The Avengers: United They Stand

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • Not worth assembling

    I've recently developed a love for The Avengers. This show was from the weaker end of the movies/tv shows dedicated to that group of Marvel's superheroes.

    While the animation is passable (although sometimes too simple, repetitive, and using "real" images in explosions which really makes the scene look more goofy), the story was the biggest problem: there were plot holes the size of Giant-Man, most of the interaction and the way the story was carried deserved rolled eyes, and while all the superhero elements were there, the emotional level of the series was rather flat, due to flimsy sequences and horrible lines.

    Bearable, but not whole-heartedly recommended.
  • Could Have been a good show. There, were too many problems that the show had and they should have contnued it, give them a chance to do a better show, that's atleast what I think atleast, could have been a good show. Could have been...

    Like I said, this could have been a good show if they had the three main members in it so people reconsided it, and second, It was too powerangy and among other problems. Let's hope that the up and comming Ultimate Avengers movie gives some grace back to the name Avengers.
  • Marvel's WORST cartoon. Period.

    You'd think that with as large a fanbase, or even
    as big a name as "Marvel" is, you'd expect them
    to dish out top-quality shows eh?

    Sadly, this is not the case in regards to this show.

    The Avengers is a horrible, horrible, HORRBILE

    It lacks the core 3 Avengers, Iron Man, Captain
    America, and Thor. These 3 MAKE the Avengers. Only
    making them cameos is absurd, as is having Giant
    Man/Ant Man as the leader.

    Being a kid's friendly show, Ultron is not the
    same megalomaniacal machine you remember from the
    comics. He's so non-intimidating.

    The voice-acting is horrible, as is the Scarlet
    Witch's ever repetitive and annoying, "Winds of
    Destiny, Change!" She never said that in the
    comics, so I don't know why for the like of me,
    they'd make her say that now.

    Wonder Man was such a useless character to have
    put in. He's gone after the 1st episode, and
    does not reappear until near the end!!


    The Vision sounds like a Star Trek nerd than an
    actual Android.

    The Wasp is very out of character.

    Why would anyone put The Falcon in this I have
    no idea.

    And worst of all, some Avengers have this animated
    transformation sequence with a special theme
    playing as they armor-up.

    So in other words, meet the Marvel Power Rangers.

    Like I said, very bad show. I personally want
    whoever made this fired.
  • Very bad show. VERY bad.

    A few years ago, Marvel tried to re-launch their animated series for the new millennium. To do this, they created three new series'. These were Spider-Man Unlimited, Avengers United and X-Men: Evolution. X-Men Evolution was the only one of the new series' that was actually good.

    Avengers United focuses on the Avengers and their intrepid adventures battling their nemeses. Sadly to do that, they rely on armour that they apply Power Rangers style whenever Ant-Man (who is leader of the Avengers) shouts “Avengers Assemble!” There’s plenty wrong with this series aside from the lame Power Rangers armour. Instead of using some of the A-list Avengers such as Captain America, Thor and Iron Man to lead this team, they rely on Ant-Man who is a B-lister at best. He isn’t the leader in the comic books so why did they place him as leader here? Simple. The writers are incompetent and were no doubt fired for creating this garbage. Don’t get me started on the what the writer’s did to Wonder Man...

    If you crave some animated team action, look no further than Justice League Unlimited which is without a doubt one of the greatest animated series’ ever made.
  • The Avengers, earth's mightiest heroes, battle villains.

    There's a lot of potential in an Avengers TV show. After all, they are a comic team that's been around for decades and have had numerous popular heroes enter their ranks, not to mention regularly facing down a slew of varied and interesting villains. Unfortunately, this show did not do a lot with its massive potential, coming up with a roster without a single recognizable name in it among other things. The talent was mostly the same as on the then-recent and smash hit X-Men cartoon, but I don't think this was a great idea going in since the Avengers have a much, much different tone than the X-Men, who are hated and feared by many of the same people they try to help. Trying to do a team that is loved and respected resulted in a show that was pretty lifeless and produced a cast of heroes that was much flatter than the members of X-Men. And frankly, they could've done a much better job picking which Avengers would be the show's main group. Vision was the only character I liked out of the whole team. I'm not surprised that it disappeared as fast as it did.
  • Most of you who review this show are not of a proper informed opinion. Only someone who has nigh devoted themselves to Marvel Comics and the teachings of Stan Lee can truly appreciate this cartoon.

    Okay, I will admit that this show is not quite in the class of such cartoons as "Avatar: The Last Airbender" or "Danny Phantom", and to be fair, only a true Marvel-master could see past this shows shortcomings, but there is no need to be so harsh. This was the last-resort show because by 2000, Marvel was running short of cartoon ideas. So they took a break and bombarded us with some truly kick-ass movies to give themselves time to think. I think that "Avengers" should have a little bit more sympathy, as, in my opinion at least, it is a good show.
  • it wasn't that bad

    this was not the best marvel project ever, but i do not think it was the worst either. they should have done a show based on the original line up. still it had the makings of a good show. if the plotlines connected and they had been given another season i think it would have come along better.
  • This show only lasted 13 episodes and was based on the Marvel characters but had some flaws. The animation was very good. Anyone who is familiar with the FOX X-MEN series would agree as this was done by the same group who did that show for FOX.

    This show only lasted 13 episodes and was based on the Marvel characters but had some flaws. The animation was very good. Anyone who is familiar with the FOX X-MEN series would agree as this was done by the same group who did that show for FOX. The major flaw that I saw was with the roster. The roster consisted of Ant-Man/Giant-Man, Tigra, The Vision, Falcon, Wonderman, Scarlett Witch, Wasp and Hawkeye. That I consider a pretty weak and even more so uninteresting lineup of so called superheroes. With such a wide variety of far more interesting characters a better blend may have saved this show from an early demise and gathered the fan interest that it sorely lacked.
  • Not bad, needs some correcting, but it's okay.

    I remember watching this when I was a toddler. It was in my grandma's sunroom and the channel was Fox Kids and the Avengers were on. Now as I watch it again, it's not as exciting, but I still like it. The plots are pretty good, it's the characters that needed a lot of improvement. They would say random things and have the wrong personality. That was all the show needed. Improvement on the characters and more people probably would've liked this show. As you can see, very little people reviewed this show and a lot of them have low scores for this show. But if you give it a chance, you'll still see the greatness in this show.