Season 1 Episode 13

Turtles All the Way Down

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 24, 2012 on NBC
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    Awake Q&A: Creator Kyle Killen Explains the Finale and More

    We asked the man behind the mind-boggling show to share his interpretation of the dazzling finale, and he revealed which reality he leaned toward as being real.

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    In one reality, Michael sits in a holding cell hoping that Bird can clear his name, while in the other the police force hunts the wounded detective down. But in the final confrontation, Michael may face his greatest enemy: reality.

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    • What did I just watch?

      What I just watch? This finale was so great, unusual, surprising, and mind-bending. I kept wondering how they were going to wrap it up in the red reality as time went by. I was hoping for a non-cliffhanger. And I didn't get a cliffhanger. Well, not entirely. The dream inside the red reality made confused me at first, but then I got it, it was a regular dream! One that would actually feel like a dream! Or a third reality that didn't play by the same rules. When Dr. Evans froze I thought that we were going to get a dream in the green reality too. But then, we got a new reality. A reality in which Hannah and Rex survived! That, or there was no accident at all. I found myself very confused. My first reaction was to be upset. But, as I put more thought into it, I came to love "Turtles All the Way Down". There are still many unanswered questions. But, I'm not upset about it. My biggest unanswered questions are... Was there a car crash in the real reality? What ever happened to Gemini after the phone call at the end of the episode "Oregon"? Does Michael now live in 3 realities, or 1? Who is his partner in the real reality? When is the real reality set, at the time of the car crash, months later, as the red and green realities were now at, or sometime else? Despite all of these questions, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Great job everyone that was a part of the series, specifically Kyle Killen (creator, executive producer, writer), Jason Isaacs (Det. Michael Britten), and Laura Innes (Capt. Tricia Harper)! This was a great ending to a great show!moreless
    • Goodbye Awake

      loved the ending, its actually sort of how i pictured lost would end as that show was airing, however, what worked for this show i doubt would have worked with lost many people probably would have been pissed (they were pissed off with the ending anyways so go figure) anyway i digress

      in a way i'm glad that it only has 13 episodes and it got some closure, because i dont know if it would have held onto its charm.... you see it in many shows after awhile they lose there spark

      Jason Issacs was really great in this he needs to do moremoreless
    • Interesting show

      I enjoyed this show and I think the ending is whatever one makes of it. I thought he has invented another dream world where his family are back together again as he cannot except life without both of them. Perhaps he has had a psychotic breakdown and this new dream world is all that exists for him. Anyway it was an interesting show and I love Jason Isaacs and look forward to him doing more Case Histories now. By the way, another Brit doing a great American accent.moreless
    • Putrid

      After having watching and stayed with this show until the end, I'm embarrassed for NBC, producer Isaacs, the writing team and all who's involved with the ending to this very average series. I feel like I was just punched in the gut. How could they use the oldest cliche' to use as the final was all just a dream. I wasted 13 hours of my life. My wife and I both had the same reaction..."I'm Mad!!! They could have done anything with ending and it would have been better than what they filed. You want to end with a dream, okay, but have him wake up and have a different wife and son. Or just end it where he's still in limbo trying to figure out reality/dreams. Mr. Isaacs, you play good characters in the movies, but please stay away from production and television series.moreless
    • Goodnight Awake!

      I am really sad to see this show go, but at least (unlike many other shows) it went out with a bang. It was one of the most incredible series finales of all time, as it both set up a Season 2 (had there been one) and gave closure in case of a series finale. The ending scene was heart pounding making me think he had awaken (or dreamt) a reality where both were dead. Then Rex walks in and I sit patiently waiting for Hannah and bam there she is. I also LOVED the scene with Michael talking to himself from the other reality. I liked how despite this show being a family show, a cop show and a conspiracy show, none of them were like any other of those types of shows. The family aspect was different, the procedural aspect was different, and the way the went about doing the conspiracy was better than in most of conspiracy type shows. And the fact that it was all wrapped up into one series made it even greater. I wish this series would come back, not just because I love it, but I really am curious that since the whole "conspiracy" theory is over how season two would differ. Sadly, it is lights out for Awake, and I say rest in peace Michael-one of the greatest characters to ever grace the screen.moreless
    Kevin Weisman

    Kevin Weisman

    Detective Edward Hawkins

    Guest Star

    Roderick McCarthy

    Roderick McCarthy

    Sherrif's Deputy

    Guest Star

    Chesare Hardy

    Chesare Hardy

    Detective Ramirez

    Guest Star

    Mark Harelik

    Mark Harelik

    Carl Kessel

    Recurring Role

    Laura Innes

    Laura Innes

    Captain Tricia Harper

    Recurring Role

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Acasual forensics check would confirm that Kessel didn't shoot himself. The angle would be wrong for self-inflicted wound, there would be no powder burns on the gunshot wound, there would be no residue on his hands, and his wrists would show abrasions from the handcuffs as he tried to pull himself free. Despite all of this, a) Harper seems satisfied that she has made it look like a suicide, and b) the investigating officers accept it as a suicide.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Bird: You wanted to catch him.
        Michael: No. I wanted to kill him.

      • Harper: It's gonna be rough for a while, but when the dust settles, I want you to know, I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure that you receive the proper commendation...
        Michael: I don't want a commendation.
        Harper: What do you want?
        Michael: I want my family back.

      • Lee: Choices have consequences, Dr. Evans.
        Evans: Oh, now you're questioning my credentials.
        Lee: You don't exist. I'm not particularly concerned about your credentials.
        Evans: Were I his creation, it would simply show that even his imagination is a better therapist than you.

      • Harper: I'm sorry, Michael.
        Michael: You're sorry?!? I should never let you leave this room. Nothing that happens to you when you walk out this door can ever be bad enough for me.

      • Hannah: Michael?
        Rex: Dad. You okay?
        Michael: Yeah... I'm good. I'm perfect.

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