The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 14

The Southern Lights

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • She does what she did

    Ok, Just b/c I agree that Korra's uncle is only doing what needs to be done. Doesn't mean I don't think he's a huge jerk! He doen'st want his brother to come, AKA Korra's dad, but he's ok with bringing her b/f, his brother, & his own two children? None of THEM had any business being on that trip. At least her dad knows about the Spirits, & is related to the two most important people going. Her uncle then did an even dick-Ier move by forcing his brother to talk about his hidden shame, and tell his own daughter!!! (+ her friends) That was a jerk move! Now Korra's mad that her dad isn't this hero/awesome guy she grew up thinking he always was.

    What was going on in the Statue Romm @ the Air Temple? Is Tenzins daughter going to encounter a spirit? Aang's Spirit?????

    Why didn't Aang fix the Spirit World after the 100 year war? Guys, this should have already been taken care of! Like 50 years agoW/E THEN Korra kicks her dad out of their lil group?!!? There R 4 other people that R much more useless than him still on that expedition!

    But blah, blah. She fixed stuff, now the Southern Lights are back!! But it looks like her dad was right about his warnings. B/C now the Water Tribe will bring peace to Korras Tribe. With Force
  • Makorra vs. Borra

    I think Korra and Mako are beautifoul but they aren't so beautifoul like Korra and Bolin
  • Easy Explanation

    Pretty and ooo and ahh and all that, but it was glaringly obvious that it was too simple. Korra seemed to have some inkling of how to subdue the spirits without her uncle's help, which means she doesn't necessarily need a spiritual teacher. And now she's teamed up with a religious bigot who's bound to destroy one way of life in favor of another. Guess who's going to have to find the balance between the old and new ways of life? That's what this book is going to be about. Everything feels a little disjointed at present; hopefully it's just that the writers have been on hiatus too long.