Season 1 Episode 9

Game Day

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2012 on NBC



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    • Michael: In one world, a field goal misses by inches. In the other, it's good. It all just feels so arbitrary. Frankly, now that I can see how easily it can go either way, I wonder why we get so wrapped up in it to start with. I mean, if you really think about it, does it really matter who wins or loses?

    • Michael: I know you don't want to hear this right now, but you have to trust me. There will be other girls.
      Rex: Who said this was about a girl?
      Michael: Nobody lies in bed all day listening to depressing music because they have a stomach cramp.

    • Michael: Rex, giving your ex-girlfriend a polygraph is not one of your better ideas.

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