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  • Why not to watch NBC, CBS or ABC series in the first year

    Many good series has been cancelled and replace with stupid reality shows. I have stopped watching series until I see they go for 2 seasons.

    Low rating?, I believe many viewers are feeling the same after spending a whole season watching a series and then without closure it gets cancelled.

    Not happy with ABC and CBS and ABC
  • It's alright.

    -1 for a slow tempo in the story

    -2.5 for the most incomprehensible ending I've ever seen

    But it was nice to see a kind of story like this for short time.
  • Great

    This show was awesome.. don't know why NBC cancelled it... wish some other network would pick it up... They go from Awake to some crappy show Deception...
  • Best show ever!

    This is one of the best show i ever watched! None of the show out there give me so much deep thought like this one. It's not only the story of a man who dealing with the lost of family, it's about choices and making desicion. This make me think alot of myself too, "What if?"....

    Cancelling this awesome show is the biggest mistake of NBC, Well I'm not talking about if they're run out of ideas for the story line. SAVE AWAKE!!
  • Brilliant!

    Watched the entire season in one day. Couldn't stop watching as it was thrilling and intriguing the entire season. I'm really disappointed that they ended the show as there are very few shows out there these days which are so unique and well written.

    The ending leaves a lot of questions unanswered but still gives you some closure. Considering that they only had one season, I'd say they summed up the story very well in the time given.

    If you're considering whether not to watch it due to the fact it was canceled, then I would highly recommend watching it regardless as it is definitely worth the watch.
  • Genius!

    The first time I saw this my reaction was that Kyle Killen is a genius. I loved the show and am shocked they canceled it.
  • Just Right

    When I started watching this I was afraid they would waste the potential and just do a run of the mill cop show. Boy was I wrong. Every episode does something completely new and fresh. The setup is realy interesting and I still wonder how some of it is supposed to work technically but that does not take away from this superb show. I think it was just right when it comes to number of episodes. Not that they couldn't have made more but there wasn't anything lacking either. It felt finished in a good way.
  • A beauty not beholded

    I think the fact this show was cut short and finished early was a tragedy. It had the making of a great show. Kept you thinking and wondering until the end (when they reveal the secret) I felt sorry for the show as i did not like the ending, but i believe that the ending was marred because it was forced to finish early. A True shame indeed
  • Jason Issacs!!

    nbc... why did you have to cancel this show?! This show was original! The concept that a man gets into an accident leading him to two alternate worlds where one, his wife lives and the other his son lives. It was amazing and deserved a second season, but it had to get cancelled. The nerve that NBC cancelled this show, I will always remember this show. Note to you cable/network television people, stop cancelling good shows. The one chance we Americans had to regain our place back to the top of good quality television programming, I can't forgive NBC. I hope Britain can revive this show, Jason Issacs is British, it can work and rub it in NBC face when it becomes successful.
  • In a coma

    I think that Michael is in a coma and both his wife and son are dead. Brilliant programme and keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  • So how many people wake from a dream fully clothed walking through a doorway from a doctor's office, or anywhere as a matter of fact? Here's my take

    My interpretation is, it kind of varies in one of two ways in a small reason, ill explain I'm writing this as my ending to the season/series

    1. Michael is dead, Hannah and Rex alive

    2. Michael, Hannah and Rex are dead

    OK 1: Neither realities were real. Events that happened before the accident were all real. Michael was first partnered with Bird, knew Harper for a long time, became partners with Vega Bird partnered with Hawkins. Michael was investigating the conspiracy with the help of Bird NOT Vega He was getting real close and the crash happened and he died. If this was number 2 Hannah and Rex both "moved on" to heaven or wherever you choose to believe is the "Better Place" But Michael being Michael had too much unsolved business and therefore went to purgatory, hence the beginning of the series with no memory of what happened. Therefore he was unknowingly being tested by forces trying to sway him to their side. The manifestations of Hannah and Rex were there to remind him of what he needed to do in order to get what hewanted the most, both of them back, along with other things like in "Ricky's Taco's" being told where that warehouse was. As well as all the other seemingly supernatural things that happened. Then there was the opposing forces like the Capt trying to deter him, assigning Vega to be his babysitter, even the cases he worked on to try to seem business as usual but those coincidences that popped up like I mentioned the Taco vendor etc. Most importantly the shrinks who tried to convince Michael that whichever one he was talking to was reality, That one of his family was dead and he was going crazy because he couldn't accept it. However it took all that time because he could only remember things he knew in life, much like the "Hawkins" in Michael's head who also only knew what Michael knew. It was that fake Hawkins that finally allowed Michael to be able to see through the BS and remember. In the red world he just went rogue damning the consequences which took him to the "other" place where he met himself and that meeting gave him the power to access the truth and gave him power, and destroyed the red world. and in the "other" place the shrinks which I consider the villains tried together to get Michael to think he is crazy, not whenhe yelled Shut Up! they disappeared. Armed with this power he accesed the truth "Vega in the penguin costume showing Harper kill" and armed with that knowledge took down Harper, with the green world crumbling Dr Evans made one attempt but Michael shut her and it down and passed the "test" and was able to "move on" Now here is the little reason Hannah and Rex might be alive, cuz when Michael "moved on" those two just acted like a normal day, I would think if they were dead also they would know what Michael knows and it would have been more of a welcoming reunion.
  • Masterpiece is an understatement. It's like Inception: the tv series

    The Good: casting roles, acting, writing, plot, originality

    The Bad: Slow start, Consistency of relationship between father and son. ( Their relationship didn't see much improvement in the beginning even after seemingly important breakthroughs)

    Verdict: The show still has so much story left to tell. It needs closure. It needs a second season.
  • He hasn't just woken up from a dream!

    After reading the interview with Kyle Killen, the end scene was not Britten waking up after a bad dream, where his wife and child were actually alive.

    He was in fact having a third dream (within a dream). If you watch the third act between Britten and Dr. Evans, Britten asks the question 'What if he could have another dream were by both his wife and son were alive.

    At this point, I believe that the blue side is his dream and the red side is actual reality.

    At the end of the blue side scene where Dr Evans freezes, Britten here is still dreaming (He has just explained to her about having a dream within a dream) he now is testing this theory and starts to have a third dream where he sees his wife and child both alive. Kyle Killen explained that this end scene was in fact Britten getting worst mentally as he did not want to face up to the fact that he had suffered the loss of Rex.

    So please stop saying it ended just like dallas or dynasty were the whole series was all a dream cause it wasn't. He's still dreaming. GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!
  • Sick of Networks cancelling amazing shows...

    Dear network/cable television, QUIT GIVING UP ON QUALITY TELEVISION PROGRAMS!

    First and foremost, this show may have been the most addicting, intriguing, and original premise of a show to come along since, well ever. Okay, that may be a stretch, but there are few shows that as they end, I am stuck thinking to myself..."I have to wait another 7 days before I can continue this? There's no way I can wait that long." Yet this is exactly what each episode of Awake left me doing. I have not been this excited about a show since the last season finale of Dexter, which unfortunately still does not begin for another few months, but I digress. Awake was pure genius, from beginning to end. The concept was smart, maybe too smart for the average "Jersey Shore..Housewives..*fill in whatever other crappy drama filled reality show you want here* watcher, which I have concluded HAS to be why it was cut off before another season could begin. It is utterly disgusting that if a show isn't filled with stupidity, drama, and people making idiots of themselves, America seems to tune out. It is extremely saddening to me that Awake will not be picked up for another season, at least by NBC. I truly hope another television network, cable or otherwise, picks this show up immediately and they can begin where it left off. FX cancelled a great show, "Terriers" before it was able to come to fruition because it's lack of ratings as well. Incidentally the show also had female star, Laura Allen in it. Both shows contained great actors/actresses, great plots, and great direction. Just because "dumb Americans" aren't ready for Real, Amazing, Intelligent, Make-You-Think shows, doesn't mean some of us aren't craving them. I would like to state for the record that I am an American, but do not participate in reality tv show watching, or the American Idol craze. I thoroughly enjoy brain teasers, and good old fashioned drama series, which is perhaps why I am still writing this review, instead of doing something more with my life. I just felt it necessary to express my frustration with the cancelling of this show, as many before it, and needed to vent to those who also seem to avidly enjoy this program. To the creators, actors, and production crew, thank you for an outstanding and unique show, and as previously stated, I sincerely hope somewhere, somehow, the show can continue. I bid all of you adieu.
  • Sorry Awake was put t sleep!

    Awake kept your full attentiom from beginning to end & looking forward to the next week's show. That's difficult to say about many other programs. I feel NBC has cheated us out of a continuing storyline that would have challenged us even more. Maybe another network will be wise enough to pick it up. Cable would be even better

    And Jason Isaacs - you can't say enough good things about him. He makes everything believable..
  • Great finale!!

    Great finale!!! I have no problem with show being cancelled what they can possibly do for the second season?? I loved the show but I think they finished it just at the right time.
  • NBC pease don't cancel Awake!!!

    Please please please don't cancel Awake! I am not going to give another NBC show a chance, every time I do, they get canceled. Awake is an awesome show and needs to stay.
  • Total sellout

    I understand the show was canceled, but seriously? The whole thing was a dream? That's about the worst ending possible. Even with this being the only season they could've come up with a storyline better then THAT...
  • Don't Cancel Awake

    How long have we waited for a highly intelligent show that keep us coming back for more? With the reality shows and CSI's of the world, it's about time we have a show that keeps our interest and is intriguing. It's the type of show that I look forward to because it makes me think and keeps me coming back for more. I think this show deserves better than cancelled already. Truly inventive, genius and needs to be back for another season. The American public that needs more than the mindless sitcoms and reality shows is asking you to not give up n this show. We haven't. Bravo to Jason Issacs!
  • HEAR US OUT!!!

    Never has a show kept me on the edge of my seat...Y cancel a great awaking show when other dumb reality or stupid comedy shows are kept, some people like the serious type of shows...Theres still more to tell...what about the baby? Come on! Honest to God! WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO PLEASE NBC?? DONT CANCEL! This network is the only one that canCels good show, by keeping this up, next thing you know your gonna be the most hated network...Please RENEW THIS ONE!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! DONT CANCEL!!
  • Don't Cancel

    Mysteriously exciting. What a perfect TV Show!!

    NBC PLEASE don't cancel!!!!!
  • Awake

    I will miss this show. It has kept me thinking and is one of the few shows that I watch. Please don't cancel.
  • Great show

    Awake is the most creative drama on television, but it gets cancelled while NBC renews it stupid shows. So why do we need NBC?
  • Great cerebral drama

    This is definately a thinking person's show.You actually have to pay attention.The plot line is unlike anything that's been presented before.A man waking up daily to 2 different realities;one in which his wife is alive,one in which his son is alive.The horrible car accident was shown in the pilot but they never said which one survived,so you don't know which reality is true,if either. Or is the dad dead too? He's also a detective with different partners in the 2 lives and he sees 2 different therapists trying to help him figure out what's really going on.The episodes have been riveting.And now he has just discovered his son's girlfriend is pregnant.I couldn't wait to see how they were going to handle this and now NBC is cancelling the program! I still can't wrap my mind around it.But I'll bet none of the brain rotting realities have been axed.Hoping one of the cable stations will pick it up.And NBC wonders why they;re losing viewers!
  • krpt33

    This show has a very creative premise, great story lines, and is very well acted. I hope the people involved in the decision making process of what shows are renewed or canceled give it a chance.
  • A Show That You Have To Watch The Whole Hour Too Understand & Enjoy

    Your average viewer doesn't have the attention span to appreciate this thinking show - says a lot about the general public. Most channel surf and looking for reality shows that have an attention span a first grader.
  • Really Good Show - Awake

    This show has filled a time spot that was in need of a really good dram. You should think twice about cancelling it.
  • Great

    I emediatly liked the junction idea. Living out the "what if...". The actors really give the characters depth and make both paths very real. Maybe the best show I've been following since Rubicon.
  • Ups and downs

    I first saw the trailer for Awake about a week after the first episode had aired. I was a skeptic, it didn't seem like that good of a story for a show, and I had a feeling that they'd balls it up and make it too complicated, or too simple.

    The first two episodes bored me half to death, and I was about to stop watching. I'm really glad I decided to give it another shot. The series combine elements from science fiction, drama and crime and make a very enjoyable show out of it. The characters have over the course of the first couple of episodes grown, their personalities are clear, and you get a look into the head of the main character as he tries to juggle these two completely different lives perfectly.

    I believ ethe main reason that the show didn't really take off is that it's definitely something you have to sit down and watch from beginning to end and pay attention to everything. The show helps you distinguish the two different realities by altering the colors a bit, which I quite enjoy, but I still see how it can be very confusing to some.

    If you haven't checked it out, give it a shot, and watch the first four episodes. I'd definitely recommend it.
  • Too Smart for the Average World

    This show is amazing but its ratings aren't. And why? Because you have to think. And without dedication, most won't. But I pray that this will somehow get picked up despite this. It truly is amazing, bringing a whole new spin to the average detective show.
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