The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 10

Turning the Tides

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 16, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Pretty brutal, and pretty awesome as well.

    This episode was just downright.... awesome. Everything was great: the action sequences, the sequences of events, the way the plot flowed, and what happened in general.... was pretty awesome and shocking as well. After the events of last episode, Korra returns back to Republic City, and Tenzin himself realizes that all the city Council members have been kidnapped. Then, Amon himself launches an attack against the City. To start, I liked how the episode began, (no, not the part between Asami and Mako) when Tenzin found out that all the Council members were kidnapped. I thought that was handled well. I also liked how they included Pema going into labor during the attack, which I thought was an important plot element. I would explain a lot more, but that would be ruining everything. The action scenes, as always, were amazing, and I liked the inclusion of Tenzin's children fighting. The story itself also flowed really smoothly and great as well. Overall, the way the plot was handled was surprising, which I loved, and with the episode ending on a cliffhanger, this episode is sure to get you hooked on the series.

    OVERALL SCORE: 10/10 Masterful
  • Oh sh--, oh sh--, oh sh--!

    This episode was amazing. Perfect pacing, perfect character development, the plot progression, everything. It had the humor (Lin dealing with the airbender kids). It had the danger (don't you know the pregnant lady going into labor always means that stuff's going to start happening). It had the return of the Iro clan (oh hi thar, Zuko's voice actor). It had the heartbreak (why, Lin, why). And it makes me want to come back for more.

    Couple things: The chi-blockers. Who runs with their arms straight out behind them? When has that ever been practical? Also, Naga couldn't carry the four members of Team Avatar before, why can she suddenly do it now?

    Anyway. Amazing episode.
  • Turning the Tides

    Turning the Tides was perfect in every way and I really enjoyed watching because the characters had some really deep development and there were many emotional moments. The story played out very well and the action and drama were very intriguing. I was expecting more skills out of Lin at first, but by the end of the episode she had proven herself. It was amazing to see Tenzin escape the Equalist so many times. The Air Bending children of Tenzin proved themselves and a new brother was a blessing at an inopportune time. There seems to be a lot of drama brewing and the end of the episode really made an impact as General Iroh, I assume the son of Zuko, made his first appearance. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next! The team putting this series together really knows what their doing, but I feel the benders skills are downplayed compared to the original series. I look forward to watching the two episode finale of season one!!!!!!!!!
  • NO LIN!

    NO LIN! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  • The first fart bender

    No really, that little fart bender kid could have his own show about bending farts and I would watch. Now that's a legend I could get into, with nose plugs.

    This episode was good. I have enjoyed every episode to be honest. Then again I choose to accept it for what it is without comparing or unexpected reality for a 1 season, 12 episode series.

    One thing I have noticed is how they use the bending removal as a death of sorts. As if being normal is now a bad thing. To lose your bending is to lose yourself. Kind of a strange lesson considering that nobody can bend as it is in the real world. Hard to relate. I guess it's like losing one of your senses, but even then they still have 5 senses when it's gone. Then again, I could say that I myself am a fart bender and enjoy the power my fart bending gives me as I clear rooms in my quest for WORLD DOMINATION! So losing my farts would make me sad I guess.
  • I Almost Cried

    This episode was so emotionally gut wrenching, and I'm basing this completely off the last two minutes of the episode SPOILER: Lin Beifong lost her bending and I want Amon now to suffer for what he has done to that wonderful woman. I would give this episode a 10, but the cattiness between Asami and Mako slightly took away from the plot, but I still loved this episode nonetheless. And Meelo fartbending? If only Aang were around to see that, he'd be such a proud grandpa.
  • The beifong family rules!!

    My favorite character in the original series was Toph because while she had this deep vulnerability she was the epitome of awesome. When we are first introduced to Lin it didnt she would live up to Toph. But boy was I wrong. This episode proved not only how selfless and awesome Lin is but it hints at a longing that both mother and daughter share. In both series every character was paired off in a sense and the beifong women were lone wolves (in a matter of speaking) but that didn't stop them from loving and protecting their loved ones. This episode set up an epic finale with a lot of awesome action but for me what made it was Lin. yay beifong family! Toph's legacy lives on! :)