The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 18

The Sting

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • Personality Reboot

    I rather enjoyed that this episode wasn't carried by Korra, though the revelation at the end was certainly a hook for the rest of the season. The pacing is still a little wonky, but taking Korra out of the picture for most of an episode really helped to slow down and take a look at the other characters and the bigger picture of what was happening in the world. While on the surface, it might not seem like Bolin, Mako and Asami's stories are nearly as interesting or important as Korra's, they're actually the puppet strings of the civil war. This episode was absolutely necessary in revealing who the real threat is and it pulled it off with a decent amount of grace.
  • The countless subplots of this series are becoming a major issue

    I love legend of Korra, and it saddens me greatly to have to give this episode such a low score.

    To start off with I DON'T CARE about 'Nantuck: whatever' and it took up way too much of this episode.

    Lin Beifong is behaving intolerably incompetent this series. If they weren't going to have her do something useful, don't have her at all. I'm no detective, but if the Northern tribe were to attack ships, why do it in Republic city waters, surely that would just set the united forces against them.

    Poor Asami but unfortunately I don't particularly care about the fate of Future Industries.

    Varrick: Tell me you didn't see this coming, the business man is a shady dealer, willing to pay people off to get what he wants.

    Bolin: Celebrity changes people, can you get a more cliche sub-plot for him? Seriously though, I want to see him in on the action.

    It does seem like they're setting Mako up to feel bad about dumping the Avatar, despite the fact he was fully justified in his actions (in my opinion anyway)

    And we see next to no Korra whatsoever. The last episode I know of from the Avatar series to barely feature the Avatar was Zuko alone, and that had character development, this didn't.

    Oh yeah, Tenzin and co's sub-plot is also absent from this episode (not that it's important or anything, but it's just another sub-plot)

    Please, tie up all the pointless sub-plots, add character yes, but these sub-plots are becoming a cliche, tie them up and make a story that's worthwhile.
  • The Lame Adventures of Mako and Asami

    I'm at a loss for words with Book 2 and not in a good way. The ending for 'Peacekeepers' last week put me on edge naturally so I didn't expect to see the resolution right away to keep us the viewers in suspense of what happened to Korra but really to have a freaking filler episode with Mako and Asami setting up a sting on the bombers from last week then to only see a glimpse of Korra and to be left with yet another cliffhanger that I have to wait another week to have resolved?! Could have did without thanks!

    Too much time was also spent on Varrick's movers with 'Nantuck: The Southern blah blah blah' I'm sorry but Bolin is no where even close to the humor that Sokka provided to A:TLA heck I can't even really think of a favorite character in this series and I had many in Avatar.

    I thought this Book was about Spirits but the subject of this Book has taken a backseat to the Korra & Mako drama (bleu), the complete waste of time on the movers and Bolin's purpose in the grand scheme of things (at least Sokka learned sword fighting and contributed to the gang) and with 'The Sting' setting up a obvious betrayal by Varrick and the eventual reveal that he's teamed up with Unalok.

    I was really excited about Book 2 but with the lack of any sort of direction, blahzey animation and character progression I can't help but feel very underwhelmed. Supposedly the first Avatar is going to show up but I won't hold my breath. Also why haven't we found out the meaning of Aang's statue illuminating when Jinora was in the Avatar room?

    There's a lack of narrative in Book 2 and I'm running out of steam with this show, might as well re-watch Avatar:TLA which is a series that eclipses Korra 100 times over.