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  • A Show about a Character not about a World

    Firstly I'm going to say Avatar: The Last Airbender is my favourite animated show and when I heard about the sequel series I was sure it wasn't going to top it. It doesn't but man this show is awesome. Firstly with the characters this show clearly decided to focus on Korra rather than the world (as opposed to Avatar). The transformation that Korra undergoes from the first episode to the finale is due to real character development. We see initially she goes from a brash teenager with no outside contact to the real world to a mature young women who fully mastered the physical and spiritual elements of being the Avatar. While this makes Korra's character development overall more of a change than Aang's this means that the supporting cast isn't as fully developed as in Avatar. However it doesn't mean the cast is bad. Immediately fans will debate upon which of the cast is their favorite (from Lin Beifong to Bolin to Varrik).

    The story is divided up into four parts that while are self contained stories they do connected to one another (particularly Book 3 and 4). It was nice to see a more mature version of the Avatar universe one that has evolved with new technology yet some of the same problems are inherent in the universe. I'm glad Bryke didn't play safe and instead when in a new direction which might alienate fans who just wanted Avatar all over again (which is wrong I think) and instead went for something fresh that had much more mature themes (fascism, anarchy,equality .

    Another positive is that all the villains in the show are not your typical bad guys (except Book 2 which I'll get to in my negatives). The villains all have fully rounded out motivations for their actions and we as the audience can relate to why they did what they did even if we don't agree with their methods.

    Now to my negatives which are that some of the plots in the Books were resolved too neatly (which is why the Book 3 ending was the best as it still left us viewers with consequences which lead in Book 4) and I'd say the first half of Book 2 is by far the weakest part of the show. Some of the characters felt annoying and felt some of the sub-plots were rushed and not resolved satisfyingly. I'd say this though and be forgiving at Bryke due to the disruption of Nickelodeon (ordering three new books just after they completed Book 1, taking it off air . So while there are negatives there the majority are due to the mishandling of the show from Nickelodeon.

    So final thoughts and if you're looking for a sequel show that just features the cast of Avatar you'll be dissappointed. However if you're looking for a more mature show and a new side of the Avatar universe this show will be more than enough for you.

    Book 1: 9.5/10

    Book 2: 8/10

    Book 3.10/10

    Book 4: 9.5/10

    Thoughts of the ending:

    Without giving too much a way I will say rewatching Book 3 and 4 the signs were there for that ending. I understand it wasn't as explicit but I admire the subtlety that was handled and it was an evolution throughout those books that when the ending happened I got to the point where I could say "Ok it makes sense". Considering also this is an animation show maybe we expected it to be more explicit and we're surprised that an animation show could handle such subtlety. I could talk at length about the ending but one more thing I'll say is that I hope the show isn't remembered just about the ending because this show was so much more better and thematically more than that. If one thing this show reminded me is that there is always hope and a way and that I hope that someday we'll get another Avatar show from Bryke :)