Average Joe

Season 4 Episode 3

The Joes Strike Back Episode 3

Aired Unknown Jul 12, 2005 on NBC

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  • Opposites Attract!

    Wow, when the new guys arrive do they clash or what!?! Carson's arrogance and beligerant attitude were appalling! Throwing out the guy's stuff and kicking them out of their own rooms, what huberous! I liked the way Dante stood up to Carson by kissing him, great move! The 'average joes' really put up a good showing during the wrestling though, good effort guys! Once again the arrogance of the 'hunks' was demonstrated by them refusing to gulf down the burgers. It was sad to see Dante go, but can't wait to see what effect the makeover will have, interesting twist in the show format, go the 'Joes'!
  • A childish attempt at humor where the underdog is picked on by the bully.

    This episode was so painful to watch, I almost turned the channel. The attempts at humor where the Average Joe's were picked on, verbally abused, and physically belittled were childish, rude and not called for. Why the producers didn't step in and stop this behavior is beyond me. There is no need to behave like this on national television.
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