Season 1 Episode 6

That's Not My Penguin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2012 on NBC



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    • Emma: They practice progressive parenting. As long as I tell the truth, they trust me.
      Rex: They must want to kill me.
      Emma: No. They'd be more mad at you if they found out you were giving me this. Processed sugar.
      Rex: So you're allowed to sleep over at your boyfriend's, but you can't have Cap'n Crunch?
      Emma: Progressive parenting.

    • Evans: But when you came face-to-face with the larger revelations, you backed down. You retreated into a--a scenario where yous ave the day, you play the hero, win the affection of the wife you've eared losing, and the approval of the therapist who's expressed doubts in you. Just like Gabe, you hold the keys that will tell you what's real and what's not. But for the moment, you're unwilling to turn them.

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