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  • PLEASE bring this show back. There are so many dating shows out there and of course they are real. However, they aren't real enough to the millions of average Joe/Jane's out there.

    I LOVED this show cause it was just average people looking for love. they weren't all glamour and paparazzi..i know me and my friends planned our whole night around the show..real people w/ real live and real feelings...these are the people that really want this to work and not just "another" adventure for them...i for one would love to be cast on average jane...w/ my head held high..w/ the grief of a woman and the grace of a child!...PLEASE bring the show back for all of us "average" peoople out there who like to see good things happen to "average" people"
  • This show is completely hippocritical.

    I watched this show for the first and last time tonight. I found this show to be completely hippocritical. The reason beeing is that she is offended by what the guys say about her cousing that is a little larger. I find it hard for her to be upset with what the guys say about the fat cousin, as every contestant on the show is rather good shape, if all that matters is what is on the inside, why is there no overweight guys on the show?
  • Unique and interesting!

    A dating show where she'll get to pick from a group of handsome men, a la "The Bachelorette." The first twist comes when she arrives and discovers the guys are actually "Average Joes." The moral of this show is pick the guy that is pretty on the outside or the inside.
  • Average Joe is addicting!

    Average Joe is so addicting. You always want to see who gets the boot. The average joe or the hot guy. Obviously the hot guys are hot but some of them are just plain rude like the one time the pretty girl dreesed in a fat suit and then the men made fun of her and then the guy got kicked of. I also love the whole concept of the woman picking either a hot guy or an okay guy. Of course the moral of this show is pick the guy that is pretty on the outside or the inside.
  • A pretty good reality dating show.

    Average Joe is a pretty funny show if you give it a chance. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to with you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Tody you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, od god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. Afterall, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • this is an ok show but i think that it is kind of dome because she takes people off for dumb resoins when that person sould really win

    the sow is the worst joe that i have ever seen in my lfe i mean it was very very very bad and the girl was ugle!and all the guys wanted to go out with her i think that half of them were just on there to be on tv and that was all!
  • a terrible reality show where above average joes try to compete with models. How many average joes are this smart this caring blah blah blah turn the channel.

    A model trys to find the guy of her dreams goes on a reality show. Starts dating above average joes and ends having them compete against models. well can i say corny horrible acting cast every thing. Who cares who they choose and who bothers wasting time watching this junk. I hate reality shows now and this is why.
  • A single beauty gets forced to pick between a couple of unappealing average men and a group of hunks. Much like the Bachelor,Bachelorette only one man will have her vote.

    Bloody awful, how can anyone in the right
    mind think this is real? Much like the
    Princess of
    Malibu, Average Joe, looks and feels
    totally scripted from almost the beginning.

    It has bad acting, laughable , predictable
    twist and an obvious ending. The first
    question that comes to mind, is where do
    they pick guys? Its obvious NBC sort of
    made a casting call for the biggest losers, manipulated by promising every guy theyd
    have a shot at the girl (laughable) and
    then called the whole show, Average Joe.
    Who are they kidding?

    Through the bulk of this show, no Average
    Joe as won and the one guy that did win
    had nothing going for him.

    all the hott guys think they\'re the best at everything! they only love themselves and eachother!not the gurl! what is their problem?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! they need to get a life! get over themselves! no ones perfect not even them!they get on my nerves i feel like i want to hit them! i feel sry for the average joes cause they have to put up w/ those idiotic guys! and if the gurl chooses one of them over the average joes, she\'s as much of an idiot!
  • she only likes goodlooking ones


    and she kisses everyone

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  • This show makes me sick! Just positivly sick!

    I'm a red head named Anni (yeah that's how you spell it.) and this show make me want to roll over and wave a white flag and shout "Okay you win, now stop showing these crappy reality shows!" I mean come on. That one dude was right. This show and that actress are both in it for money and viewers, not love! Stop trying to set people up and let nature take its course you rich snobs polyester suits!
  • This show is A Real Waste Of Time!

    I can't believe how this show can even stay on the air! It's such a waste of ones time! This is just a way of making money the cheap way for the people who came up with this show! I can't believe how easy it is to please people now a days! People are so shallow and are so into the way they look on the outside and money is everything! It makes me sick!
  • Best Joe yet!

    Finally a "real" beauty on this show. She shows that she is human, and really feels for the "joes". However, she could have sent the hunks packing when they came. I'm glad she got rid of Carson. What an arrogant dolt!
    I'm for Arthur all the way. I connect with him, because we are the same age, and he's a sweet guy. I'd date him if I wasn't already married. There's a female Swede in Illinois rooting for you Arthur!!
  • It is a complete waste of time!!!

    It is a really depressing show. Non-goog looking guys looking for love, beautiful girls choose them over good looking guys. Come on!! Everybody knows that the girls are going to pick the hunks to go out with. Honestly ladies which would you rather choose? I think this show is so impracticle.
  • It's a different Joe with more twists and tougher "hunks".

    I remember watching the last two seasons of Average Joe, I found it quite boring and dull. The third season looks promising, the personalities of the \"hunks\" will bring quite a challenge to the Joes, and every Joe thats been eliminated will get the chance to get a make over and come back for a second chance with the girl. I\'m looking foward to the coming episodes.
  • This show is another attempt to capitalize on America’s fascination with reality television. It tries to put a spin on the typical Dating/Reality shows, a beautiful girl is courted by "average" American men. Eventually the show brings in some hunks to mak

    While this show is really nothing revolutionary to the reality TV genre but it does put a somewhat interesting twist on the now clichéd and overdone Dating style reality show. This show really puts the 'beauty is skin deep' theory to test, by making a beautiful woman choose between less-than “Average Joe's" and sexy model like men. This show is definitely a guilty pleasure for most who watch it. While watching this show my finger is never far from the remote, ready to quickly change the channel if anyone should come in the room. That said I do enjoy this show, it is entertaining for what ever reason. This show Draws you with conflicts between the contestants, the growing between the Bachelorette and the Joes and really makes you root for the little guy. But as of yet the Average Joes have never taken home the girl, but have seemingly come very close. This show is by no means a great show, it’s actually kind of a bad show but it’s entertaining and addictive and is meant for those who enjoy it.
  • I thik this season will revitalize the series. The last season was a bit of a drag, but from these new personalities I would say that this should be interesting.

    The first episode started off slow in my opinion and a bit cliche with the obvious allusion to Dodgeball, the movie. But as the show went on I became more interested with the personalities of the joes and, of course, Anna. The one thing that I think is a little out done, though, is the fact that the macho guys will be coming soon. The network should have tried harder thinking of a new and better twist.
  • The 3rd installment of the still entertaining Average Joe not only adds to the series but gives it what its predecessors lacked...heart.

    The first episode of this summers Average Joe was by all means the best of the series. Bringing back three of the first seasons Average Joes (one of which was the first seasons Average finalist) as a panel of judges to select this seasons 18 was a pleasant surprise. The legally blind leading the born blind some might say yet it gave the contestants the boost they so obviously needed.
    Again, as the "hot chick" has never seen any of the reality shows due to her night school classes, she is clueless to the shows "plot twist". The look on her face was surprisingly classy as the "Joes" exited the bus and introduced themselves. Which is why i must admit made this "Joe" fall for the Polish supermodel beauty.
    Let me back track for a minute, the show provided her with a yacht in which when presented to her brings her to tears. Now my first cynical thought was "My Goodnes this womans shallow love for "the bling" makes her cry?". No sir! she apparently comes from a meager background and the thought of her parents happiness for her brings HER to tears. Im sold, set up the dodge ball court, im taking one for the girl. Not to mention her wearing her heart on her sleeve (yes i know she was wearing a halter dress but go with it here) as she dismissed the last 6 of the 18.
    Now she will probably prove to skank herself out in the coming episodes but i gotta admit, at this point she can kick a puppy while stealing change from a homeless midget and she would still be aces in my book.
    Im looking forward to the rest of the season especially knowing that the rejected Joes get total makeovers, not to mention the apparent pissing contests the "Studs" and "Joes" are gonna be engaged in. Average Joe 4?....I just may audition, till then its vicarious living for me.