Season 1 Episode 6

That's Not My Penguin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2012 on NBC

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  • "Awake" continues to wow me!

    This is among the best episodes so far in the series, and the first so far that I found the red reality better than the green (they were both the same in the pilot, but I was more convinced that the green reality is real than the red). The small amounts of the green reality were alright, not too good, except for the "progressive parenting", and Rex's girlfriend is so sweet! I love her! The story of the red reality was intense and mind-bending. The most mind-bending part of it was Dr. Lee. He wasn't actually there. But the mental patient recognized that Dr. Lee was there, saying what are you two talking about. Did he see Dr. Lee there as well? Did he think that Det. Britten was crazy, and wanted to go along with the fact that he was talking to someone? I have so many questions so far, how many of them will "Awake" be able to answer in the next 7 episodes? I hope all of them!
  • Clue or mistake in dialogue? Spoiler

    At the end of the episode, the male therapist claims he was never in the room with Britten while he was trying to talk to the mental patient out of killing everybody. HOWEVER, during the scene where Britten and the therapist are talking about what he should say to the mental patient, the mental patient walks up and asks "What are you two talking about?" Why would the patient ask what the two of them were talking about if Britten was truly the only one in the room?
  • Michael's Beautiful Mind

    Heretofore, the the weight of Britten's two realities have been juggled nicely as Britten finds a certain comfort living in both since by doing such he still has his wife and son.,only separately. He has managed to function, even thrivingh by solving each realitiy's crime by leveraging facts from one to the other. Now, it's all falling apart as he begins to believe he may not be simply dreaming one and living the other, but fully hallucinating. He knows he is beginning to show signs of schizophrenia in no small part as he begins to see an obvious hallucination of a penguin! Yes, a penguin which is a great device as it's cute, but obviously so "out-there" it can only be in his mind. Throw on top of this his growing fear of insanity a case where he has to negotiate with a man who could well be himself if he continues to move toward full-blown schizophrenia. The complexity of it is over-the-top good. In the end realizes what a kindred soul needs to avert the possible destruction at hand, A gamble in creating a truth based on a loose interpretation of a deceased sister's freedom whereby he sensed the hostage taker's sister called him "Trip" totally selling the young man as to it's validity - allowing him to surrender. Just as Michael is feeling better in a post stand-off session with Dr. Lee he realizes Dr. Lee really wasn't there with him as he imagined. Michael is left to still wonder if he is better or worse. Wow, best episode so far, this show amazes, for the life of me I don't understand the low viewership. Absolutely best new show of the season!
  • Crazy Good!

    Like the other reviewer I must agree that this is arguably the best episode yet. It got a little weird for me towards the middle, but overall was a great episode. I loved the symbolism and how Michael won in the end. By win I mean he proved that it is OK to live in a fake world. He always seems to find reasons to convince the audience why he should stay the way he is. I like that they aren't doing two cases in every episode, but still connecting the two realities. I also like that it shows this show can work without family stuff. I actually think the parts with the son where the least interesting, although good character development. I am interested to see where they take this concept of him confusing the realities. I wonder how long before everyone starts to figure out what he is going through. I also liked how they showed what would happen if he fell asleep or was knocked out in one reality. Great script, great acting, great episode. Best episode yet.