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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 15, 2012 on NBC
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    Awake: Hitting the Sweet Spot

    In "Guilty," Michael used his condition to his advantage when a crime hit close to home. Well, one of his homes.

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    Rex is kidnapped by an escaped convict Michael arrested 10 years ago and the investigation gets gets in the way of an event honoring his deceased son in the other reality; clues from both realities lead to Michael's sanity being questioned.

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    • Green Reality is Way Better than Red Reality

      The green reality is way better than the red reality in this episode. I loved everything that happened in the green reality. The red reality, I didn't care much about. I did like the scene at the former partner's house, but I do feel like something similar to that has happened with Detective Goren in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Hannah's speech was pretty good, but everything else having to do with the memorial was not good at all. This was the worst episode of the show so far, but the other two episodes were both great!moreless
    • Different, but okay.

      This episode was something rather new and unusual. I didn't find it as nail-biting as the previous two episodes but there were a couple of things about it that I did enjoy. The fact that Rex made the emotional final message to his father via the cell phone was touching and also that he admitted that he wished his mother had survived the accident instead of his father. The rest was a little disjointed for me and, therefore, I didn't find it as compelling as previous installements but I am a long way from giving up on the show as I believe there is much to unravel and certain some realities (or lack of them) to sort out. I think the upcoming episodes will give us all plenty to mull over as we play armchair detectives ourselves and see what we make of it. Good acting from the principal actors here even though I didn't greatly enjoy the episode overall.moreless
    • Not a One Man Show!

      This show is still incredible despite the supposed twist not being at all a twist. Maybe it is my many years of CSI watching, or the fact that it was just meant to be obvious, but I knew who the real killer was, which somewhat took the intensity out of the scene from the house. I am also not sure how long it will be believable that the people will continue to let Michael do things because of gut feelings. I also thought that the male doctor tried to hard to stretch how the whole kidnapping was just a dream. I would have walked out thinking the doctor was a nut. I didn't believe that he had a legit excuse for Michael figuring out who the real killer is in that "dream". As I said before though it was still overall a great episode. I love the way the show is done, even if small things bothered me. My favourite thing was that for the first time it proved that it is not a one man show. In fact the best acting came from the son and the mother, and Michael's part was just decent. Nothing out of the ordinary. I liked both of the mother's and son's speeches and the emotion each put into it. I also am glad that they didn't have anymore conspiracy stuff. I am hoping that it will only appear every now and then and not become the centre of the show and ruin it. I am also hoping NBC keeps this around for a while.moreless
    • Going against the other reviews

      In my personal opinion this was the best episode to date. I liked how Rex admitted he wished his mom was alive, and that Michael seemed to be trying to hard to "be there" for him. You see how far Michael is willing to go to get Rex back, since in one reality the person who kidnapped Rex was killed about the time he was going to tell Michael where Rex was. So, in order to try to track Rex down, he goes home and raids his medicine cabinet to get to the reality with his wife. Luckily, the kidnapper was willing to cooperate, only after Michael agrees to prove his innocence of murder. That was done, Michael finds out where Rex would be kept, then goes to the other reality to get him.

      Michael gets there just about the time Rex is completely dehydrated. The part that got me was, during all this Rex recorded a video to his dad telling him everything. How he felt, that he loved him, and that if he was watching the video, he must not have made it. Michael was watching the video while in ICU with Rex. This episode really had me.moreless
    • Losing Connection

      This episode felt more disjointed than the rest have. I liked that he used his unique situation to solve the case, based on his past experiences of the worlds being connected, but it wasn't utilized in a way that was meaningful to the viewer. I never really feared for Rex's safety. I never really felt Hannah's emotion. I almost felt Michael's time crunch, but that was about it. It was a flat episode. Not near the intrigue that the pilot had. The shrinks aren't being used in a progressive manner - they're pinging off each other. The male shrink just sounds like a skeptic sack of crap while the female sounds like a fanatical believer in the occult. I've lost most of my connection with the characters.

      C'mon guys. Someone dropped the ball. Who's going to pick it up?moreless
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      • Rex: When it's just the two of us and he's asking me about my day, making me dinner, trying to talk about sports, being nothing but nice to me... I can't stop thing that... I wish I had her instead of him. What kind of person looks someone int he eye, someone who's trying so hard... and wishes they were dead instead of someone else? Every time he smiles at me, every time he hugs me and says he loves me... I'm--I'm afraid he's going to see that... I didn't choose him. That I want her instead.
        Tara: Having those feelings doesn't make you a bad person. But whatever you're feeling, you shouldn't have to keep it to yourself. So it's good that you're telling me.

      • Vega: Hey, for a minute, you had me wondering if you were making this whole thing up.
        Michael: You weren't the only one.

      • Dr. Evans: The point is, you felt guilty, and to alleviate that guilt, you created a dream where you freed Cooper.
        Michael: If that's the case, it didn't work. I don't feel any better about what happened to him.
        Dr. Evans: Isn't that interesting? Even when you go so far as to dream a world where everything turns out all right, you're still plagued with guilt. I'd like you to ask yourself something, Detective. Where do you think this inability to forgive yourself comes from?

      • Rex: If you're watching this, I'm guessing you're pretty messed up about what happened. But there's something I really need to tell you... which as it turns out, I've... had a lot of time to think about. I know things haven't been so easy between us recently... that I haven't been... communicating. I think it's maybe because I was afraid of what I might say because of how angry I was... about losing Mom. Mom was... she was really what held all of us together. Without her, I didn't know what to do. And I think you kind of felt the same way, too. But I want you to know-and this is really important-I don't blame you for what happened, for her being gone. So please don't blame yourself.

      • Michael: So... how did it go?
        Hannah: It was hard... until it wasn't. There was just so much love. and i actually felt like he, he was in the room with me. I just kept wishing you were there, so you could know what that feels like.

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      • International Airdates:
        Canada: March 15, 2012 on Global
        UK: May 18, 2012 on Sky ATLANTIC
        Czech Republic: December 7, 2012 on Prima COOL

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