i see are two best friends or rather two very good friends. Korra, who is still growing up and getting better at being an avatar, asami, who I think is also a very independent woman, is patching herself up and growing as well and for the record korra DID NOT, i repeat DID NOT blush when asami complimented her on her looks when they first met after three read it somewhere forgot where, but lets say it was just someone gushing about that scenceand hhow she was blushing, looked it in and I am like 'okkkaayyy, there is no i think the creators are very obvious when they do show someone blushing with all the pink in the cheek and blushing there, unless there's something wrong with my computer. Anyways, to end it actually my own opinion of the last scene unless otherwise one the creators would come out and say it themselves that there is actually something romantic going on with them, then i'll shut up and move on with my life.