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  • Very disappointed

    I know this is NOT ATLAB. I get that, however, since that anime was the foundation for Korra, I believe it does deserve mention. First let me be fair and say I absolutely loved the first book of LOK. It was when the series continued that I got pissed off and bored with the story lines. First, Korra was a hot headed, rude, disrespectful Avitar who was always feeling sorry for herself,when she was not full of herself. I think the first book did a wonderful job tying into the characters of the ATLAB, except Katara in her adulthood, I would have loved to have seen what she looked like. I would have loved to have known if Sakka had children etc. I felt like there was so many threads missing in Korra in relationship to ATLAB. Korra was an extremely slow learner, she fought herself, she really did not have the right mentor, Tenzin, although endearing was not it.

    I understand that the "bad guys" who all had wonderful ideals but who were skewed, needed to be more powerful, however, that does not mean make Korra weaker! Another aspect of Korra I did not like was her lack of spiritual are you going to be an Avitar and not have that???? She was just awful. I couldn't grow to like her after book one, she was just plain annoying and disappointing. Tenzin in my opinion was weak. His children were stronger than he was. His son, Meelo was annoying! Talk about an ego! In book 4 they didn't even show the new baby? Why not? That was just weird. There was no mention of him either. Bumi was hilarious and so was the sister Kai, I enjoyed them.

    Moving onto the other characters. I LOVED Bolin, Zu Li, her Boss, Mako,Asami more than Korra!! I loved Lin, Su, her children. All of these characters held my attention more than Korra, even Naga and Pabu!! I thought these characters brought strength and zest to the anime. However, I did not like the love triangle between Asami, Mako and Korra, I felt it was distracting and unnecessary. Give everyone their own love interest. I loved Lin, I wish she could have had a partner but *shrugging shoulders*. I also loved how Toph was brought back and she actually fought! She was the only one, besides Zukko ( I would have loved to have seen ALL of his children) and flash backs of him as a man. Lastly, I did not get the last scene between Korra and Asami. I thought there was a bold message that they were going to be together??? I didn't get that impression at all. A friend, grabbing a friends hand is not romantic, it's friendship. I was confused by that.

    All in all without writing a book (lol). I thought the LOK was pretty good. I did not like KORRA though and that kinda messes everything up. The supporting cast I LOVED but the anime kept me more pissed off then excited, definitely not the energy of ATLAB which was so much more light, spiritual and endearing. I couldn't wait for this to end.