Average Joe

Season 4 Episode 4

The Joes Strike Back Episode 4

Aired Unknown Jul 19, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with joes and hunks playing rollerderby. And it's a game to death or life... The joes win over. Anna chooses one person from each team for a private date. First it's Carson - they wen to the vineyard, where Carson apologizes to Anna and they kissed. Later Carson apologizes to his buddies. And then comes Josh (a joe). Anna went on a date with him on a boat. They relaxed by dinner and the things heated up between them (really!). Later, Anna has been going on a makeover. She's going to spy the guys on their night out - she went undercover as a waitress. And then the girls came, trying to seduce the guys. Arthur and Josh were not interested, while Brad, Craig and Carson had no problem with them. The other day, Anna came to the guys house and took of her mask - everyone realized it was her! The elimination was big (6 candidates). Hunks - Brad, Craig and Carson, Joes - Nathan, Gino, Clay. And in the end, Nathan was picked for a makeover.