Season 1 Episode 13

Turtles All the Way Down

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 24, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

Reality 2

Harper finally calls Captain Carl Kessel and asks to see him. She tells him that she's made a reservation at the Silver Saddle Motel and says that she's missing him. When Kessel complains that he's busy, Harper tells him that he won't regret and no one will pay attention to any noise she makes. Kessel quickly agrees to meet her at the motel.

Michael waits in his holding cell.

Bird and a team of men go to the storage container and find the heroin hidden in seeds.

Kessel and Harper meet at the hotel. She handcuffs him to the bed as foreplay and he accepts, but then she starts talking about how Michael knows all about Kessel's involvement with Hawkins and the heroin. She puts on a plastic cover, rubber gloves, and a protective visor, while telling Kessel that even if they move the heroin, the trail will lead back to Kessel. Harper shoots Kessel dead and then puts the gun in his hand to make it look like a suicide. Once she cleans up, she sits down, cries brief from the stress, and then drives away.

Later, Michael is released and Bird and Harper inform him that they found the heroin in the storage container, just as Michael predicted. They've confirmed that it was part of a shipment that Narcotics seized a year ago, and that they found evidence at Kessel's home confirming he and Hawkins had money in off-shore accounts. Harper claims that Kessel heard something about the investigation through his contacts and fled. They soon get word that Kessel's body has turned up at the hotel room. Harper promotes the theory that Kessel killed himself when he realized there was no way out. They check the records and confirm that Kessel checked in using the alias "Ed Munte."

Back at the station, Harper tells Michael that they've confirmed that Hawkins filed a repair claim on his car just after the Brittens' deaths. She wishes that things could be different, but Michael points out that it wasn't her job to do so and that he appreciates what she has done. Harper tells him that she'll get him a commendation for his actions, but Michael says that all he wants is his family back. Once Harper leaves, an exhausted Michael dozes off.

Reality 1

Hawkins finally locates the wounded Michael in the alleyway. A delirious Michael fades in and out, seeing Hawkins as Hannah. Hawkins drives off with Michael in the back seat and calls Kessel. They agree to dump Michael right away in Kessel's precinct. Once he hangs up, Hawkins tells Michael that he'll soon be with his boy. Furious, Michael kicks Hawkins repeatedly until the car goes off the road. Hawkins is stunned in the crash and Michael grabs his gun. As Hawkins wakes up, Michael considers shooting him but then knocks him out and staggers away.

Later, Michael breaks into Lee's office and asks the psychiatrist to bind his wound. He does so as Michael explains that Hawkins confessed to killing Rex and framing him for killing Bird. The detective, weak from blood loss, starts describing events in both realities, confusing Lee. Michael insists that he knows what he's talking about but realizes that Lee doesn't believe him. When Lee tries to get help, Michael holds him at gunpoint and then forces him to drive to the storage container. He has Lee call 911 while he opens the storage container, but discovers that it's empty. As the 911 operator comes on, Michael smashes Lee's phone and then locks him in the container.

Next, Michael calls Vega, who warns him that the police are looking for. Michael says that he can prove he's innocent of killing Bird and asks his partner to pull some records for him. However, Vega wants to see Michael first and insists that he trust him with his location. Michael reluctantly agrees and has Vega meet him. They go to a motel where Michael settles in and then tells Vega to pull Hawkins' and Kessel's phone records and check the security cameras near the storage container. When Vega wonders how he can do all that, Michael tells him that Harper is the only one that he trusts.

Back at the station, Vega approaches Harper privately and tells him what Michael has told him. Harper takes him to Lee and they explains that Michael is delusional, weaving reality into his obsessions. They psychiatrist insists that Michael needs their help and Harper asks Vega to tell them Michael's location.

A bit later, the police break into the motel room and take Michael into custody. Vega comes in and tells the officers to be careful, and Harper assures him that Michael will get the help he needs.

Later, Michael is at the hospital for his injury and Hannah briefly comes to see him. They eventually move him to the LA correctional facility and Harper comes to see him. Michael tries to get through to her, insisting that Carl and Hawkins were moving the stolen heroin. As Harper assures him that Hannah will be taken care of, her cell phone rings and Michael notices that it's a call from Ed Munte. He recognizes the name from the motel in the other reality . Realizing that Harper is part of the conspiracy, Michael tells her that he knows she and Kessel are working together, and attacks her for killing Rex. The guards finally taser him until he lets go and Harper staggers out of the cell.

Later, Michael waits but no one comes for him. After smashing the furniture in his cell, a rhythmic ticking sound fills the cell. A guard takes Michael to the visitor's room and leaves him alone with the person who has come to see him: Michael, from the other reality. That Michael tells him that the clock is ticking and Harper is getting away, and says that Michael can still stop her, but he has to be sure. Michael says that he'll do anything and his counterpart gets up and leaves.

The door to the room swings open and Michael walks out into the hallway beyond. Lee and Evans are there together, arguing over whether Michael is having a breakthrough or just a psychotic break. Michael finally tells them to shut up and they disappear. A vault door appears in front of Michael and unlocks itself, and Michael steps through. He finds himself at the Silver Saddle Motel with Vega, who is dressed as a penguin. Vega reminds Michael that he's seen a penguin before, and then plays the scene where Harper killed Kessel. When Michael doesn't notice, Vega points out that there's an important clue and rewinds the scene until Michael sees that Harper broke off the tip of her high-heeled shoe while she leaned over the bed. Vega says that he's sorry and disappears.

Michael finds himself standing in a restaurant, empty except for Hannah. He sits down with her and admits that he's worried that he won't see her again once he gets Harper and everything ends. Hannah asks for one kiss goodbye, tells her husband to get Harper, and disappears. Michael finds himself in his own bedroom, looking at his other self sleeping in bed. He lies down, merges with his other self, and goes to sleep.

Reality 2

Michael wakes up and goes to the station, and arranges a meeting with Harper. When she comes in, her broken left heel makes a clicking noise. He tells her that he talked to IA that morning and then asks what happened to her shoe. When Harper says that must have lost the tip, Michael asks where she thinks it happened and then explains that someone using the name Ed Munte reserved the room at the Silver Saddle Motel. He gets up and locks her office door, and then explains that someone using the same name made reservation at other motels across LA, and the credit card charges are on Harper's account. He reminds her that they've known each other for 20 years, and that he took a bullet for her, and wonders how she could have destroyed his family.

Bird arrives with the IA officers and pounds on the door, but Michael ignores him and demands an explanation. Harper says she's sorry, but Michael draws his gun and says that no matter what happens to her, it won't be bad enough for him. He raises the gun, prepares to pull the trigger... and then lowers it and unlocks the door. The IA officers come in and put Harper under arrest. As they go, Bird tells Michael to go home to Rex, and says that they're going to talk later about Michael's strange behavior. Michael looks at his partner and then leaves without a word.

Later, Michael meets with Evans and admits that he doesn't feel any closure from solving Hannah's murder. He'd rather go back in time and stop her death, but Evans tells him that life only goes in one direction. She points out that he's now accepted that Hannah is dead and the other reality sis a dream and thinks that he's reached closure over his wife's death. The psychiatrist suggests that Michael will be happier with one real life than dividing his attention between reality and a dream. However, Michael isn't convinced and wonders if he had a dream of meeting himself within his other dream. Evans doesn't believe it and encourages him to admit that his other life is a dream, but Michael says that they don't know all the rules. Evans asks what he expects to see the next time that he wakes up, and Michael admits that he doesn't know. The psychiatrist, taken aback, wonders if Michael hasn't made progress after all.

Evans suddenly freezes in place. As Michael stares at her, confused, the office door opens, revealing his bedroom beyond. He walks through it and discovers that the rubber band on his wrist has disappeared. He goes downstairs to the kitchen and finds Rex waiting to go to school for registration. After a moment, Hannah comes in and wishes him a good morning. Michael stares at them and surprise and they ask if he's okay. Michael smiles and tells them that he's perfect.