Average Joe

Season 4 Episode 5

The Joes Strike Back Episode 5

Aired Unknown Jul 26, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

Now that there are only four guys left the pressure is higher every minute. Anna and the boys leave for Tahiti and get a surprise visit while driving in the limo. Anna gets out of the limo and meets Joshua, Nick, Nathan & Dante - all guys with makeovers! Anna soon got the chance to choose between those four guys to go on a trip with her and the remaining four guys to Tahiti. And who was the lucky one? Nathan!

Later, Anna went on a bike-ride in the mountains with Rocky. The second date was with Josh. They went kayaking. The third date was with hunk Josh. They had a nice time diving in an "underwater safari". And the final date was with Nathan. On the fourth date with Nathan, Anna had a nice time jet-skiing and nathan was happy when they finally kissed. And the final date was with Arthur on the beach. Arthur helped her when she got a bee-bite in her foot. Later, Arthur and Anna had nice time, just like she had on every other date today.

And the... the pre-final elimination. Who will be the three guys to go away?

It was Josh (joe), Josh (hunk) and third guy was Arthur.

So, the remaining guys were Rocky and Nathan! Who will be the lucky winner?