Avenger Penguins

ITV (ended 1994)


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Avenger Penguins

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The Penguins (Marlon, Rocky, and Bluey) are a group of heroic vigilante Bikers who will stop at nothing to clean up the animal-infested Big City, under siege by the foulest of street gangs, the Stink Brothers, commanded by Cecil Algernon Fitzwilliam Rudyard Stink.

Not only that, but they also thwart the devious plots of their arch-foe Caractacus P. Doom, an insane criminal genius.

The show first premiered in the UK on ITV as part of it's "CITV" Children's block, it was produced by Consgrove Hall, famous for animating other cult classics such as Dangermouse, Count Duckula and Victor and Hugo, Bunglars in Crime.

Avenger...Avenger..AVENGER PENGUINS!


Marlon: Leader of the Avenger Penguins. Wise cracker and one tough courageous biker...

Rocky: The biggest, and the brightest of the penguins, with an amusingly small motorcycle or "hog", if you will. Bluey: Tiny, intellegent, and incomprehensible penguin, with a large bike to match.

Bella: Lady penguin who runs the APs' favourite ice-cream parlour, also provides helpful info for her best customers, Rocky, Bluey, and Marlon

Caractacus P. Doom: Villain of the piece, evil genius who plots world domination, unless the Penguins can take him down a level... An overblown Orson Welles-type figure.

Harry Slime: Reptile minion; occasionally has spells of angst about whether he should really be bad or not. A play on the Welles character Harry Lime from The Third Man but talks like Peter Lorre.

The Old Prospector: An old prospector in long johns who hangs around in the ice-cream parlour.

The Badly-Drawn Brothers: Philosophical and sometimes just plain strange fellows who also frequent the ice-cream parlour.

TV Joe: another 'regular' at the ice-cream parlour. He's a man in a suit with a TV set over his shoulders. He acts out programmes. A nut-case.moreless
Lorelei King

Lorelei King


Rob Rackstraw

Rob Rackstraw


Michael McShane

Michael McShane

Marlon, Caractacus P. Doom, Baracuda Stink, Grey Badly Drtawn Brother, TV Joe

Jimmy Hibbert

Jimmy Hibbert


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