Season 1 Episode 6

That's Not My Penguin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2012 on NBC

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  • Crazy Good!

    Like the other reviewer I must agree that this is arguably the best episode yet. It got a little weird for me towards the middle, but overall was a great episode. I loved the symbolism and how Michael won in the end. By win I mean he proved that it is OK to live in a fake world. He always seems to find reasons to convince the audience why he should stay the way he is. I like that they aren't doing two cases in every episode, but still connecting the two realities. I also like that it shows this show can work without family stuff. I actually think the parts with the son where the least interesting, although good character development. I am interested to see where they take this concept of him confusing the realities. I wonder how long before everyone starts to figure out what he is going through. I also liked how they showed what would happen if he fell asleep or was knocked out in one reality. Great script, great acting, great episode. Best episode yet.
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