Season 1 Episode 4

Kate is Enough

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 2012 on NBC
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    Awake: Crashing Into the Sliding Doors

    Michael was able to walk down divergent "what if?" paths this week when a figure from his past popped up in both realities.

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    Detective Michael Britten encounters his son's former babysitter while investigating an apparent suicide at an exclusive party on a yacht. He then meets the babysitter again in his other reality, but this time she's a suspect in a case.

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    • I Liked Kate. Everything Else, Not As Much

      This episode was very focused on the cases, I felt. The cases weren't bad, but the whole thing with Rex and the racket was horrible. It was obvious from the beginning that it was his mother's racket. You could see that coming from a mile away! Also, I found it a little bit annoying that Rex's team wears green. It's like, yeah, this is the green reality, don't forget it! Kate was amazing, though I wish we got to see more of red-reality Kate. The red reality case was alright. The green reality case was better, in my opinion. Also, it seems that in this episode and in the previous one, we have seen barely any of Hannah, while in the pilot we saw a lot of her, but barely any of Rex. I also felt that this episode took a step backward in Michael and Rex's relationship. This episode was never very intense, and, unlike the previous three episodes, when I finished the episode, I was not super excited to watch more of the show. I hope the following episodes are more like the other three, as opposed to this one.moreless
    • Good episode, but..

      This episode didn't really do much for me. I found myself trying to stay "Awake". As the other reviewer stated, this episode did have the feel of 2 different realities. The cases Michael was working are as different as night and day, except for the fact that the "tie-in" to both was Rex's old babysitter. She was an investment banker in one reality and a down and out in the other reality. In her life though, she takes her sister's death's to two different places. As the investment banker, she takes her sister's death and embraces it and does something with her life. In the other, she takes her sister's death extremely harder and seems to dwell on it, thereby bringing her down. Good message underneath it all as an episode, just don't give up on the episode to early.moreless
    • Good Episode, Great Message

      I enjoyed this episode a lot, but for some reason I didn't feel as crazy about it as the rest of the series. It wasn't that it was bad it was great, but I just wasn't saying WOW at the end like I had been before. That being said, I have a feeling that even a bad episode of Awake will be amazing. The thing that annoyed me the most was that they dragged out the tennis thing way too much. Was it just me or was it obvious from the opening scene that the reason Rex was so mad was that it was his mother's racket? At the end they made it seem like no one was suppose to know. Outside of that, I liked that the cases were completely separate outside of Kate and didn't crossover so much that you start forgetting which case is which. The cases themselves weren't all that interesting, which is possibly why I didn't think this episode was as good. I liked the message of the episode and how much it showed what Michael has been going through. Two lives each with different results and different emotions attached to it.moreless

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      • Bird: So, how's it going with Rex?
        Michael: I don't know. I can't get a word out of him. Can't even get an opening.
        Bird: Don't you find that ironic? I mean, here you are, this big-time detective, you can get killers to turn, but you can't get two words from your own kid.

      • Vega: Everyone knows texting is how you get caught.
        Michael: Everyone?
        Vega: Everyone my age.

      • Kate: She just wouldn't let me be. I don't know how my mom did it. I mean, she was just as sand art as I was. Somehow she had the strength to not only stay on her feet, but to get me back on mine. And she must have tried a thousand times to get me back into my life, and I just kept saying no. I guess I'm lucky that she was willing to try a thousand and one.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Starting with this episode, there is an opening montage. They have clips from the first episode and also slowly reveal the letters "AWAKE." The names of the stars do not appear until the first scene after that.

      • International Airdates:
        Canada: March 22, 2012 on Global
        UK: May 25, 2012 on Sky ATLANTIC
        Czech Republic: December 14, 2012 on Prima COOL

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