Average Joe

NBC (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • The Joes Strike Back Finale
      The season finale ends in Tahiti, where Anna must choose from her two suitors Nathan and Rocky. Anna's mother visits and gives her the insight of what she though about each guy. But, in the end, after the final dates, it is up to Anna to decide who will be lucky winner.moreless
    • The Joes Strike Back Episode 5
      While going to Tahiti, Anna and the four remaining guys were surprised with a visit from the "rescued guys". Anna had to choose one of them to join her in Tahiti. Now, with five guys left, Anna has to go on a private date with each, so she could eliminate three guys and leave only two for the big finale...moreless
    • The Joes Strike Back Episode 4
      The guys compete in a roller-derby game. Anna goes on dates with 1 hunk and 1 joe, and both of them heat up. later, Anna goes undercover as a waitress, to watch the boy's night out. And she's disaapointed to see what happens...
    • The Joes Strike Back Episode 3
      The invasion of hunks begins when they kcik out the joes and move in, while trying to win over Anna instantly. The joes and the hunks compete to win over Anna's heart by wrestling, eating and playing dodgeball. Meanwhile, the tension between the hunks and the joes arrises...
    • The Joes Strike Back Episode 2
      The competition continues as Anna and the joes go on a trip to Sea World, while 7 hunks are on the road, ready to step into the game. Anna goes on three dates and not all of them turn out to be the way she expected... the guys try to win over her and she seems to be having hard time when she needs to eliminate 4 guys. Just as the guys leave the show, the hunks arrive, ready to win over Anna...moreless
    • The Joes Strike Back Premiere
      After more than a year, Average Joe returns with a new beautiful bachelorette Anna Chudoba, who has a power to choose between presented hunks... the new twist this season includes makeovers and more... Fredo LaPonza, Brian Worth & David Daskal, all ex-joes in season 2, return in this episode to train the new joes before their meeting with Anna... Larissa Meek (a season two bachelorette) also returns to help the guys. After showing their special talents, the joes are all excited to meet Anna. Meanwhile, Anna was taken to a yacht where she'll be living through the whole series. She confesses how much she wants to meet a dream-guy. Later, Anna is about to meet the joes... and she has no idea that she'll meet everything but her dream-guy...moreless
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1