Season 1 Episode 10

Slack Water

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 03, 2012 on NBC

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  • Yeah, We Were Missing Three Characters Again, But Other Than That, This Was Fantastic!

    Another episode without Rex, Dr. Lee, or Dr. Evans. But this time it wasn't that bad. The rest of the episode was great. It was a fantastic case, and they decided not to move to Oregon! There were so many great scenes in this episode, including the phone conversation between Michael and Hannah, the interview of the old lady's friend, and more. So sad that the show is almost over. But I hope that the last three episodes are great!
  • One of the best yet

    I can agree with pedroman on several accounts of this episode. The one thing skipped over, was not only the old lady being the target, but the other tenant whose, all be it to say, Xbox was stolen and he himself shot. What clinched the case, was the robber threw everything in a dumpster not to far from the apartment. Then, it was picked up and pawned by some down-on-his-luck guy, who just so happened to have an ID in order to pawn it. That sent Michael and his partner rummaging through a dumpster, to find out that the controller was still in there and that something just didn't seem right. Thanks to their persistence, they find the druggie who did the murders and helped Michael with finding out who wanted the tenants killed. Surprising, it was their landlord, who had put everyone else from the building in an assisted living facility and was paying for it all. I guess, he had bigger plans for the apartment complex.

    Meanwhile, Emma's story with the Britten's was intense to say the least. The Britten's go to her house, meet her parents, and say they want to be in the baby's life as much as possible. You see Emma agree with what her parents say, almost forcefully. Michael, didn't see it, but his wife did. Then she later went to where Emma worked and apologized if their actions made her feel uncomfortable, and that it looked like she didn't agree with her parents. The surprise came for me, when Emma showed up at the Britten's house and admitted she wanted to keep the baby. Like pedroman said, I can't wait to see how NBC will "close" this season up. I like the show a lot, although my wife doesn't. My question would be, how would the storyline go on for another season? As much as I would like to see it.
  • Oh Baby!

    While this episode again had neither Rex, nor the Shrinks, unlike the last time, I didn't feel that void. Possibly because the red storyline was pretty much all family and no procedural.Possibly because it was just a great (and very funny) episode. The case in the green reality was good, with a good twist making the old lady the actual target. I think the druggie was great during the scene where he was wired (not high, I mean wired with a mic). I think Emma was incredible with this storyline in the red reality and am excited to see where they go with it. Is she visiting? Or making the Britten house her new home? Hannah was the star of this episode. I haven't been much of a fan of hers. Not that I disliked her, but she just wasn't the best, but I enjoyed the scenes with her, especially the ones with her and Emma. I am even interested in the Cpt. storyline with how she will handle Britten now staying. With just 3 episodes to go I wonder if they can close things up in case this series isn't going to be back, which unfortunately seems to be the most likely thing. NBC PLEASE screw the ratings and bring it back for its few but avid fans like myself!