Episode Elimination Game

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    This contest is to see what episode is the most liked among fans. Here are the rules:

    1. On each turn a person takes, they get to take a point away from an episode and give a point to another. All episodes start with ten points.

    2. You may only take a turn once three other people have posted after you.

    3. Once an episode gets to zero, it is out.

    4. The last episode in is the winner of that round.

    5. There are four rounds-#1-4, #5-8, #9-13, Winners.

    6. On each post, you must post how many points EACH episode currently has.

    We'll start with Round 1, Episodes 1-4:

    1. Avengers Assemble! (1): 10

    2. Avengers Assemble! (2): 11

    3. Kang: 9

    4. Comes a Swordsman: 10

    I've already taken a turn. Now have fun!

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