The Avengers: United They Stand

Season 1 Episode 6

Command Decision

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Dec 11, 1999 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Wasp: Cap, is that you?
      Ant Man: Yes Jan, but right now we have a train to save.

    • Hawkeye: (after he and Falcon break through the wall) Mind if we play through?

    • Hawkeye: Someone just show me a coffee pot. I'll make it myself.

    • Baron Zemo: No, this time the victory must be mine!
      Captain America: Then you're going to have to earn it.

    • Absorbing Man: Whoa!
      Baron Zemo: My thoughts exactly.

    • Whirlwind:: (As the Masters of Evil are being arrested and put in hand cuffs) You promised us a fortune.
      Moonstone: You owe us, Baron!
      Baron Zemo: You pathetic fools! I would have promised you anything to heip me destroy Captain America !
      Absorbing Man: You won't think your so smart(he laughs) when we're locked up in a cell(he laughs again) together.

    • (When the Masters of Evil are trying to steal the rest of the weapons)
      Tiger Shark: This is almost too easy. (The Avengers appear)
      Boomerang: You had to open your big mouth!

  • Notes

    • In the comics, there were 8 different incarnations of the Masters of Evil with different super-villains like the ones mentioned in an earlier note were in:
      Masters of Evil I had Baron Heinrich Zemo, Enchantress, Radioactive Man, Executioner, Black Knight II, and The Melter.
      Masters of Evil II had Ultron, Black Knight III, Klaw, Radioactive Man, The Melter, and Whirlwind.
      Masters of Evil III had Egghead, Moonstone, Radioactive Man, Tiger Shark, Scorpion, The Beetle, Whirlwind, and The Shocker.
      Masters of Evil IV had Baron Helmut Zemo, Moonstone, The Absorbing Man, Wrecking Crew (The Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, and Bulldozer), The Fixer, Goliath, Mister Hyde, Tiger Shark, Blackout, Grey Gargoyle, Yellowjacket II, Titania II, Screaming Mimi, and Whirlwind.
      Masters of Evil V had Doctor Octopus, Yellowjacket II, Gargantua, Jack Hammer, Powderkeg, Puff Adder, Oddball, The Absorbing Man, The Shocker, and Titania II.
      Masters of Evil VI had Baron Helmut Zemo, Moonstone, The Beetle, Screaming Mimi, Goliath, and The Fixer.
      Masters of Evil VII had Crimson Cowl II, Man-Killer, The Flying Tiger, Cyclone II, Tiger Shark, Klaw, Slyde, Dragonfly, Eel, Joy-Stick, Man-Ape, Icemaster, Shatterfist, Sunstroke, Boomerang, Supercharger, Quicksand, Bison, Lodestone, Aqueduct, Cardinal, Blackwing, Scorcher, Shockwave, and Constrictor.
      Masters of Evil VIII had Crimson Cowl II, Gypsy Moth, Man-Killer, Cyclone II, Hydro-Man, Black Mamba, Machine Smith, and Cardinal.

    • Like the Ringmaster, Boomerang is also a Spider-Man villain.

    • Baron Zemo states that Captain America killed his father. In the comics, Heinrich Zemo was buried under a rockslide during a fight with Cap, and his son Helmut Zemo succeded him.

    • No explanation is given for why the Vision isn't affected by the EMP pulse.

    • Falcon refers to his and Cap's history together.

    • Dragonfly (formerly one of the Ani-Men used to attack Cheyenne Mountain by Count Nefarius) is also one of the Masters Of Evil in this episode.

    • This is the only appearance of Captain America in the series.

    • This is the first and only appearance of the Masters of Evil lead by Baron Zemo. They are Tiger Shark, Absorbing Man, Moonstone, Whirlwind, Boomerang, and Cardinal.

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