The Legend of Korra

Season 1 Episode 8

When Extremes Meet

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 02, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Current Events

    I must applaud this episode for its incorporation of realistic qualities. This includes Naga being unable to carry all four members of Team Avatar and hair not staying perfect (that's really credit to the animators for not being lazy). It also includes the series's inclusion of strong female characters. It's something that's been prominent since Aang's time and I haven't commented on.

    However, this episode also had a couple things working against it. The content is moving too far, too fast. Tarrlok's actions are obvious, even if his motives are slow to follow. Clearly he's not a normal person; hasn't aged since Aang and Toph left the picture (and that's what Aang's trying to warn Korra about, thanks flashback of bloodbending). This whole holding people indefinitely doesn't reek of the issues with the 2012 NDAA, either.

    Speak of, though, I did not see the bloodbending coming. Really should have, but it was perfectly timed and just confusing enough of an intro to make you stop and wonder. Some things are paced well, despite the driving plot.

    What the crap! It needs to be June 9th NOW!!!!!
  • My favorite episode of the Legend of Korra.

    After the first 4 episodes ran, I started to grow distant from this show. That is, until I watched this episode. This episode was pretty much awesome in any way possible, and by far my favorite episode of the Legend of Korra so far. Following the Aftermath episode, Korra and her friends return to the Air Temple, when shortly, Tarriok takes control of the city basically. This episode was really good in a lot of parts. The plot flowed really nicely, the battle scenes were intense and awesome as well, and Tarriok was really interesting as well as his ideas. And it ends with a pretty dark ending that pretty much got me hanging. I just pretty much loved how all parts in the episode clipped together really nicely, and we got to see more of Tenzin's kids too. So all in all, this was a really good episode of the Legend of Korra, and I'm really hoping Nick will surprise me with another amazing episode like this one.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10 Masterful
  • This Show is Slowly Killing Me

    I was screaming at my television during this episode. I couldn't believe how much action was packed into a 30 minute show, 25 minute if you take away commercials. It makes me wish that it was longed, but alas I was left in a temporary coma after this episode. This show is slowly killing me but I love it
  • Fast action that ended quickly

    This felt like a very fast episode. It moved along quickly and presented action along every way. Added greatly to the overall story while leaving us wondering. My only complaint is that it ended.

    I also wonder if a blood bender would ever need Viagra?
  • When Extremes Meet

    When Extremes Meet was a perfect episode of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. Bolin, Mako and Asami move to Air Temple Island, Tarrlok basically takes control of the city, and there was also lots of action. It was funny watching Naga and Pabu as they reminded me of Momo and Appa. I couldn't believe how far Tarrlok went in this episode. I liked how Korra and the gang were cruising in Asami's car, and Asami can really drive! I liked the flashbacks but they were a little too quick. I love the over all feel and production of this episode and the series. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Bloodbending!!!

    A great advancement to the plot and the ending gave you that perfect "begging for more" craving for next week's episode! I wonder if Tarrlok somehow met Katara earlier and took advantage of her bloodbending skill. Katara is the only one so far that Korra hasn't had a vision of out the gang after all. That new chief of police is definitely hiding something after the smirk he had when he saw Tenzin and Korra.
  • Truely a perfect episode

    This episode was AWESOME!!! Action packed, and lots of heart, truely a perfect episode. I love all the fighting scenes and I love that blood bending is back. and i love that there is still the great mystery about Korra's visions.

    10/10 for me