The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to Republic City

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Welcome to Republic City

    I was see to video Korra
  • Season 2 is coming soon, so lets review the episodes.

    The new Avatar series is definitely good, but is it as good as it's predecessor?

    Obviously not, a sequel is a sequel.

    I loved this episode, and the animation was beautiful. Korra running through the city was pretty funny, and the face Lin and Korra made at each other was priceless, which was one example of the recurring humor that appears throughout the show. The new city is amazing, and designed fantastically.

    One thing I noticed that was out of line from the previous series was that Korra knew she was Avatar fairly early. She could bend all three elements (though poorly) when she was very young. Aang is obviously a superior avatar in learning all four elements in one year, Korra had 17 years to learn all three. Ah, don't get the wrong idea... I love Korra.

    This is just an introduction episode, basically, showcasing Korra's arrival to the city. It's definitely a worthy episode though.
  • Jumpstart

    That was definitely an introduction worthy of the title "Avatar."

    As an older fan, there were a bunch of things I was happy to see, or that really helped set the tone for where the story is taking place as opposed to the previous series. First, old katara! And the fact that they finally confirmed she and Aang got together. Speaking of, I totally got chills seeing his statue. That and the one of Toph were kicks in the gut saying that they're gone and won't be back.

    The episode got off to a very fast start, speeding through Korra's childhood to her teenage/young adult years in minutes. And she's so cocky! It's like if Sokka were to have become the Avatar. It's easy to see that she's going to have some growing up to do, and in a very different way than Aang did. Props on that, Nickelodeon. I also loved the tone of the current world and how it incorporates today's hot topic of vigilante justice. A great opening episode.
  • Welcome to Republic City

    Welcome to Republic City was a perfect series premiere for "Avatar The Legend of Korra" and I really enjoyed watching this episode. The time frame was easily established and it was very interesting to see the influences on the world in this new age from Avatar Aang and his friends. What they built seems to be amazing and beautiful. The legacy continues and more Air Benders now exist. It was interesting to see the Metal Benders descended from Toph. I liked Korra's Polar Bear Dog named Naga. There was a lot of character and plot development and though things are moving quickly, I believe there is plenty of time to enjoy the journey. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Love the world, not so much the pacing.

    Mike and Brian have created an amazing new age in the Avatar world. An industrial revolution is in full swing and the old clashes with the new, bringing a new conflict to the fore; benders vs nonbenders. So I love the new premise and the issues that are being brought forth. What I don't love is how fast the pacing is. My biggest complaint is that Korra is told she's the Avatar when she's about four years old. Moreso, that she can competently bend three elements at that age.

    However, I am enjoying the story being told, so I will continue to tune in.
  • Fantastic Season Premeire!

    I've always been a fan of Avatar, and although I'm bummed that all of the old gang are gone (other than Katara), this was a great episode to kick of the new season. Korra will make a superb avatar. :)