Average Joe - Season 3

NBC (ended 2005)


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  • Adam Returns Finale (2)
    Adam first brought Samantha to his parent's home in New Jersey. Adam said that Samantha and his mom were a lot alike. He said that they both have upbeat personalities. He predicted that the two would hit it off. He couldn't have been more wrong. In an interview, Adam's mom said that Samantha is beautiful, but then added that, "You never know with somebody, if they're real or not. That's always the question I have in my mind." Adam's mom questioned Samantha's motives and fired probing questions at her. In fact, Adam stepped in at one point and asked his mom to "be normal." And while Adam's dad wasn't as direct, he did pull Adam aside and question whether Samantha was right for him. That night, Adam and Samantha spent the evening aboard a luxury yacht in New York harbor, watching the sun set over Manhattan. Adam told Samantha, "I can't stop kissing you." And in an interview, Samantha said, "I don't think that Adam could have the physical chemistry he has with me with Rachel." But her confidence wasn't complete because Samantha brought up Rachel. Adam wouldn't come right out and say who he thought he'd pick, but it seemed pretty clear. In an interview, he even said that he was looking for someone to sweep him off of his feet and Samantha did that. (more detailed recap is available)moreless
  • Adam Returns Finale (1)
    Adam and the final five – Christine, Stephanie, Rachel, Amy and Samantha – spent the day together at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park and got the VIP treatment. They took an entire backlot tour without waiting in a single line. It was like they had the park to themselves. (Frankly, I don't know which would be a bigger fantasy come true: dating five women or having the run of a theme park. Okay, now that I'm not eleven, I'd say the women, but the theme park thing is a close second.) And while everyone should have been having fun, they weren't. Adam said there was definite "tension" in the air and that he felt a "bad vibe." Now that there were only five left, the camaraderie that the women once shared was gone. (more detailed recap is available)moreless
  • Private Dates Exposed!
    As if there wasn't already enough competition for Adam's attention, the day started with some tasks where the women went head-to-head against each other to win private dates. In the first task, each woman got her own basketball hoop and ball. The woman who made a basket first would win. The catch? The hoops were in a million pieces. Each woman had to put together her own portable basketball hoop, straight out of the box and then make the shot. The disassembled hoops were intimidating, with literally dozens of screws, bolts and thing-a-ma-bobbies (yes, I believe that is the technical term). Most of the women struggled with the task, but Jennifer L. used her clueless state to her advantage and spent a good bit of time with Adam as he tried to help her out. Tracilee had the inherent disadvantage of inhumanly long fingernails, which Jennifer A. had dubbed "silver Fritos." But Christine put her hoop together before anyone else and made the shot, scoring some private time with Adam. (more detailed recap is available)moreless
  • Group Dates and a Busload of Babes
    Adam goes on 2 group dates with each of the girls; with each group, he must then choose a girl to spend that evening with him. While this is going on, 3 of his buddies from the first season have selected 5 nice looking girls to add to the competition, unbenounst to him. The next day, the girls were invited to a barbecue at Adam's house. The problem is that the hot models are also coming, to his surprise. The models arrive first, but Adam sends them packing, then enjoys the day with the regular girls, without ever telling them about what happened minutes before their arrival.moreless
  • Adam Returns Premiere
    In first episode of brand new season, Adam Mesh, the runner-up from Season 1 returns back to win a woman of his heart. He was told that a big number of girls volunteered to go on a competition to win his heart and that a couple of romantic experts (his friends from Season 1) will choose between big number of girls-the ones that will try to win Adam's heart. After choosing all the girls, it was up to Adam to meet the girls. One by one, leaded by Dennis Luciani, they stepped out of the bus trying to make the best impression on Adam. Adam was probably surprised the most when Jason Peoples, whom Melana has chosen over him in Season 1, stepped befront of him dressed up as a woman. Tareq also joined them. Later on, on already legendary cocktail party, Adam joined all the girls and he talked to probably every one of them.moreless
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