Season 1 Episode 7

Ricky's Tacos

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2012 on NBC

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  • A Bit Confusing

    For the first time I was actually a bit confused in this episode. Another thing different about this episode is that there was a large focus on the conspiracy (and it was not done as well as in the past, in my opinion), and almost no focus on the family, only two scenes with Hannah and one with Rex, in which Rex has only like one line. The two cases in this episode, though, were great, especially the one in the green reality, and I also liked Dr. Evans's line about receiving a message from the drive through thing, and Dr. Lee's part about the pictures. This episode wasn't as great as some others, but I felt that it was very necessary. What I wonder though is why the captain is trying to work against Carl, and why the conspiracy is only featured in the red reality.
  • Another good episode

    This episode was quite hilarious at the beginning, when Michael got his clue. He was at the drive thru for Ricky's Tacos, and he heard where he needed to investigate. When he got to the window, he asked the clerk if he said something, but the clerk said no. So, Michael starts doing what he does so well, throwing his partners for a loop by asking about old cases and odd ball questions about them. One thing that did catch my attention, was the phone call the police chief got from some business man, and she affirmed Michael wasn't close. I also like the part where the female psych asked him the question about him getting the info from the taco microphone. I couldn't help but giggle at that. I agree with pedroman01, I am looking forward to next week Thursday as well.
  • Suicide and Devils!

    Again, I walk away from my Thursday night stoked about what I have just witnessed. Awake is so good each and every week and the last two are back to being top notch, after just decent episodes. Again, both cases were interesting, especially the suicide one. I was not totally surprised about her being pregnant or the father doing it, but it was still a crazy revelation. I also was thinking that the tattooed guy was the brother but then remembered it was a tiger, then the revelation came and was pleased with myself. I think the years of watching CSI has helped with my detective work. I am always interested to see how they connect the two and to see which world is giving the clue and which one he uses it in to solve. Unfortunately, I can't figure out which one is first, I think they switch it up every episode. They brought back the conspiracy again, and again, it is done only in the red world, which makes me wonder if that is the true world. There was not too much family things again, but I am interested to see how Michael will convince Hannah to stay in LA. I think they will stay (or at least him) but how is the question. Looking forward to next Thursday!